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Shin Koihime†Musou 2

October 13, 2009

Picking up some books from the local bookstore, Koumei overhears other customers talk about how Kousonsan is rumored to have acquired a fabulous sword. Meeting her friends at a restaurant, Koumei tries to brush off Kan’u’s offer to go along to the bookstore next time.

Near the outskirts of town, a beautiful young girl is being harassed by bandits who are trying to get their dirty hands on her shapely bosom. The girl’s cry for help is soon answered as Kan’u and her friends appear to the rescue.


Introducing Kan’u as the black haired beauty who is know throughout the lands as the terror of all bandits, Chou’un nurses a painful bump from getting smacked on the head when she tried to ridicule Kan’u with a shameful introduction first.

After Kan’u quickly vanquishes the thugs, Koumei berates Chou’un and Chouhi for acting as if they fought along while it was really Kan’u who did all the work. Helping the distressed maiden back on her feet, Kan’u and the others are shocked when the girl introduces herself as Ryuubi Gentoku.

Wondering why they all react so strongly upon hearing her name, Ryuubi listens to the story of how Kan’u previously helped a man who called himself Ryuubi in defeating the marauding armies of bandits. And how the girls chased him away after they discovered he was only after attaining fame, as well as the one responsible for kidnapping Kouchuu’s daughter Riri in a ploy to have Kouchuu assassinate an important figure.

Ryuubi in turn explains how a while ago, as she was eating at a roadside restaurant, a man approached her, having taken a keen interest in her sword, fawning over it. Encountering that same man again on her way home, a gullible Ryuubi once again let him have a look at her sword.

Revealing his true colors once he got hold of the weapon and learned Ryuubi’s name, the man declared he would gladly use that name and sword before he violently pushed the poor girl off a nearby cliff.


Surviving the fall only because her clothes got stuck on an overhanging tree branch, Ryuubi got a good scolding by her mother, as such that she eventually set out in search of the stolen sword when she heard someone using her name was gaining fame in the militia.

Barging in with her bow ready to fire, Kouchuu is puzzled when she sees not the man they knew as Ryuubi, but an unknown girl before her.
After she hears the girl’s story, Kouchuu feels they just can’t forgive the impostor and soon cackles with glee thinking of the torture and punishment she will hand out once she gets a hold of him.

Retelling the rumor she heard in town about Kousonsan having acquired a sword that matches the description of Ryuubi’s stolen blade, Koumei suggests that Ryuubi visits Kousonsan and requests her sword back.

For the voyage to Kousonsan’s stronghold will be long, Kan’u suggests Ryuubi stays for the night.
Before the poor girl can accept, Bachou storms in with Riri at her side, blade ready to strike the fiendish Ryuubi down, though both girls are puzzled seeing this Ryuubi is a young girl and not the man they remember.

Parting ways with Ryuubi the next day as she starts her journey to Kousonsan’s lands, Kan’u and her friends soon hear a chilling scream and find poor Ryuubi is once again being assaulted by the same thugs as before.


Hesitating to attack when they see the bandits hold a sharp blade at Ryuubi’s throat, the situation seems dire. But then, the hero of justice, none other than Butterfly Mask appears!

Seeing Chou’un has once again donned her mask, Kan’u, Chouhi and Koumei, along with the thugs are at a loss for words.
Making a grand self introduction, Chou’un uses a split shadow technique, creating multiple images of herself around the bandits and causing them to panic.

When Chou’un suddenly stops, clasping her head saying she’s sick as the world just keeps on spinning after doing all those crazy moves, the bandits simply don’t know what to think and stand there in disbelief. Using that opening Chou’un jumps in and pulls Ryuubi to safety, allowing Kan’u to defeat the thugs with a single bow.

Although Kan’u, Chouhi and Koumei seem to think little of Chou’un’s silly charade, Ryuubi is completely enamored and enthralled by her appearance as Butterfly Mask.
Quickly taking off her mask behind a bush and then re-appearing as if nothing had happened, Chou’un’s chest swells with pride hearing Ryuubi’s enamored words of praise for that mysterious masked figure that saved her.

Thinking it would be best to escort Ryuubi on her voyage, Chou’un suggests they all tag along, an idea Kan’u, Chouhi and Koumei support.
Before the girls set off though, they first get a new outfit for Ryuubi whose clothes were torn to shreds by the bandits. Leaving the town’s protection in the care of Kouchuu and Bachou, the five girls set off on their new journey.


Liked the episode, which reminiscent of the first “Koihime†Musou” anime season, largely served to introduce a new character and have her join Kan’u’s party.

Joining the cast, Ryuubi and her sizable bosom were also immediately offered as token fanservice element of this episode, from several panstu flashes to having her clothes torn off.
Didn’t know this would turn out to be a clothing malfunction anime, but don’t think it’ll be a permanent element, though here it didn’t contain explicit imagery like in “Queen’s Blade”.

They took a satisfactory story approach to introduce Ryuubi and give a plausible explanation having the first season’s Ryuubi be an impostor, but also tie it in directly to a new plot where the girls join their new friend on her quest to recover her stolen sword. It fit in well with the previous season’s portrayal of the male Ryuubi and his antics.

Terrific to see Chou’un at her best, with witty comebacks and teasing remarks, her silly antics as Butterfly Mask and gullible Ryuubi falling eyes open into it was hilarious.

Sure it’s nothing like serious action series or heavy drama anime, but I enjoyed this episode of “Shin Koihime†Musou” and can’t wait to see what the girls will be up to next week and what great laughs there will be to have.

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