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Kämpfer 3

October 16, 2009

As students flock to school on this new day, all smiling or talking lively with friends, their eyes are soon drawn to a tall, beautiful blue haired girl making her way to class. Who is she?

Blushing shyly, Senou Natsuru in female Kämpfer form introduces herself to what has become her new class in the girls’ section of Seitetsu Gakuin High. Alas Natsuru is soon distressed when her new classmates promptly surround her like mad groupies, even trampling over Akane to get to her.


Luckily Sakura soon comes to Natsuru’s rescue! Barging into the classroom, she prompts the overenthusiastic girls to stop bothering Natsuru who has been called out to see the student council president.

Dragging Natsuru out of class, Sakura reveals that Sangou hadn’t called for the girl at all, Sakura used this ruse for the two to talk in private.
Hugging Natsuru tightly, Sakura burries her head in the Kämpfer’s chest and says she’s been dying to see Natsuru. Looking Natsuru in the eyes, a blushing Sakura says that she loves Natsuru.

Although Natsuru wants to hug Sakura back, her Kämpfer bracelet starts to flash, signaling a transformation back to her male form is imminent so she makes a run for it.

Having sought shelter on the roof, Natsuru finds Akane there in her Kämpfer form, which enables Natsuru to stay in her female form as well. Harshly rebuking the blue eyed girl for not being direct enough with Sakura whom she sees as a thieving cat, Akane blushes when Natsuru thanks her for having saved her.

Back in class, Natsuru’s worries are far from over for her classmates fawn over her, the class chairman and her minions soon take an interest in exploiting Natsuru’s popularity.
To make matters worse, Masumi Nishino from the newspaper club snatches Natsuru away for an in-depth interview where she shamelessly pries into the blue haired girl’s most private matters.


Although Natsuru revealed nothing substantial, Nishino writes an exaggerated article which makes the blue haired Kämpfer even more popular.
Literally overrun by the other students, Natsuru is the unwilling pawn in the class chairman’s evil ploys and when school ends, Natsuru even falls victim to gymnastic club girls who tie the helpless Kämpfer up and let their idle hands run amok on her shapely body.

Arriving home literally bereft of all strengths, Natsuru laments being stuck in her female form, which Harakiri Tora finds quite hilarious.

Hearing the doorbell ring, Natsuru is surprised to see Akane outside with Seppuku Kuro Usagi, the shy bespectacled girl brought over some sweets for Natsuru.
Thanking her, a rather airheaded Natsuru seems oblivious to the fact Akane wants to eat them together and only invites the girl in after she has made several implicit suggestions of her desire to come in and spend some time with Natsuru.

While Natsuru happily eats away at the sweet cake, Akane inches closer but soon blushes beet red at her own daring actions.
Noticing Akane is all fidgety, Natsuru leans in towards her and bluntly says that there’s some cream on her face, totally unaware Akane was leaning in eyes closed hoping to receive a gentle kiss.

Distraught, Akane gets upset when Natsuru starts rambling about being at a loss what to do now that Sakura has confessed her love, the bespectacled girl soon takes her leave.


Barely having stepped one foot inside the school gates the next morning, Natsuru is immediately besieged by the class chairman and her minions who are keen on dragging the blue haired girl along for an entire day of activities only geared to make them a pretty penny by exploiting Natsuru’s popularity.

Their evil ploy is halted when Sakura appears, condemning them for treating Natsuru like some object, she valiantly takes the blue haired Kämpfer along with her.
Awed at Sakura’s boldness, Natsuru allows herself to be swept along and fails to notice the student council president Sangou’s keen eyes observing the entire scene unfold.

Having a meal together at the cafeteria, Natsuru couldn’t be happier to share such moments with Sakura, especially when the gentle girl feeds her a spoonful of her plate.
Natsuru’s joy is short lived though when Sangou appears and joins the pair at their table.

Striking up a conversation, the student council president queries Natsuru about the rumors of her apparently dating Natsuru Senou, the male student from Seitetsu Gakuin High boys’ section who shares the same name.
Hearing this, Sakura storms off, leaving a bewildered Natsuru wondering at what Sangou is really scheming, especially when the student council president mysteriously suggestsshe’s doing it all for Natsuru’s sake.

Trying to escape all the commotion, Natsuru is forced to flee to the library when her Kämpfer bracelet starts to glow.
Barely out of view behind some bookcases, Natsuru transforms and although initially happy to be back to his old male self, he soon finds Akane there demanding an explanation about the sudden rumor that the female Natsuru is dating the male Natsuru.


Upset, Akane shouts Natsuru has to start making things clear for even she can’t bear it any more. Before he can ask anything, Natsuru topples over with Akane on top of him, to make matters worse at that instant Sakura appears, catching them in a compromising position.
Infuriated, Sakura yells that she’d never though her friend would be someone who cheats on his girlfriend and she declares that she will win Natsuru’s heart away from him.

This episode was just epic, I laughed non-stop. Yes, it was an amalgam of often used cliches but the way it parodied typical yuri series and even itself, all the funny scenes and jokes one after the other caused a barrage of heartfelt laughter. Nice entertainment for a relaxing time watching some good anime.

Thought they made Natsuru a bit too oblivious and airheaded about Akane’s implicit advances, although with Marina Inoue’s voice, it was a dead on resemblance to Kana from “Minami-ke” in all matters that concerned Fujiyoka’s crush on her.

Was glad to see though that Akane and Sakura are evolving more as characters, Akane becoming more decisive at certain times even in her normal shy appearance while Sakura herself can be surprisingly bold and doesn’t seem limited to be just the meek prim beauty she’s made out to be.

Next episode looks like the battle is on and Natsuru will have to face every gender-bent anime character’s nemesis, brassiere fitting!
Expect many otaku will fall that day from anemia from having had explosive bloodnoses.

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  1. DLP permalink
    October 17, 2009 12:23 am

    Kampfer is a surprisingly fun, energetic show, rising slightly above the typical harem comedy by the way it uses its gender-bending for extra humor. Plus Akane in kampfer form always craps me up, she’s just so foul-mouthed…

  2. October 17, 2009 11:03 am

    Have not started on this show, but do plan to go through with it.

  3. October 17, 2009 5:53 pm

    Indeed! Yui Horie does a terrific job with an excellent character like Akane, the shy girl/foul mouthed gun babe switch is hilarious.
    I recommend the serious, it’s great fun and good entertainment.

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