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Queen’s Blade 2nd season 4

October 18, 2009

A heated battle of master and apprentice versus master and apprentice is about to erupt, pitting Allean and Nowa against Echidna and Irma in a fated Queen’s Blade match.

However, as Irma still bears a grudge against her former teacher since she feels the wild elf abandoned her, Irma has no intention of teaming up with Echidna and stands back from the battle. On their end, Nowa questions Allean about her past with Echidna as, since the blond elf clearly knows and resents the wild elf in some way.


Telling Nowa to focus on the battle instead, Allean and the half-elf fight Echidna in a fierce battle in the treetops over the swamp.

The frail tree branch they had jumped onto suddenly snaps, sending Nowa and Allean, plummeting down to the murky waters below where a giant water-snake awaits to make a quick meal out of Nowa. Luckily the young half-elf is saved in the nick of time by Allean who pulls her back to safety.

Seeing Nowa’s skirt is torn, a blushing Allean gives the now obviously pantsu-less young girl a set of leaf underwear. Observing the heartwarming scene Echidna teases both Irma and the elves by saying she’d gladly train Nowa herself, including special nighttime lessons that Allean wouldn’t give.
The wild elf’s provocations have immediate effect, with Irma leaving the scene and Allean fiercely attacking Echidna.

Although she holds her own fighting both Allean and Nowa, Echidna is kicked into the swamp waters by a surprise strike from Nowa. Sinking in the murky waters, the wild elf sees the giant water-snake swim towards her, its great maw wide open ready to devour her whole.

Gazing at the water, Allean and Nowa are no less surprised when the giant snake’s lifeless body soon floats to the surface in a pool of blood, with an unscathed Echidna climbing out of the water.
Lamenting having gotten herself all dirty, Echidna suggests they change location and dashes off deeper into the forest.


First telling Nowa of her past with Echidna, Allean reveals the wild elf had once attacked their village in the forest, taking pleasure in defeating the meek guards that dared take up arms against her.
Looking for a worthy opponent, the wild elf finally encountered Allean and swiftly engaged the battle instructor. Their fight was short lived as they soon disarmed each other, at which point Echidna just walked off into the forest, no longer interested in fighting.

Vowing to defeat Echidna together, Allean and Nowa set off in pursuit and soon meet up with the wild elf in a clearing. Teaming up against Echidna, Allean and Nowa go all out and the battle erupts at its fiercest.

Although she’s a formidable foe, Echidna soon has to rely on dirtier tactics to keep the upper hand, sending Allean flying into a flesh eating plant. Before being swallowed whole by the voracious plant, Allean shouts to Nowa to not mind about her but focus on the battle.

Fighting Echidna, Nowa is quickly outclassed and the wild elf turns the match into a sparring lesson, which makes Irma who is watching from the sidelines reminescant of how she was instructed by Echidna.

Disarming Nowa, Echidna soon holds her blade against the young half-elf’s throat, but as she asks Nowa what she’ll do now being in such a predicament, Nowa uses a momentary distraction to pull the wild elf over her. However, this only encourages Echida even more, and the wild elf pins a helpless Nowa against a tree trunk.

Using her hurricane fury attack, Allean frees herself from the flesh eating plant and drives Echidna away from Nowa, facing the wild elf once more.

Both masters at combat, the fight’s pace and speed increases, both opponents dead on serious and ready to make a fatal strike. Slashing a deep gash in Allean’s side, Echidna soon discovers the battleground filled with carnivorous plants can also be to her own advantage when she gets too close to one of the plants and becomes ensnared by its vines.


That brief moment is enough for Allean to disarm Echidna and hold her staff at the wild elf’s throat, saying the fight is over.

Alas for Allean, Irma intervenes by throwing a dagger at the battle instructor to drive her away from Echidna and holding her sword against Nowa’s throat. When Nowa shouts for Allean to continue fighting, Irma lets no illusion remain that she’s ready to slice open the young half-elf’s throat when blood starts to trickle down from the tip of blade.

Asking Allean what’s going to do now, Echidna hears the battle instructor declare defeat, much to Nowa’s surprise.

Thanking Irma, Echidna is rebuked by the sly assassin who says she did it for her own sake to win the match. The wild elf teases Irma but soon turns serious, asking the girl if she’s still aiming to overthrow the queen to get revenge for the massacre at her village.
Shouting it’s none of her concern, Irma disappears into the forest while Echidna’s parting words asking her to not overdo it fall on deaf ears.

Apologizing for having caused them to loose the battle, a crying Nowa is consoled by Allean who reveals that this battle actually taught her what really matters and is precious to her, not victory or glory, but the family she has in Nowa.

Reina takes the sword she inherited from her mother to Cattleya, to get its battered blade repaired. Off to the smithy to repair Reina’s weapon, Reina and the weapon smith run into Ymir, who’s trying to sell her weapons but soon becomes jealous at the attention Cattleya is receiving.
Reforging Reina’s sword, Cattleya speaks of her missing husband and how she hopes participating in the Queen’s Blade tournament will get him to take notice and return home to them.

Her blade once again sharp, Reina is soon taken by the queen’s minions and lead to a volcanic cave where she meets her opponent, Ymir.
Cattleya and Airi also get summoned and are surprised to find themselves in queen’s Aldra’s palace, unsure what to think of this battleground in face of the queen herself.


Originally wanted to post this earlier but some other anime episodes, figure loot and a rather nasty throat ache caused some delay.

Surprisingly good episode! Was looking forward to seeing Allean and Echidna battle it out, but feared “Queen’s Blade” wouldn’t weigh up against the fun or level of the latest episodes of “Kämpfer”, “To Aru Kagaku No Railgun” and “Darker Than Black Ryuusei No Gemini” but it didn’t disappoint!
One of the better “Queen’s Blade” episodes, actually takes me back to the second episode of the first season where we originally saw Tomoe and Shizuka.

If you should wonder about the color of the screen captures, this is normal as the whole set of battle scenes in the forest had this yellow/green color filter already applied in the episode itself.
Kind of favored Allean and Echidna in the images, but they were by far the best rendered and most interesting characters, they’ve become my favorite “Queen’s Blade” characters so seeing them get this level of attention and good action and some more character depth was very enjoyable.

Overall a nice episode that brought the level of quality of the battles a bit higher, not only in animation fluidity but also thanks some real martial combat action. Hope the upcoming battles exhibit such terrific action as well.

Allean looked so gorgeous~

What is queen Aldra up to now having Cattleya and Airi fight in her palace? How will Reina fare against Ymir? We’ll see soon enough!

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  1. October 18, 2009 6:42 pm

    Im actually quite suprised how good season 2 fares comapred to the first season.Its definately alot better since it focuses more on the battles and has more comic relief scenes than the first season wich mainly focused on character introduction and presenting boobs to the viewer

  2. Devastator001 permalink
    October 19, 2009 12:54 am

    Nooo why’d Alleyne lose ToT. Although pretty good fight to have seen Alleyne use two of her finisher moves 😀

  3. October 19, 2009 1:59 am

    Just watched this and I was fairly happy with it. I am interested in the battle between Cattleya and Airi (besides the fact that Airi is my favorite QB girl). Although Cattleya’s oversized boobs is a turn off factor, but I can’t deny her spirit, taking up the sword again to search for her lost husband, repairing weapons for her soon to be enemies, those are just admirable quality in a character. I wanted Airi to win so I can see more screen time for her but Cattleya seems mighty strong with the sword of hers, what is Aldra up to?? I can’t wait until next week!

  4. Devastator001 permalink
    October 19, 2009 6:05 am

    I pray for a Rebellion Version of Alleyne 😀 Stupid Nowa’s fault for being such a greenhorn, but at least she knows it’s her fault so I forgive her ^_^.

    Also No Ymir mustn’t lose! Although the odds seem to be against her winning =/

  5. October 19, 2009 8:18 pm

    Yes it is. Especially this episode was surprisingly low key in nudity but focused on great action instead. A good evolution!
    Well Allean lost gracefully and so far has been the only one who was able to corner Echidna.
    Looks like Ymir will bite the dust as I reckon Reina will be one of the last girls standing.
    I’d say Airi would win but I somehow suspect queen Aldra pulled them there so she could turn Airi to stone, just like she did with Melona.

  6. October 20, 2009 6:20 am

    Nooooo Aldra can’t turn Airi into stone ;_; can’t let that happen, my cute french maid assassin T.T

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