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Shin Koihime†Musou 3

October 20, 2009

Having a warm reunion with Kousonsan, the girls all reminisce on the time when Kan’u and Chouhi first teamed up with Chou’un at her stronghold to stop a band of thieves that were making the region unsafe.

Recognizing Ryuubi, Kousonsan calls her childhood friend by her familiar name, but is alas not as fortunate herself for Ryuubi fails to remember her familiar name, calling her ‘paipai-chan’ instead or Pairen, much to Kousonsan’s despair.


Meeting Koumei for the first time, Kousonsan asks if the girl is Kan’u’s daughter, which Chou’un eagerly picks in on, prompting Kan’u to swiftly silence her.

Revealing they’ve come for the sword that originally belongs to Ryuubi, the girls hear Kousonsan shamefully admit she was forced to pawn off the sword to Enshou. Feeling guilty since it was Ryuubi’s blade, Kousonsan proposes to travel along with the girls to Enshou and ask for the sword back.

Knowing Enshou, Ryuubi’s request doesn’t go smoothly for the haughty lord declares she will not return the sword since she rightfully purchased it from Kousonsan, she however might reconsider if Kan’u and her party were to defeat her trusted minions Bunshuu and Ganryou in an all out competition.

Overdoing it as usual, Enshou has the competition held as an elaborate spectacle all to entertain her people… and entertain herself as well too, of course.

Facing Bunshuu and Ganryou in different matches held onstage in a competition setting not unlike a modern game show, Kan’u, Ryuubi, Kousonsan and the others go all out in events and disciplines one crazier than the other. From a knowledge quiz that only reveals Enshou’s most shameful characteristics, to arm wrestling, tongue twisters, person imitation, matching seashells, magical girl idol team cosplay outfits…


One match even has two girls competing to catch the most eels by squeezing them between their breasts, an event Kan’u fiercely dreaded when Chou’un pushes her forth as their team’s participant, luckily for the black haired girl, Ryuubi steps up and proceeds to win the match.

With both teams having even scores, the final event will decide the winner of the competition. In this last one on one match, Enshou faces Kousonsan in a sumo wrestling style battle where both contestants wear nothing but a special sort of garment that looks like a cross of a fundoshi and a children’s swimtube, Enshou’s sporting a swan head and Kousonsan’s being adorned with a horse head.

An incredulous battle where each of the girls tries to push the other out of the ring using that toylike animal head, Kousonsan is driven to the edge and set to loose. Mustering all her strength, decided to erase the frustrations of her youth and achieve victory here, Kousonsan turns the tables on Enshou and defeats the haughty girl.

Ecstatic to have won, Kousonsan cries tears of joy and waves her arms about, with the crowd cheering her on. Unfortunately for Kousonsan, she fails to realize the crowd is so enthusiastic only because she’s no longer covering her bosom while waving her arms, giving them quite the eyeful.

Reluctantly admitting defeat, Enshou explains she actually can’t give the sword back to Ryuubi for she no longer possesses it either, having been lured into an exchange with her younger sister Enjutsu.
Faced with this new setback, Kan’u, Ryuubi and the girls decide to travel to Enjutsu in search of the sword.


Reminiscent of the episode in “Koihime†Musou” where Chouhi and Bachou first met during a competition hosted by Enshou, this episode of “Shin Koihime†Musou” reached new heights in absolute nonsensical silliness.
Which also explains this more condensed review as I’m simply unsure how to ideally retell such scenes which are past comedy straight into downright silly.

The best part, or rather only decent and humorous part of the else completely ridiculous swimtube sumo match were the “Saint Seiya” references, especially Kousonsan’s Ryu Sei Ken imitation.
Alas this illustrates how most of the comedy elements in the competition were more of a miss to me, the timing, the nature of the jokes, it just didn’t quite fit.

Surely nor I or others shall claim that any other episode of “Shin Koihime†Musou” explores new peaks in comedic excellence or innovative humor, but even those built on tried and true comedic formula offer decent entertainment and a few good laughs.
This episode rather elicited reactions of amazement and disbelief at how silly without being comically entertaining it rather was.

Hope the next episodes of “Shin Koihime†Musou” go back again to the humor of the first two episodes.

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