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Rangetsu C76 doujin ‘Noise Pollution’

October 25, 2009

Spotted these terrific “Code Geass” illustrations and wanted to share them with you. From the fan book titled ‘Noise Pollution’ released at Comiket 76 by artist Rangetsu (website, Pixiv) from the circle Creayus, they are excellent artworks.

Hadn’t seen this book before, nor read about the artist but the styling and coloring is quite good. Although rather short at only 12 pages, it is an all color book exclusively filled with full page illustrations.


Especially like that for a “Code Geass” book, there’s many illustrations showcasing C.C. and Lelouch together, focusing on the excellent lead pair these two characters formed.

Not always very well visible in these resized thumbnails but was very much intrigued and pleased to see how well and subtly Rangetsu rendered C.C.’s lips.

While much anime art relies on known formula of mouth shapes, here subtle curves and lip line strokes give more depth to C.C.’s expression.


Definitely recommend to check out the full size scans to catch those terrific details.

A shame that the otherwise very good “Code Geass: Lelouch Of The Rebellion R2” didn’t explore the bond between C.C. and Lelouch more, the second season often missed that chemistry and those subtle moments that made the whole bond between the witch and the warlock such an interesting aspect of this great anime.


Love the above illustration that puts C.C. and Lelouch in a more medieval or otherwise historical setting and clothing, it accentuates the atmosphere of how both characters are portrayed in it.

Don’t often see art where C.C. is convincingly shown as vulnerable, her human traits showing through and here Rangetsu has perfectly illustrated this, C.C. couldn’t look more frail, even peaceful as she sleeps there.

To top it off the image shows Lelouch being caring towards her, something he rarely explicitly showed in the series but his care for C.C. was undeniable.


Good to see artists create really terrific art that shows these two characters together. Furthermore this fan book also features them in different illustrations that each have their own specific atmosphere, linking back to the various aspects of C.C. and Lelouch’s relationship.

The witch and the warlock, bound together through their contract of evil, both in a precarious balance where they seek to regain or keep their humanity, yet also rid themselves of it.

In a way C.C. was always connected to Lelouch with a bond deeper than Shirley or Kallen could dream of having with him, yet somehow up until the end there was always something that still separated them, like a stained glass window. Which is ironic, since C.C. and Lelouch were the only people who saw into and through each other.


An image that very much replicates the look of Clamp’s artwork for “Code Geass”, with such luscious and ornamental outfits.

Surely such styling is not to everyone’s tastes, especially as Clamp often uses more flat coloring schemes, but here with the subtle shading work it looks great. Really like it.


Wanted to close off with this great illustration of a happy C.C., don’t often see such bright, joyful art of her and it’s wonderfully executed in this image.
Notice the slightly different styling in facial traits, eyes and coloring, more vivid here compared to the other illustrations.

You can see more on Creayus’ website or these scans from Moe Imouto. Will try and catch this fan book on Yahoo Auction Japan if I ever see it there.

Reminds me still owe you a review on the C.C. dakimakura and “Code Geass Heroine’s Tribute” artbook which I recently got.

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  1. October 26, 2009 3:21 pm

    Lovely C.C. illustrations 🙂

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