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Shin Koihime†Musou 4

October 27, 2009

Performing a series of simple magic tricks and singing songs, the traveling Chou sisters seem to have little success truly catching the attention of the onlooking crowd and even less luck at making any money.

As the sun slowly sets, the streets empty themselves and the Chou sisters stop playing, sighing at the sight of their donations basket remaining empty.


Out of the darkness, a mysterious man approaches the three sisters, saying he was interested in their magic trick. Introducing himself as Ukitsu, he shares a trick of his own with the girls, casting an illusion where they find themselves in lavish outfits, performing on a grand stage before a huge audience.

The illusion soon ends and the sisters find themselves back in the empty, desolate street. His voice suddenly booming from the sky, Ukitsu reveals he left a book with Chihou that will help them make their dreams come true.

Studying the book all through the night, Chihou soon spends their last savings to buy three colored stones on which she applies the magic spells described in the book. Using these stones, their voices resound with vigor and volume, enabling the girls to reach far more people.

With the vocals taken care of, the three sisters re-invent their outfits, turning them into sleeveless, mini-skirted idol dresses.


The next day, the girls perform at the river bank and thanks to their voice amplifying stones used as microphones and cutesy outfits, they soon capture the attention of a growing audience. After a single song, the audience’s vivid applause brings a bright smile to the girls’ faces, finally they’re getting on their way to success!

Counting the ample donations and gifts they received after their performance, the Chou sisters lie on their bed that night, looking up at the starry skies, pondering how their lives will now finally change.

More performances follow, from the small town streets to the palaces of famous rules and large assembly halls, the Chou sisters become famous singing idols, fawned over and adored by a legion of fans.

Walking through the city, Kan’u and her friends stop dead in their tracks when Ryuubi suddenly screams. Pondering what is the matter, Kan’u and the girls see Ryuubi stare enthralled at a poster advertising a concert by the three Chou sisters to be held that same evening.

When Kan’u and Chouhi ask who these Chou sisters they have never heard of might be, Ryuubi enthusiastically tells them about these famous singing idols and how lucky they are to be in a city where they can attend a performance by the Chou sisters.
Intervening they have no time to stick around but must continue on their journey, Kan’u quickly gives in to Ryuubi’s pleading expression and they all head to the concert.


At the concert hall, Kan’u and her friends are overwhelmed by the sheer number of avid fans present, as well as all the souvenirs for sale at the different booths.

Spotting a stand that seems to sell lollipops, an enthusiastic Chouhi soon has everyone buy them but they prove to be quite difficult to lick. Once the concert starts the girls are baffled to see that none of the other people are eating the lollipops, for they soon discover that they are actually some sort of glow rods instead.

When the Chou sisters’ concert starts, Ryuubi and Chouhi are both wildly enthusiastic at the lively performance.

During a pause between two songs, the hall is filled with the sound of several fans starting a brawl. Unsure what to do, Tenhou tries to stop the fighting but her plea remains unanswered.
Shouting loudly that they should just get out if they’re only going to bother everyone by fighting, Chouhi’s intervention proves far more effective and the feud ends. Calm having returned to the crowd, the Chou sisters’ concert goes on with great success.

The next day, Kan’u and her companions continue their voyage, with Chouhi and Ryuubi enthusiastically singing the songs they heard the night before.


As if last week’s eel catching through bosom squeeze or inflated animal-like sumo underwear battle scenes weren’t enough, will refrain from commenting on the lollipop/glow rod scene.

Was it a daring parody or just a blatant, over the top fanservice scene with overtly obvious sexual reference not only with the animation but accompanying sound effects? I dare not say or speculate, only that if it was meant as a parody on the genre itself by being so over the top and blatant about it, not sure it came over as such for me.

“Shin Koihime†Musou” is treading on thin ice. Although no doubt some viewers will relish in such scenes and perhaps that’s the whole point, to service that faction of the viewers’ crowd?

Then again, the whole idol concept of the episode, especially the Chou sisters’ fan crowd were overt parodies on these well known phenomenon in the otaku world.

Perhaps the creators deserve the benefit of the doubt on the lollipop/glow rod scene and is “Shin Koihime†Musou” just being one big self-indulgent parody that mocks the genre as well as itself. Could be.

Do feel these past two “Shin Koihime†Musou” just weren’t as good as the first two of the season, the entertaining silliness and oddball humor of the original “Koihime†Musou” is a bit lost recently, they seem to go too far into material that just doesn’t feel that funny to me.

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