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Queen’s Blade 2nd season 6

October 30, 2009

The next Queen’s Blade tournament match starts full throttle with Menace besieging Clodette with powerful magic attacks, fierce sandstorm winds whipping around Clodette, the course sand searing her armor and body.

Barely able to discern her opponent in the midst of the heavy sandstorm, Clodette is unable to mount an effective counterattack, she even has a hard time freeing herself from the cloth bands Menace summoned to tie her down.


A few powerful hits from Menace soon have Clodette on her knees and the Egyptian princess’ magic starts to drain her strength, surrounding the oldest of the Vance sisters with an ominous aura.

Her magic staff Setra rather enthusiastic at how well things are going, Menace doesn’t let up and gets ready to deliver the final blow. Imprisoned by Menace’s spell, Clodette thinks about her reasons for participating in Queen’s Blade.

When she remembers how she always aimed to become queen to form her own country with its own rule, different of how Count Vance rules his lands, Clodette snaps out of it and manages to overcome Menace’s magic.

Not intent on letting Clodette get back into the fight, Menace attacks but it’s already too late for Clodette summoned her most powerful lighting storm, defeating the Egyptian princess.

Witnessing the broadcast, Airi seems to have a hard time believing Menace’s defeat, especially after Menace had the upper hand for most of the match.

Soon Menace’s enslaved girls come to, free of the brainwashing spell, and her domain in Gaios erected by magic disappears, for the defeated Menace and her staff Setra have already been brought before queen Aldra’s chambers, where the demonic queen swiflty petrifies them.


Running through the dark streets of Gainos, Irma frantically tries to escape queen’s Aldra’s assassins, thrown blades whipping past, missing her head only by a hair’s breath. Crashing into a bar, Irma’s fate seems sealed when Listy appears and violently knocks Irma down with spiked club.

Looming over Irma, intent on delivering the finishing blow, Listy is narrowly interrupted by Echidna, who’s not about to let her precious former student be slaughtered before her eyes. Using a diversion, the wild elf makes a swift escape, carrying the unconscious Irma along with her.

Walking around Gainos, Nanael checks out a betting stand, soon depressed at witnessing her own ranking being the lowest of all the participating fighters, she overhears people say how they won’t bet on the angel since she doesn’t seem strong or smart enough to be a serious contender.

Angered, Nanael extorts the gullible Melfa into giving her money and the cheeky angel squanders all of the church’s funds to bet on herself, solely to raise her ranking. Later realizing this forces them to only eat meager vegetables picked at random gardens, Nanael’s disappointed squeal resounds through the church.

Elsewhere in the city, a woman is attacked by Airi’s ghouls, but before the ghostly maid can feed, her ghouls are driven back by Tomoe who saves the woman.
Ready to take Tomoe and Shizuka on for having interrupted her meal, Airi lowers her scythe when Rana begs her to stop. Recognizing the young boy as Cattleya’s son, Tomoe and Shizuka are shocked to see Rana with Airi.


Taking the two along with them, Tomoe and Shizuka hear what happened to Cattleya from Airi, while young Rana is able to eat to his hearts’ content. When Tomoe suggests they shall take care of Rana from now on since he is a human child after all, Airi’s relief isn’t mimicked in Rana’s obvious disappointment as the young boy seems to have grown fond of the ghostly maid.

Taking her leave, Airi swiftly flies off and goes back to the city in search of people to feed on. As soon as the maid sets foot on the streets again, she feels a familiar tug on her skirt, Rana came chasing after her.
Berating the young boy, Airi soon gives in and takes Rana with her, Shizuka and Tomoe looking on approvingly from afar.

Queen Aldra’s minions then appear before Tomoe to take her to her next tournament match.

Meanwhile, the three Vance sisters, Reina, Elina and Clodette have gathered, donning elegant dresses to pose together for a painting in commemoration of their participation in the tournament.
Playful as ever, Elina’s idle hands are soon all over Reina and the feisty girl gladly buries her head in her beloved sister’s ample bosom, making Reina blush beet red and Clodette sigh in exasperation.

When queen Aldra’s minions appear to take Elina away for her next Queen’s Blade match which shall have her face Tomoe, Reina and Clodette reflect on how regardless of their individual reasons to try and become queen, no matter what will happen, the three of them shall always remain sisters.

Coming to in a storeroom near the river, Irma is surprised to see Echidna there and soon berates the wild elf for getting involved, saying Echidna had abandoned her anyway. Hearing noises outside, Echidna spots queen Aldra’s assassins looking through all the houses in search of Irma.

Standing right before the door of the very room Irma and Echidna hid themselves in, Listy stops dead in her tracks when Aldra’s servants inform her the queen sent new orders. When a cat suddenly yelps from inside the room, Listy barges in regardless and sees one of the windows forced open, Echidna and Irma having made a narrow escape down to the river below.


Fleeing in a small boat, Echidna tells Irma she must give up and leave Gainos, for she will not be able to defeat Aldra anyway. Surprised, Irma’s even more shocked when the wild elf says she doesn’t want to see her perish.

Queen Aldra’s minions soon appear, taking Irma to her next Queen’s Blade fight, but little does the girl know the queen set it up so that she will fight Listy, who is already on the battleground, eagerly awaiting her prey.

After what happened to Melona and Cattleya, as well as Aldra having tried to petrify Airi too, wasn’t surprised at all that Menace suffered the same fate. Did like the peaceful melancholy of the scene, Menace quietly talking to Setra as if resigned to her fate.

Wondered at first what the idea was behind Aldra brainwashing Listy since she didn’t seem to appear much, but now she’s in the spotlights again as Aldra’s ruthless top assassin. When Listy’s mission is thwarted due to Echidna’s interference, Aldra shows her skillful scheming by simply rigging a Queen’s Blade match to take place between Irma and Listy, knowing Irma would participate no matter what.

With Elina up against Tomoe it’s clear the youngest of the Vance sisters will soon face defeat. Wonder if Aldra will ensnare and petrify Elina if she’s defeated or if Elina will escape unscathed like Ymir.

After Airi’s excellent performance last week, was glad to see she had decent screen time this episode as well and liked the scenes of her with Rana, Tomoe and Shizuka. She’s fast becoming one of my favorite Queen’s Blade girls after Allean and Echidna.
With Airi and Echidna both getting more depth and showing care for others one wouldn’t have attributed to them at first, kind of regret Allean already exited the stage.

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  1. October 31, 2009 1:06 am

    I am all over this episode as well! Not in my wildest dream had I thought that they would allocate this much screen time for Airi. Queen’s Blade 2nd Season is getting better and better. As far as personality is concern though, I have taken a liking in Echidna as well, didn’t like her appeal from the beginning but the fact that she turn down the money reward from Clodette in season 1 and agreed to train Reina to fight was really something.

    I always thought Menace was kinda silly and I admit I haven’t seen her fight. But after hearing what Airi had to say about Menace though, I cannot dismiss her persistent in rebuilding her kingdom past (even though it was a lost cause). People who say what they are going to do and follow through with it shall not be ignored or marginalized. Menace is still silly to me, but I have to recognize her persistent.

    Many Queen’s Blade characters did not appeal to me at first but they all have gained momentum as the story progresses. Who said Queen’s Blade didn’t have a story and it’s all bouncing oppai, this is high quality stuff in my opinion. The fact that they have as many characters to cover and have managed to give adequate background to almost everyone of them is amazing. The plot is simple, but it outline a character trait and their behavior patten, short and to the point, why they are in this tournament, and what they want to do.

    Queen’s Blade is a lot more than what meet the eyes.

  2. October 31, 2009 6:23 am

    The Menace vs. Claudette fight was a little bit of a letdown, but pretty interesting developments on the other fronts. I have to say I haven’t found any of the episodes to be particularly horrible in this season, which cannot be said for the first season of Queen’s Blade.

  3. October 31, 2009 8:45 am

    Indeed, Queen’s Blade’s level has increased, which is a plus as personally I wasn’t feeling much to drag myself through another season if it was the same as the first one as all the explicit imagery is not my personal preference.
    Though very true, even the short scene with Airi and Tomoe about Rana tells a lot about both characters.
    Thought the fight was still ok, but it lacked the martial action we saw in previous battles, which is understandable as Menace’s attacks are magic based and Clodette couldn’t possibly be swift with such a huge broadsword.
    But this season is certainly better. Only fault I can find is that this episode did have some less good animation in places, this was very obvious while making screencaps.

  4. Devastator001 permalink
    November 2, 2009 12:25 am

    Menace and Claudette’s battle started off good but mellowed out in the end, but that’s acceptable for all the other things that happened in the episode :). Seems like going to be battle heavy episode 7 😀

  5. CHMakoto permalink
    November 2, 2009 12:58 am

    I both like and dislike this season compared to the last one. They’re doing much better with the characters. Echidna is rapidly becoming my favorite, and even some of the lesser lights are fleshed out some. However, I see no reason for Aldra to be as evil as they’re making her out to be.

    The tournament alone could have provided plenty of fun to be had by all without adding in the complication of Aldra’s machinations. As sleazy as she is turning out to be, I’m a bit surprised that all the competitors weren’t aware of her before the tournament even started and to be on their guard against her. It’s causing some difficulty with my suspension of disbelief.

    Go, go Echidna!!

  6. November 2, 2009 8:37 am

    Yes, with Tomoe versus Elina and Irma versus Listy, it should be quite action packed.
    Understand what you mean, Aldra didn’t appear much last season where the Swamp Witch and her minions were brought forth as the nemesis and now this season Aldra as nemesis seems to come out of nowhere.
    Gather a reason could be they’re trying to bring additional motivation for everyone to usurp the queen through the tournament.
    However, think the real reason is that having Aldra be the evil foe while possessed by an inner demon, makes it easier plotwise for her to be saved/redeemed in a final battle and survive the series.

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