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Kämpfer 5

October 31, 2009

The school festival almost upon them, Natsuru and Akane’s class is intent on supporting their popular duo to victory in the Miss Seitetsu Gakuin High contest.

Rallying the entire class, the class representative swiftly has the enthusiastic students surround Natsuru and Akane, dressing them up in one cosplay outfit after another. From swimsuits, bloomers, bunny girl suits, sexy cowgirls, naked apron, nurse dresses to nekomimi maid gear, Natsuru and Akane are hauled through one fetish outfit after another.


Lamenting in despair that they not only lost their dignity but part of their very humanity as well, Natsuru and Akane are relieved when their overzealous classmates release them, allowing them to change back into their uniforms.

Using a makeshift changing room cordoned off by curtains, the two blue bracelet Kämpfers don their uniforms again, Natsuru assuring Akane she’ll not abuse the opportunity to steal a glance at her.
Answering she enjoys spending time together doing the same activities, Akane does refuse trying to patch things up with Sakura, even though Natsuru wants the two of them to try and get along.

Barging into the makeshift changing room, Sakura is quite upset at having missed Natsuru’s cosplay parade and even more aggravated at the fact Akane is so close to her beloved Natsuru, ordering the bespectacled girl to get clear.

In retaliation, Akane tightly clings to Natsuru, saying there’s nothing wrong about her changing in the same room as Natsuru since they’re both participating in the Miss contest anyway. When the bespectacled girl says Sakura should just give up since Natsuru made clear she’s not into yuri and is going out with the Sennou Natsuru from the boys’ section, Sakura storms off.

Back to his original male self, Natsuru walks home, thinking how complicated things have gotten. Running into a visibly depressed Sakura, Natsuru accompanies the girl and tries to cheer her up when she admits feeling down after being bullied by Akane.
Wondering if Akane might be after the female Natsuru’s heart as well, Sakura’s face clears up when Natsuru says that those two are probably just friends and that she mustn’t give up.


Commenting Natsuru is a kind person to cheer her on even though she’s his rival, Sakura says she won’t give up on winning female Natsuru’s heart and heads on home.

Watching Sakura walk away, Natsuru is startled when Sangou appears, complimenting him on a job well done by having cheered Sakura up. Although the student council president says she had been worrying about her treasured friend’s distraught mood, Natsuru retorts that her scheme with the whole Miss contest idea is what lead to their current predicament.

The next day the Seitetsu Gakuin High school cultural festival is in full swing and the school grounds are alive with the sounds of energetic students and the many visitors enjoying the event.
A stark contrast to Natsuru’s ominous sigh as she prepares to enter the changing room for the Miss contest participants.

Opening the door, Natsuru’s expression brightens when she’s greeted by the sight of a radiant Sakura who looks stellar dressed in a wedding gown. Already imagining herself getting married to Sakura, Natsuru’s reverie at such delightful sight has her at a loss for words, barely able to stammer how beautiful she looks.

Sakura’s joy at being praised by Natsuru is short lived as Akane interrupts, telling her to get out since she has finished changing anyway. Having donned a surprisingly daring cowgirl outfit, Akane heads out with Sakura, leaving Natsuru to change.

Slumping on a bench, exhausted at the bad air between Akane and Sakara, Natsuru is startled to see Sangou is also in the changing room.
Telling the blue haired Kämpfer she must take responsibility since both Akane and Sakura are serious about her, the student council president seems disappointed when Natsuru heads back out, allowing her to change in private. Teasing the Kämpfer she’s being quite boring by doing so, Natsuru sighs back she’s fine with that.


Presenting the Miss contest before an absolutely packed auditorium, Nishino introduces Natsuru as the first contestant under thunderous applause of the gathered crowd which soon goes wild when Natsuru appears in a stylish white dress uniform.
Unsure what to do, Natsuru just stands there, her nerves wrecked.

Out of the blue, several disemboweled stuffed animals not unlike Harakiri Tora and Seppuku Kuro Usagi are thrown into the crowd.
Playing into the event, Nishino introduces Sakura as the disemboweled stuffed animal princess and Sakura puts on an entire spectacle culminating in throwing her bridal bouquet into the crowd and confessing her love for Natsuru. Leaning in for a kiss, the crowd goes wild as Sakura and Natsuru’s faces inch closer together, their lips but a hair’s breath apart.

A gunshot echoes, pulling both girls apart right before their lips meet. Gun still smoking, Akane takes to the stage in her Kämpfer form, saying she’s going to get rid once and for all of the thieving cat that she sees Sakura as.

Trying to keep Sakura out of harms way, Natsuru scoops the girl in her arms and dodges Akane’s barrage of gunshots when the feisty Kämpfer gets angry at the thought of Natsuru almost having kissed Sakura.

Getting even more aggravated when Sakura clings onto Natsuru, Akane shifts her aim towards the blue haired Kämpfer, forcing Natsuru to jump around dodging the bullets. Soon loosing her footing, Natsuru stumbles into Akane, sending them both flying.


Landing on top of each other, their faces and lips but millimeters apart, Akane soon blushes beet red when the crowd starts shouting for Natsuru to kiss her and the red haired girl violently pushes Natsuru away.

Due to all the commotion, Natsuru’s suit tears apart at the seams, nearly exposing the blue haired Kämpfer’s body for all to see. Grabbing onto her clothes for dear life, Natsuru lets out an embarrassed squeal and the crowd goes frantic at the generous fanservice of this quite bearing spectacle.

Taking advantage of the distraction caused, Akane gets behind Sakura, intent of doing away with the competition. Her finger ready to pull the trigger, Akane’s gun is knocked from her hand just in time by a knife thrown from the other side of the stage.

Appearing in a gallant outfit reminiscent of Zero’s attire in “Code Geass”, Sangou makes a grand entrance. Covering Natsuru with her cape, Sangou’s elite knife throwing skills make quick work of slicing the bullets in half that Akane desperately fires at the student council president.
Observing the three girls put on a great spectacle and can rest easy now, Sangou throws her knife one last time, knocking Natsuru, Sakura and Akane unconscious.

Coming to in a secluded room while the sun is already setting, Natsuru is surprised to discover he has returned back to his male form and that Sangou watching over him.
Commenting she rather enjoyed the near kiss scene during the contest, Sangou suddenly moves in on Natsuru, unexpectedly giving him a deep kiss.


Parting with a content smile on her face, Sangou tells Natsuru they shall leisurely continue on that kiss some other time and that for now he best keep it a secret from Akane, lest he have a death wish.

Looking back at the school gates of Seitetsu Gakuin High, Mikoto is upset she wasn’t able to find her childhood friend Natsuru at the festival, even though she was anxious to see him now that she finally got back to Japan.
Checking the bouquet of flowers she caught when Sakura threw it into the audience during the Miss contest, Mikoto is surprised to find one of the disemboweled stuffed animals hidden in it.

Another great episode and looks like next week Mikoto will join the cast full time,with a Kämpfer alter ego now that she’s shown to have gotten her own Messenger. With Sakura again the center figure around the disemboweled stuffed animals who all turn out to be Messengers, just exactly how is she involved? Still suspect there’s more to Sakura than we know so far.

Loved the whole Miss contest plot flow, especially since we’re seeing the usually shy Akane is become more confident and outspoken, while her Kämpfer alter ego is showing more dere dere moments.

While Sangou is still quite the naught schemer, plotting everything and having her way, she’s not only confirmed her interest in Natsuru but she’s staked her claim and is the first to run off with a prized moment, Natsuru’s first kiss. A shame Natsuru wasn’t in Kämpfer form.
Of course, Sangou’s cosplay as Zero from “Code Geass” was awesome, a fitting reference too since she is a highly skilled tactician who always seems to be a step ahead of Natsuru, Akane and Sakura.

Really like the direction they’re taking with the series and how Akane and Sangou are evolving, can’t wait for Mikoto’s grand entrance next week!

As parting query, I must ask you fellow viewers, which was your flavor of cosplay fetish you loved seeing Natsuru and Akane in?
School swimsuits, bloomers, naked apron, bunny girl, or… ?

Bloomers have their appeal but the naked apron cosplay was death sentence by explosive bloodnose for me.

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