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K-ON! Nodoka and Ui Image Song

November 1, 2009

Had originally wondered if Nodoka and Ui would get their own Image Song albums, but over two months after the previous albums for Ritsu, Tsumugi and Azusa, the last two girls from the “K-ON!” cast got their own album released a few weeks ago.

Diverging from the albums for the けいおん members, these only contain four tracks each, lacking the recurring track “Let’s Go” that seems to have been a light music club member exclusive.


Nodoka’s album is actually surprising, both songs “Coolly Hotty Tension Hi!” and ”プロローグ” are fairly standard fare pop tracks by themselves, but Chika Fujitou’s singing voice is quite impressive, much more so than what I would have initially expected in fact.

Had really looked forward to Azusa’s Image Song album and at first wasn’t too convinced by Ayana Taketatsu singing, although the album grew on me over time. In contrast was quite pleasantly surprised this time round by Chika Fujitou’s singing.


As might be expected for Ui, the two songs “Lovely Sister Love” and “”Oui!愛言葉” on her album are upbeat, joyful poppy tracks with fluffy lyrics, perfectly fitting Ui’s character as well as Madoka Yonezawa’s singing.

Like the previous Image Song album releases for “K-ON!” and as is true for such albums made for most anime series, they don’t particularly musically strike you but they offer a decent listening experience and are a good addition to complete your “K-ON!” playlist.

Still, the world needs more Azunyan and Mio-chan~

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