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Shin Koihime†Musou 5

November 4, 2009

Walking along windings paths through the woods even when the sun is already setting, Kan’u seems to think they might have chosen the wrong way to travel across this forest. Falling behind, Chouhi complains of stomach ache and soon collapses while holding her abdomen in pain.

Spotting a plume of smoke rising to the skies deeper along the path, Ryuubi urges everyone on and they soon come to a small clearing where a lone man sits near a burning camp fire. Carrying Chouhi on her back, Kan’u asks the man if they can rest there, explaining one of her companions is struck with sudden illness.


Veering up as soon as he hears the girl is ill, the man explains he’s a doctor and asks if they’ll allow him to have a look at her. Soon pinpointing the cause of Chouhi’s illness, he plants two acupuncture needles on her body with an elaborate show, instantly curing the girl.

Profoundly thanking him for his help, Kan’u hears him respond he feels it only natural for his goal as a doctor is to cure illness. When he introduces himself as Kada, a simple traveling doctor, Koumei recognizes him as the famed ゴットウェイド.

Startled when Kada suddenly rebukes Koumei, the girls look unsure what to think when Kada sets his spirit ablaze and loudly screams ゴットウェイド while making an over the top pose not unlike that of heroes from shounen series.
Running with the joke, Kan’u, Koumei, Ryuubi and Chouhi all continue on to call him ゴットウェイド in the same exagerrated manner, leaving Chou’un to ponder what has gotten into them.

Talking over the camp fire, Kada learns the girls are on their way to Sousou and asks to accompany them for he desires to meet with Sousou regarding an important matter.

Continuing their journey the next morning, Kada observes that Chouhi’s mother must feel relieved when he sees the girl energetically singing along with Ryuubi.
Realizing Kada is mistaking her to be Chouhi’s mother, an embarrassed Kan’u goes through great lengths to explain she is not Chouhi’s mother.


Letting out a shriek, Ryuubi hesitantly points to the side of the road where a bespectacled girl lies lifelessly on the ground, in the middle of a pool of blood. Inquiring about her condition when Kada examines the girl, Kan’u and her friends are shocked to hear there’s nothing wrong with the bespectacled girl.

Asking about the pool of blood, Kan’u and her friends look up when another girl appears, saying they mustn’t worry for it was merely a nosebleed. Coming to, the bespectacled girl soon introduces herself as Kakuka, her blonde companion being called Teiiku.

Explaining they were on their way to join Sousou’s army, Kakuka soon gets lost in her own ecchi fantasies when Teiiku observes Kakuka’s crush on Sousou is the real reason she’s looking to join her army. Soon unable to resist her own perverted thoughts, Kakuka again has an explosive bloodnose, much to everyone’s surprise.

Hearing Kan’u and her party are on their way to Sousou too, Kakuka and Teiiku join them on their journey. Once they arrive at the city where Sousou currently resides, Kada heads on to meet with the lord right away while Kan’u and her friends set off to have a meal first.

Enjoying delicious food at a nearby restaurant, Chouhi says she’ll just get the old man to cure her with his needles when Kan’u scolds the girl for gorging herself on copious amounts of meat. Observing that Kada probably wouldn’t like being called an old man, little does Koumei realize that far off Kada loudly sneezes as Chouhi uttered those very words.


Having granted Kada an audience, Sousou says she’s surprised hearing his reason for appearing before her and says she’ll give up on her goal. Since Kada is a doctor anyway, Sousou asks him what to do about a slight problem she’s been having with ‘that’.

Misunderstanding what Sousou is referring to, Kada asks her to explain and soon loudly bursts out about her being constipated when she explains her concern is about bowel movements. Getting into a fight with Kada about his advice for her constipation, an infuriated Sousou soon chases the poor doctor off, threatening him with her scythe.

Hearing from her aides that Kan’u has arrived requesting an audience, Sousou’s face brightens when she thinks of a convenient scheme and soon instructs her aide to guide Kan’u and her party to the baths.

Meeting with Kan’u, Kakuka and Teiiku in the baths, Sousou tells them they must not only join her in the water but undo themselves of the towels they are wearing for else she can not hear their plight. Feasting her eyes on Kan’u and the girls, Sousou soon inches closer.

Respectively hearing Teiiku and Kakuka’s reasons for wanting to join her army, Shousou’s attention is soon diverted to a blade reflecting light from the wooden beams high above. Dodging a masked attacker intent on robbing her of her life, Sousou instinctively moves to shield Kakuka while Kan’u prepares to fight of the attacker.

With Sousou’s bare bosom pressed tightly against her, Kakuka is unable to contain herself and her ensuing explosive bloodnose completely blinds the attacker who had lunged towards them. Quickly using this chance to counterattack, Kan’u easily defeats the would-be assassin.

Later thanking Kan’u for saving her once again, Sousou gladly accepts Teiiku and Kakuka in her army, much to the girls’ joy.


Overall liked this episode better than the previous ones. While it felt more like another transition episode that introduced new characters and didn’t move the main plot of Ryuubi’s voyage to recover her sword and honor along, do prefer the atmosphere and overall pace of this week’s episode compared to the previous two which were a bit too silly for my taste. Luckily looks like it’ll pick up a bit again.

Sousou was portrayed somewhat differently this time round compared to the original “Koihime†Musou”, great expressions and she felt a bit more spunky.
Of course liked the bath scene with Kakuka passing out from an explosive bloodnose due to Sousou’s bosom being pressed against her, classic but priceless. Kakuka’s perversion and explosive bloodnoses were highly entertaining.

Wonder if we’ll see Kada again in future episodes, he was a hilarious character and Nobuyuki Hiyama’s voice work perfectly fit the over the top acting of burning with fiery manliness, reminiscent of his performances as Ikkaku Madarame from “Bleach” or Viral from “Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann”.

Looks like we’ll still be with Sousou and her minions next week, can’t wait to see what antics the girls will be up to!

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