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Kämpfer 6

November 6, 2009

Tightly hugged by Sakura, Natsuru can’t believe his eyes she leans in to kiss him, but his joy quickly becomes terror when Sakura suddenly turns into Sangou who announces with a sly voice she shall continue on that kiss.

Waking up with a start, Natsuru realizes it was all but a dream. Smelling the telltale fragrance of curry, Natsuru wonders where the spicy odor could be coming from.


Hearing a knock on his door, Natsuru is shocked to see his childhood friend Mikoto barge into the bedroom holding a plate of steaming curry while wearing nothing but a frilly apron. Barely able to overcome his surprise, Natsuru pleads with the girl to put on some clothes but Mikoto misses no opportunity to tease Natsuru.

Waiting for the school bus to arrive, Mikoto tells Natsuru how happy she is to have finally returned to Japan and she’s looking forward to spend more time with him.

Seeing an unknown girl at Natsuru’s side, an insanely jealous Akane nearly crushes the concrete pillar she’s hidden herself behind.
Noticing an odd bespectacled girl is walking towards them, Mikoto ultimately recognizes Akane, who was a friend of hers many years ago when they lived near each other.

Inquiring about Natsuru and Mikoto’s relationship, Akane goes from shock straight into depression when she hears the energetic girl is not only Natsuru’s childhood friend but has also prepared him breakfast. Visibly downcast, the bespectacled girl dejectedly heads back home, feeling queasy.

Unsure what to think of Akane’s reaction, Mikoto asks if she might perhaps be Natsuru’s girlfriend. Denying vehemently, Natsuru soon finds himself cornered by the girl’s barrage of questions about his crush on Sakura and the tabloid article she read in the school newspaper about a female beauty also named Natsuru that is rumored of being his girlfriend.


His bracelet suddenly glowing after Mikoto touched him, Natsuru makes a quick escape, realizing a transformation into his Kämpfer alter ego is imminent.

Heading along to school, Natsuru is quickly intercepted by the class representative and her minions who drag the blue haired Kämpfer off to take part in the second day of Seitetsu Gakuin High’s school festival.
Their class having a pseudo maid cafe, Natsuru discovers she’s being put forth as the star maid who is being made to wear a lovely yet quite short skirted and revealing maid outfit, much to her own embarrassment.

When Natsuru’s first customer turns out to be Higashida, the Kämpfer is worried she might be found out and desperately tries to get away from him when he persistently holds onto her, trying to get her to agree to a photo session.
Swiftly intervening to protect their star maid, the class representative’s minions chase off the rowdy boy by spiking his coffee.

Sent to welcome and tend to their most esteemed customer, Natsuru wonders who it could be and is surprised to see Sangou appear, the student council president having paid a hefty sum to get Natsuru’s exclusive maid service.
Not enthused, Natsuru half-heartedly serves Sangou, asking why the student council president is even interested in joining such silly antics.

Disappointed in Natsuru’s lack of enthusiasm, Sangou changes the subject to her suspicions that a new Kämpfer will appear soon, for the disemboweled stuffed animals that Sakura gives out all become Messengers. Wondering how exactly Sakura may be involved, Sangou says she wants to get to the bottom of things.


Joining Sangou at the maid cafe, Sakura admires Natsuru’s daring maid outfit and can’t help but praise Natsuru for being such a beautiful and talented girl, her loving admiration for the blue haired Kämpfer plainly visible.

Somewhat uncomfortable, Natsuru is at a loss when Sangou starts to talk about the disemboweled stuffed animals and how it would be interesting to see Natsuru as some sort of magician capable of manipulating fire. Her intent clearly being on soliciting a reaction from Sakura, the student council president seems disappointed when the girl only has a light-hearted bubbly reaction.

Changing the subject, Sangou suggests that Sakura has Natsuru service her since they paid for her time as their maid anyway. Unsure what to ask for, Sakura quickly takes a liking to Sangou’s suggestion she asks for a kiss, much to Natsuru’s shock.
Feeling too embarrassed to kiss Sakura in front of everyone, Natsuru pleads with Sakura to have her do something else, anything.

Asking Natsuru to spend the rest of the day together at the festival with her, their own private date, Sakura is ecstatic and takes Natsuru around the entire school, visiting exhibits, enjoying food and other candy together.

Visiting the haunted house that Sakura’s class is holding, Natsuru quickly shifts her attention away from Sakura when a few sharp objects are thrown at them from behind the curtains in the pitch black room. Suspecting the new Kämpfer may be behind these attacks, Natsuru soon retaliates and spots a red bracelet wearing girl make a run for it.


Pursuing the girl outside, Natsuru soon comes face to face with the new Kämpfer, a spunky Schwert user who swiftly proceeds to try and decapitate Natsuru.
Fiercely attacking Natsuru with vicious slashes of her katana, the white haired Kämpfer is none other than Mikoto, who sees the female Natsuru as a threat to her own childhood friend. Little does Mikoto know that the male and female Natsuru are one and the same person.

Cornered, Natsuru escapes a lethal strike from Mikoto’s blade only because she’s saved in the nick of time by Akane. Not intent on letting her comrade be killed, Akane berates the Schwert Kämpfer and rains down a barrage of gunfire on the white haired girl who responds in kind with swift slashes of her sword.

Begging the two girls to stop fighting because she realized the new Kämpfer is actually Mikoto, Natsuru’s please go unheard until Sangou appears and captures Mikoto using her chains.
At a loss why a fellow red bracelet wearing Kämpfer is stopping her from killing their enemy, Mikoto doesn’t know what to think when Akane and Natsuru both transform back into their normal selves, she even faints from the sheer shock.

Going over how she just became a Kämpfer the day before after finding the disemboweled stuffed animal, Mikoto can’t believe her two friends Akane and Natsuru would be Kämpfers as well, though she misses no chance to berate Natsuru for having such perverted interests that he became a busty female as Kämpfer.

Wondering what to do since they are technically enemies, Mikoto and the others hear Sangou affirm she plans on keeping their current truce for she first wants to further investigate something.

Having forgotten all about Sakura, Natsuru transforms back to her female self and finds the poor girl all alone on the school rooftop.
Crying because she had been lonely since Natsuru just ran off on her before without so much as an explanation, Sakura asks the blue haired girl to spend the night at her house.


Overall a nice episode, liked how they introduced both the normal Mikoto as well as her Kämpfer alter ego. Kind of suspected beforehand that they would make Mikoto an ally of Sangou, since it allows them to keep the truce between the red and blue Kämpfers and focus on other plots.

Judging by Sangou’s comments, she too is starting to suspect something doesn’t add up with all the disemboweled stuffed animals that Sakura gives out turning into Messengers and their new owners into Kämpfers.
Looks like next week’s episode may play into that plot as well, curious to see what they’ll make of it and if they’ll use it to have an original ending to the anime series where Sakura is (knowingly or not) at the center of things.

Fellow otaku Watanuki observed this week’s episode seemed to suffer from visibly less well polished animation and upon going through the still screen captures noticed that was a correct assessment.

While not very obvious when watching the episode if you don’t especially pay attention to it, looking closer at some scenes and some facial close ups, they were indeed not as well done as in previous episodes.
Hopefully this is but a temporary dip and next week we’ll see spotless animation again.

From Mikoto’s naked apron to Natsuru’s mini skirted maid appearance, this episode was rife with explosive bloodnose inducing scenes. Though Akane’s still the best character to me, her reactions when seeing Natsuru with Mikoto were priceless.

Next week yuri shenanigans at Sakura’s place? I can hardly wait!

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