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Shin Koihime†Musou 6

November 10, 2009

Waiting for Kan’u to return, Ryuubi is entertaining Chouhi and Koumei by teaching them Cat’s Cradle while Chou’un dutifully maintains her combat spear. Joining her friends, Kan’u tells them that both Kakuka and Teiiku were allowed to join Sousou.

Observing Kan’u is rather late, Chou’un’s sharp nose picks up that the long haired warrior seems to have bathed and soon makes a sly remark that she must have worked up quite a sweat with Sousou when Kan’u affirms that she indeed did bathe. Blushing beet red, Kan’u fruitlessly tries to explain there were other circumstances.


Looking solemn again, Kan’u explains she overheard that Kada’s meeting with Sousou alas did not go well, and that the traveling doctor has somehow incurred Sousou’s wrath.

Having fled the city, Kada is barely able to shake off Sousou’s troops that still gave chase by heading deep into the forest. Resting against a tree trunk, Kada looks up at the constellations in the night sky vowing to continue his quest to find this mysterious book that contains forbidden magic.

Unbeknown to Kada, the very same book he’s looking for is in fact the book that Ukitsu gave to the Chou sisters from which the three girls used the different spells to launch and sustain their now successful career as singing idols.

Giving yet another stellar performance in a packed venue, Chihou shows her sisters yet another trick by using the magic sealed into their microphones to subdue several of the fans that had started to quarrel into getting along again.
Nearly hypnotizing the entire audience, the Chou sisters revel in their success brought forth by the magic used from the book.


Visiting the same restaurant they went to for lunch earlier that day, Kan’u and her friends have a copious meal, especially Chouhi gleefully gorges herself while, Koumei, Chou’un and Ryuubi relish in all the delicious food on their plates.

Spotting customers enjoying the food that much, the cook Teni heads over to the girls’ table and introduces herself, asking Kan’u and her friend if they’d be willing to taste a new dish she has been experimenting with. Presenting the girls some meat buns, everyone is surprised at how good they taste.

Back in their room, Kan’u is visited by one of Sousou’s generals who invites her and her friends to attend a special banquet hosted by Sousou to be held the next day.
Overhearing it will be an event centered around cuisine, Chouhi and Ryuubi are quickly enthusiastic, pondering about all the delicious food they’ll be able to have, much to Kan’u’s embarrassment at their behavior.

Taking in the vast kitchen filled with ingredients before her, as well as the two tables of guests lined up on a balcony above, Sousou thanks everyone for attending and invites them to enjoy the different dishes she herself will make.

Wowing Kan’u and her party with her impressive cooking skills, Sousou excels in preparing elegant, well presented dishes of fine cuisine, caressing the taste palette of her guests.

Alas Chouhi isn’t much impressed by such fine tasting cuisine and loudly laments the small portions that cannot fill up her stomach, wishing she’d be able to eat food like had the previous day at the restaurant.
Overhearing Chouhi, Sousou is Wonders who in the city could possible cook better food than her and she quickly has her minions fetch Teni from the restaurant and brought before her.


Unsure at what is going on, Teni feels uneasy, nervously fidgeting before the gathered audience. Explaining to the small girl that she wants to experience her cooking first hand for she had been told it was such excellent cuisine, Sousou instructs her to prepare them a meal.

Making meat buns again for everyone, Teni doesn’t seem to be able to impress the girls at first but as soon as they all realize the unique taste is due to their three favorite dishes from the restaurant being combined in the meat bun, everyone relishes in the delicious meal.

Witnessing everyone’s reaction, Sousou faces Teni and admits having lost, especially when she hears it was the first time Teni cooked this particular type of meat bun, commenting how her own spirit to cook visually intricate and tasteful food doesn’t compare to someone who’s cooking solely to please the people she’s cooking for by making them a dish they love.

Intervening, Ryuubi surprises everyone by disagreeing with Sousou and explaining that when cooking is involved, it is not about winning or losing, but rather how the cook’s efforts and feelings resulted in food prepared for everyone to enjoy together.

With a loud crash, a bull that had been locked into the kitchen’s supply room breaks out and runs over one of the maids. Seeking its next target, the bull sees Teni’s red apron and charges full speed towards the small girl, intent on impaling her on its horns.

Unable to watch the bloody scene unfold, everyone averts their gaze but is soon awestruck when Teni stops the bull by grabbing it by its horns with her bare hands and tosses it up into the skies as it were a mere flea.
Awed by the small girl’s strength on top of such cooking skills, Sousou invites Teni into her army.


Hearing incessant knocking on the door of their suite even early in the morning, Chouhou drags herself out of bed to receive the small parcel that was delivered to their room.
As soon as she closes the door, the next box is delivered, and then another, and another,… an endless circle until their room is filled with piles of boxes.

Opening some of the boxes, the Chou sisters go from surprise to shock when they open the renaming boxes to discover each one contains manju sweets.

Remembering how Choukaku had mentioned liking manju and that she would love for everyone to bring her some after they had finished singing at their last concert, the Chou sisters realize the command magic they had imbued into their microphones hypnotized the audience into bringing them manju.

What power have the Chou sisters unleashed from that mysterious book?

Another cute episode and am glad to see “Shin Koihime†Musou” has picked up the pace again, even though they really seem to have moved from the plot to regain Ryuubi’s sword back to one centered around the magical book given to the Chou sisters that Kada and Sousou are also looking for.

Looks like they’re somehow trying to loosely tie most of the characters together with those two plots, enabling Kan’u and her party to travel from one place to another with reason to meet all their friends and acquaintances again.

While hadn’t as many laughs as the previous episode that featured Kakuka’s explosive bloodnose antics, did enjoy this episode which was a fun and relaxing watch.

All that food even if but animated somehow made me hungry again. おなかすいた…

Looks like next week it’ll be another story altogether and we’ll see Ryofu appear again!

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