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Kämpfer illustrations

November 11, 2009

Haven’t seen a whole lot of official “Kämpfer” promotional illustrations and images, though did find these online.

Featuring the main cast for the anime, this particular image is nice, love how Akane and Sakura are fighting over Natsuru’s, with Sangou looking like she’s not going to fall behind either.


Thanks to Marina Inoue’s excellent voice work as Natsuru, can just imagine hearing Natsuru’s futile protests. Really do like how Marina Inoue and Yui Horie are adding a lot to this anime series with their terrific voice acting.

Too bad Mikoto’s kind of shoved all the way to the back in this image, then again she only made her first full appearance in last week’s episode.

The latest Megami magazine, issue number 115 also contains a “Kämpfer” illustration in its selection of included posters.


A nice illustration of Natsuru carrying Sakura to safety with Akane hot on their tail raining down a hail of gunfire. Reminiscent of the first episode when Sakura stumbled onto the battle between Natsuru and Akane.

Personally prefer the first image though, hope to see more of those playful atmosphere illustrations in the future as so far there isn’t a whole lot of “Kämpfer” art around, save from images illustrated by artist Senmu that featured in the novels.


Of course there’s also the cute cover art of Sakura hugging Natsuru used for the ending Single “One Way Ryou Omoi”, which is in fact sung by Megumi Nakajima and Marina Inoue, who respectively voice those two characters.

It’s a fairly nice single with an easy, poppy tune, but neither the opening nor ending songs for “Kämpfer” have as much impact as say those of “To Aru Kagaku No Railgun”.

Found these images at Moe Imouto.

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  1. November 12, 2009 9:48 am

    Wonderful pictures, i like the character designs a lot and the ending song is nice as well do want that poster lol.

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