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Queen’s Blade 2nd season 8

November 12, 2009

Overly enthusiastic about her first tournament match, Nanael swiftly attacks Airi, boasting how she will make quick work of her opponent. Trying to reason with Nanael to alert her of the real danger being queen Aldra, the ghostly maid’s efforts to persuade the cheeky angel seem futile.

Clashing blades, Nanael notices too late that flying around and dodging the slashes of Airi’s scythe have caused her to spill most of the holy milk from her vial, which drains her power level fast.


Soon forced to hold onto her sword with both hands instead of being able to make it fly on its own, Nanael realizes she has no choice but to quickly end the battle, lest she lose what power she has left in a prolonged fight.

Panting, Airi too is in dire shape, not having drained the necessary life force from people ever since she has been caring for Rana. With most of the ghostly maid’s strength used up, her attacks becoming slower, weaker.

Deciding to end the fight soon, both warriors fiercely clash blades, even destroying the domed roof of queen Aldra’s palace quarters to have an all out brawl in the skies above.

Putting everything she has into a final attack, Nanael is able to drive Airi into the ground using her rolling dive strike, but her opponent isn’t quite defeated yet. Having used up the last of her strength, Nanael is now even unable to fly, dropping to the ground.

Noticing her clothes are fading away, Airi realizes she hasn’t much time left herself and launches a last desperate attack, bringing her scythe down on the cheeky angel.

With a loud crash, Airi’s scythe falls to the ground. Looking up in surprise, unsure why she survived, Nanael sees how her opponent’s very essence is disappearing into nothing.
Knowing her time is really up, Airi laments only one thing as she vanishes, that she is leaving young Rana by himself.


To her own surprise, Nanael wins the match. Returning to the church, the cheeky angel boasts about her victory, dodging Melfa’s questions about her vial of holy milk being nearly empty.

Having remained behind in the room he stayed at with Airi, Rana realizes something is wrong and rushes out on the street, calling out the ghostly maid’s name. Wandering those very same streets lost in thought on how to reinforce Reina’s blade, Ymir runs into the young boy and takes him along with her when he starts crying after she asks him about his mother.

Listening to Rana explain what queen Aldra did to his mother, the dwarf princess asks him what he will do next because even though he may be but a young boy, he is still a man who must decide on his path and follow it through.
Saying bluntly that she’s busy reforging Reina’s sword, Ymir gets up and leaves to continue her work.

Wondering if she didn’t act too cold towards the boy, Ymir sees Rana come after her, saying he will help her work on Reina’s sword, using what knowledge he gained from watching his mother and father work in the smithy.

Contemplating the courtyard of his castle, Count Vance hears his servants report how Elina lost her tournament match.
Saying it doesn’t matter, the Count remembers how he bid farewell to his wife when she left to fight in the tournament twelve years ago and how only her bloodstained armor was returned to him, the same armor Reina now wears.


Mulling over how to best enhance Reina’s sword, Ymir ponders what metallurgical prowess and alchemy skills to use. Giving the dwarf princess the satchel of remaining magic powder from Cattley’s affairs as well as the blade of her spear, Rana says Ymir may use it on Reina’s sword, as this is surely what his mother would have wanted.

Looking at the setting sun, Tomoe walks away, her resolve unwavering as she silently promises to her departed friend Shizuka that she will win the Queen’s Blade tournament.

The cracks in the stone pillar she has been imprisoned in widening due to the holy milk that was spilled on it by Nanael, Melona is able to break free of Aldra’s petrification spell and make a swift escape from the queen’s palace.

Energetically pulling Reina along in the early hours that next morning, Rana takes the wandering warrior to Ymir where she’s given back her reforged sword, enhanced by the combined knowledge of Ymir and Cattleya, through Rana. Saying she will use it well, Reina vows to free Cattleya from Aldra’s grip.

Taken to their next tournament match by the queen’s minions, Nanael and Reina face each other in the gardens of the church. Overconfident, Nanael thinks the battle will be a breeze with Reina as her opponent, much to the wandering warrior’s annoyance.

As her vial of holy milk is still near empty, Nanael’s powers are weak and she discovers to her own regret that Reina’s powers have become more formidable than she would ever have anticipated.


Firm in her resolve to win the tournament and even faster on her feet thanks to the reforged sword which feels like an extension of her body, Reina quickly disarms the cheeky angel and drives her back.

Having lost her blade, Nanael pleads with Reina to be allowed to retrieve her sword, all to have a fair fight, which the wandering warrior of course allows. Alas, Reina sees the cheeky angel uses this as a diversion to launch a last ditch attack on her. Confident her high slash will defeat Reina, Nanael is shocked when the wandering warrior’s dragon tail attack knocks her back.

Frustrated, Nanael is forced to admit her defeat, much to Melfa’s shock who was observing the battle from one of the church windows.

Later being cared for by Melfa in the baths, Nanael tries to make it sound as if she lost on purpose, but her pouting face betrays the truth.
Hearing a voice, Nanael is surprised to see Melona appear before her, the shapeshifter saying she needs the cheeky angel’s help in defeating queen Aldra.

Looking at the shattered stone pillar that used to contain Melona’s petrified body, the demon inside Aldra says not to mind it, but go ahead and have Listy take care of Clodette while pitting Tomoe against Reina, ensuring Aldra’s continued reign on the throne.


A great episode, surprising though with Airi unexpectedly completely disappearing because her life force was depleted.

It’s now become clear that Aldra -or perhaps rather the demon inside of her- is pulling all the strings and carefully steering the tournament matches to her advantage by either blocking the broadcast to hide her own actions, putting specific warriors against each other to increase the chances of an outcome favorable to her or putting her own minion Listy into the fray.

Hence why Aldra immediately had Nanael fight another match, to make sure the angel whose strength was sapped due to her holy milk vial being depleted would be out of the tournament, the holy milk no longer able to threaten the queen’s demonic powers.

Sad to see Airi go after she got so much screentime and became a great character these past episodes.
Though with Melona free from Aldra’s petrification spell thanks to Nanael’s holy milk, have no doubt that at the end Airi might be back too, perhaps the Swamp Witch will bring her most devote maid life back again?

Do hope to see her back as with Allean, Echidna and Airi out of the picture, my favorite “Queen’s Blade” characters have left the main stage.
Did adore Ymir in this episode though, some of her expressions were quite the hoot. Plus, love her speech patter and mannerisms which aren’t unlike those of Horo from “Spice & Wolf”’.

While Aldra may be plotting to get the coming matches go her way, the freed Melona is joining forces with Nanael knowing what the angel’s milk can do, so it seems like the warriors may soon stand together to defeat the queen.

Next episode Clodette faces Listy with as battleground the very courtyard of castle Vance!

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  1. Devastator001 permalink
    November 12, 2009 11:29 pm

    ooh gotta watch this episode soon :D, Although I think Airi is still there, just incorporeal. From what I remember about her powers is that she needs the life force to maintain her corporeal body and her powers @_@.

  2. November 13, 2009 3:57 am

    I saw your review up when I was still at work, I had to keep myself from reading this before watching the episode myself…

    I’m a sad panda T.T my Airi chan is gone, but thankfully in a honorable way, the way she said goodbye in her mind to Rana is the solid proof of that. I sincerely hope that won’t be the last we see Airi in QB 2nd season, but nevertheless, I am for the the most part, very satisfied with her performance. Never had I thought I would be cheering for Melona, but I am counting on her now. Ymir did good, I like how she handled herself in this episode. I am pretty sure the final match would be Listy against Reina.

  3. Devastator001 permalink
    November 13, 2009 6:24 am

    Am putting my bet on a Claudette vs Reina match ^_^. Although plotwise Reina vs Risty seems to be a solid contender as well.

  4. November 13, 2009 12:23 pm

    Suspect something like that too, though the question remains if they’ll bring Airi back or not, the first season had all the characters gather again for the tournament, so kind of wonder if now during the final episodes they might have everyone gather again (including Echidna, Allean, Nowa, Airi…) to defeat the queen.
    Yeah, this episode is a downer for Airi fans, at least like Shizuka, it was good departing scene. Sad thing is they brought Airi to the main stage, gave her lots of screentime, made her really terrific and then snatched her away again.
    @Devastator001 & Wolfheinrich
    Next to Clodette vs Listy, pretty sure that next up is also Tomoe vs Reina, but will that be the final or second to last battle? We’ll see!

  5. November 13, 2009 11:19 pm

    Well, I am a bit sad but I never expected so much to begin with so I can’t say I am too upset about the development. I would be a happy camper if they bring Airi back for the finale.

  6. November 15, 2009 2:37 am

    Sucks that airi has to go so early. Hopefully she comes back later, somehow…She is my fav character in QB!

  7. kasparaitis permalink
    November 17, 2009 8:24 pm

    I’m wondering… did I miss something? where’s Echidna? she was defeated by which girl? cuz looks like the next fights will be risty X claudette and tomoe X reina. and after, the final (probably risty X reina, unluckily).so, where’s Echidna?

  8. November 17, 2009 11:16 pm

    @Wolfheinrich and DH
    Too sad Airi had to go, can only hope she’ll be back.
    Good point! Wondered that too, a plothole or oversight perhaps. With Irma defeated and Echidna talking care of her, seems Echidna’s out of the picture for now but it doesn’t explain how she seems to have just been scrapped from the tournament like that. 0_o

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