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Kämpfer 7

November 14, 2009

Humming happily, Natsuru is getting dressed up to go visit Sakura, although the Kämpfer does regret that Sakura is actually interested in her female alter ego. Lucky for Natsuru, she has become able to transform herself at will now.

Barely out of the door, Natsuru is surprised to see Akane and Sangou waiting outside, intent on accompanying her to Sakura’s home. The blue haired Kämpfer’s earlier enthusiasm gives way to weariness at Akane’s visible anger for not having being told about the date and Sangou’s hidden motives at tagging along.


Arriving at their destination, Akane and Natsuru are surprised to see it’s a high class mansion residing in a state of the art apartment complex, Sangou soon tells them that Sakura’s parents are diplomats who are usually abroad. Answering the door, Sakura warmly welcomes and gladly invites the blue haired Kämpfer and her two chaperons inside.

Offering everyone drinks and snacks, Sakura doesn’t even notice the three Kämpfers brought along their Messengers, for they fit right in with the mass of disemboweled stuffed animals Sakura’s home is filled with, displayed on near every shelf, cabinet or table.

Wasting no time, Sakura brings forth a large bag filled with packs of Pocky, suggesting they play a game, where two people each eat away at one of the Pocky candy stick’s end until they meet in the middle.
Realizing this means those playing will basically kiss, Akane blushes and Natsuru fidgets nervously.

When Sakura suggests she demonstrates the game with Natsuru, Akane quickly intervenes before the girl can get close enough to a bewildered Natsuru. Pulling Sakura away and saying no demonstration is needed, Akane’s resolve is shaken when a draw teams her up with Sangou, who remains eerily calm under the heated proceedings.


Coolly saying she doesn’t mind touching lips with a girl, the student council president surprises everyone by revealing she prefers kissing boys, which she has expedience with. Casting a cold glance at Natsuru, Sangou makes shivers run down the spine of the the blue haired Kämpfer who thinks back on when the student council president stole her first kiss.

Blushing beet red, Akane squeezes her eyes shut as Sangou steadily inches closer while nibbling away at the Pocky stick, the bespectacled girl soon moans in despair when the bold student council president pushes her down on the sofa to steal the last bit right out of her mouth.

Watching in awe, Sakura quickly shifts her attention to Natsuru, intent on locking lips with the object of her obsession.
Hearing this, Akane veers up, saying they should draw again else it wouldn’t be fair.

Much to Sakura’s disappointment and Akane’s joy, the next draw puts the bespectacled girl together with Natsuru. Putting one of the chocolate Pocky between her lips, Akane kneels before Natsuru and inches up towards the blue haired Kämpfer who hesitantly nibbles at her end of the candy stick.

Uncharacteristically bold, Akane tightly grabs on to Natsuru, intent on having their lips meet but the girl’s hopes are crushed when the Pocky breaks. Lamenting their lips didn’t touch, Akane nearly cries when an oblivious Natsuru suggests that Akane much rather do this type of thing with a boyfriend.


Still very much intent on claiming Natsuru’s lips, Sakura tries draw after draw but alas she never gets matched with the blue haired girl so she stops the game, saying she wants to show Natsuru and her friends something better.

Guided to another room, the girls discover it is filled top to bottom with disemboweled stuffed animals, which Sakura proudly showcases as her treasured collection.
Her interests piqued, Sangou asks which is Sakura’s favorite and sees her show the very first one disemboweled stuffed animal she got, which holds a special place in her heart since it resembles a character Sakura used to draw when she was still in middle school and aspired to be a mangaka.

Disturbing the quiet moment, Mikoto appears out of the blue, having trailed Natsuru all the way to Sakura’s home to bring her childhood friend the curry that she has prepared.

Sharing a tasty curry meal together, the girls have a peaceful time until Sakura advances on Natsuru by asking if she’ll spend the night, which not unexpectedly illicit protests from Akane.
Before an all out brawl can ensue, Sangou purposely spills curry on Natsuru and suggests Sakura let the blue haired Kämpfer use the shower to clean up.


Instantly enthusiastic about that idea, Sakura happily shows Natsuru the bathroom, coming back in at least a dozen times to offer a suggestion or ask something, her intent clearly to surprise the blue haired Kämpfer while undressed.

With Sakura on the prowl, Natsuru doesn’t dare revert back to her original male self and is forced to bathe in her female persona, the sight of her own chest making her feel embarrassed and uneasy. Hearing a commotion outside, Natsuru hears Akane argue with Sakura who was intent on heading in to wash Natsuru’s back.

Ultimately all four girls end up sleeping over and the feud between Sakura and Akane erupts again over who gets to sleep in the futon next to Natsuru, but Sangou diffuses the situation by having Natsuru sleep in a separate room.

Wondering why her friends just can’t all get along, Natsuru still seems oblivious as to why there’s such heated arguments. Forced to sleep in the room filled with disemboweled stuffed animals, Natsuru feels uneasy and her concentration slips, causing her to revert back to her male form.


As luck would have it, Sakura chooses that moment to enter the room and sneak into Natsuru’s futon, whispering their private time together can now begin. Panicking, Natsuru is terrified to be found out and doesn’t dare to face the bold girl who’s even more enamored at Natsuru’s apparent shyness.

Right before she discovers the truth about Natsuru’s identity, Sakura faints when Akane barges in gun blazing. Absolutely infuriated, the feisty Kämpfer really wants to do away with Sakura this time and even threatens Natsuru.

Transforming back to her Kämpfer persona, Natsuru is barely able to dodge the bullets fired at her and begs for Akane to calm down. Stopping, Akane asks Natsuru how come the blue haired Kämpfer doesn’t understand why she is so angry, and she’s about to confess her love.

Alas, just before the fated words leave Akane’s mouth, the blue bracelet Kämpfers are interrupted by the unexpected arrival of a new enemy, a Schwert user sporting a white bracelet. Looking to draw blood, the cocky girl is forced to retreat when Sangou arrives to Natsuru and Akane’s aid.

Saying she had expected their new enemy would reveal itself any time now, the student council president states things should become interesting now.

Putting a still unconscious Sakura to bed, Natsuru dares not look at Sangou when the student council president appears clad in nothing but a long shirt, for she too calls it day. Asking if anything happened when Sakura sneaked into her futon, Sangou ponders if she’s feeling jealousy when Natsuru retorts nothing happened at all.


A terrific episode, loved it! Tons of excellent fanservice this time with the classic type of Pocky scene which gave way to plenty of jealous brawls between Sakura and Akane, leaving a dumbfounded Natsuru.

So they are introducing the white Kämpfers? Makes sense if they want to keep the truce between the blue and red bracelet Kämpfers last which is necessary for the romantic plot now that Sangou has shown she too seems interested in Natsuru while Akane all but confessed her love.

Some may think Sakura to be on the aggressive side, but who wouldn’t be when totally smitten on someone and having another person who had a more wishy washy attitude always interfere.
Although Sakura still remains more of the standard ojou-sama character type, Akane is my favorite, she’s not only hilarious but her character has the most evolution, her normal and Kämpfer persona visibly growing to become more similar.

Characters like Sangou, the cool and calculating student council lady types that long hold their true emotions hidden are always a hit when executed like this.

Nice to see Natsuru has finally gotten able to transform at will though I’d love to see her become a little less oblivious to all the romantic machinations going about her, though that misplaced innocence has its charm in some scenes.

Won’t claim this series is an artistic master piece, but regardless of any criticism that may go around, this show has delivered top notch entertainment so far for me, exactly the type of series I love to watch and laugh about when wanting to relax.

Next week, a hot date between Sangou and Natsuru?

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  1. Silver Hime permalink
    November 16, 2009 9:46 am

    awww, I love the new kampfer. ;3 (i paused it when they dropped so i could get a good look @ the new kampfers faces and try to figure out there personality by their appearance). I think that her and the one with the blonde hair will be my favs from the new batch of kampfers. hmmm.. assuming that the teams are in twos, there must be another white and im guessing that the other two will be black bracelets.

  2. November 16, 2009 9:45 pm

    @Silver Hime
    So you think we’ll get white and black bracelet Kämpfers?
    Could be if all the Kämpfers end up being fighter pairs.

  3. November 18, 2009 9:01 pm

    Nice review, i liked this episode as well great comedy at the start with the pocky lol. Yeah i am wondering the same will the reds/blues team up to fight the others i wonder cant imagine there being yellow/black/green feels like power rangers O_o.

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