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Shin Koihime†Musou 7

November 17, 2009

While her servants play a tune, Enjutsu enthusiastically sings one of the Chou sisters’ famous songs. Lamenting her throat has gone dry from singing, Enjutsu asks her attendant Choukun to bring her a much needed beverage and snack.

Scolding Enjutsu for wanting to eat again even though she had sweets earlier, Choukun warns the young girl she will just get a stomach ache again if she eats too much candy. After gulping down the refreshing drink she desired, Enjutsu wonders about the visitors that were scheduled to arrive today.

Arriving in the city ruled by Enjutsu, Kan’u and her friends actually find it a rather depressing place, many buildings look derelict and the few people they see walking the streets seem rather downcast.

Stopping at a small shop, the girls head in to get a souvenir for Riri to commemorate their journeyt. While Koumei and Ryuubi look at some tea cups, Chou’un of course not missing the chance to tease Koumei with several rather daring items, Chouhi spots a few cute animal shaped charms.

Picking up the charm sculpted as a dog, Chouhi is surprised when a shriek resounds and a twin tailed girl runs up to her saying she was eying that same charm earlier with the intent of buying it.
As the two feisty girls get into a heated argument, Kan’u and the others try and defuse the situation although they do side with Chouhi since she had picked up the charm first.

Suggesting to check with the store clerk to see if they have more of those dog shaped charms available, Ryuubi is disappointed to hear there’s none left. Trying to console the girl, everyone is flabbergasted when she throws a tantrum and runs off.

Heading back out after having gotten lunch in a nearby restaurant, Kan’u and her friends are surprised to run into Ryofu.

Seeing the red head is accompanied by a large dog, Chouhi goes over to pet the large animal but is swiftly drop-kicked by the same feisty twin-tailed girl they met before at the souvenir store.
Berating Ryofu for letting such a suspicious person get close, Chinkyuu is terrified when Ryofu gives her a deadly gaze and tries to make a comedic retort which alas fails to hit its mark.

Sitting down with her friends, Ryofu explains that she’s come to Enjutsu’s lands for an omiai, a formal marriage interview.
Unable to grasp the mere idea of Ryofu being in a formal marriage interview, Kan’u and the others are even more shocked upon hearing the marriage interview isn’t for Ryofu, for they immediately assume it must be for Chinkyuu.

When Ryofu dryly states that it isn’t for Chinkyuu either since she’s too young to copulate, the girls all blush beet red at the mere idea.
Asking who the marriage interview is for, the girls learn it is for Ryofu and Chinkyuu’s dog, which due to its large size has trouble finding a suitable mate. Having traveled to Enjutsu’s city in the hopes of finding a suitable mate for the dog there, Ryofu ultimately decides against it since the downcast and depressed state of the citizens doesn’t inspire her any confidence.

Asking about Chinkyuu, Kan’u and her friends are surprised to hear the girl say she’s Ryofu’s personal strategist who swore her life to the tattoo adorned red head. Curious about her story, Kan’u and her friends listen to Ryofu and Chinkyuu explain how they met.

Always having lived together with her large dog, Chinkyuu already worked hard as young girl until one day she was wrongfully held responsible for a fire that erupted in the watermill she was sleeping in.
Chased away, Chinkyuu traveled from one town to the next with her dog, desperately trying to take on any job that would earn her some money for food, but as their journey went on, hunger steadily became their new companion.

Walking through the forest on an empty stomach, Chinkyuu soon collapsed from famine in a small dilapidated shrine. An enticing scent of food cooking reaching the girls’ nostrils, Chinkyuu came too and followed the odor trail right to the riverbank where Ryofu was baking fish over a campfire.
Although being famished, Chinkyuu’s pride didn’t let her accept the food outright but Ryofu’s kind words convinced the young girl who soon ate to her heart’s content.

Understanding Chinkyuu had no home to return to, Ryofu brought the young girl back with her to Toukaku’s palace, where the tattoo adorned red head got a scolding from Kaku who berated her for always bringing back strays and this time even a young girl.
Throwing a panicked tantrum, fearing Ryofu may even have nabbed the young girl, Kaku eventually gave in and told Ryofu to make sure she gets Chinkyuu properly cleaned up.

After giving Chinkyuu a thorough washing in the baths, Ryofu tightly hugged the young girl as they went to sleep, Chinkyuu’s earlier uncertainty giving way to comfort, causing a tear of happiness to roll down her cheek.

Explaining to Kan’u and the others she decided from that moment on to always be beside Ryofu, the girls are moved hearing such a heart warming story.

Observing that Ryofu seems to have lost the dog charm that she once gave her, Chou’un hears the red head explains he lost it in a battle.
Soon parting ways with Ryofu and Chinkyuu, Chouhi runs after Chinkyuu and hands her the dog charm, realizing that Chinkyuu wanted to buy it as a gift for Ryofu.

Very cute episode with a lovely heart warming story explaining how Chinkyuu got to be in Ryofu’s care, while it may have felt short and a bit sidetracked from the main plot, do like that they used such an episode to at least have a decent cameo appearance for Ryofu in this “Shin Koihime†Musou“ season.

The combo of the deadpan, seemingly airheaded Ryofu with the feisty little Chinkyuu worked quite well, a similar dynamic to that shared between Kan’u and Chouhi yet with distinctly different characters in Kan’u and Ryofu.
And although they were more similar, Chouhi and Chinkyuu had a nice feisty interaction, loved seeing Chouhi have a dere dere moment at the end.

For the sake of completeness and to inform the readers, am quite obliged to point out that the scene where Ryofu’s failed comedic quip hds Chou’un and Kanu topple over, keen eyes can observe that Chou’un wears pink pantsu while Kan’u light blue ones.
Just to make sure such important details aren’t missed…

Surely anyone would attain peace of mind while hugged by Ryofu against her comforting soft bosom. あ、しあわせ。

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