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Kämpfer 8

November 21, 2009

On the school rooftop, with a gentle breeze blowing through her hair, Sangou invites Natsuru out on a date their next day off from school, much to his disbelief. Pondering what the student council president may be plotting, Natsuru suspects her true goal is to lure out the white bracelet Kämpfer that appeared earlier, even though Sangou denies this.

Spying on Sangou and Natsuru from the open door, Masumi shouts in surprise when she hears the student council president confirm the date and the newspaper club girl rushes off, thinking she scored a scoop.

Worried it will cause trouble if the entire school finds out about the date, Natsuru feels all but reassured seeing Sangou’s sheer terrifying glance as she tells him not to worry.

Carefully preparing a boxed lunch for their date, Sangou seems uncharacteristically enthusiastic, her Messenger Kanden Yamaneko wondering what has gotten into the girl.

Meeting Natsuru at the fountain in the park, Sangou quickly berates the rather lackluster and unenthusiastic boy to rejoice more that he’s able to go out with such a popular girl.
Saying again the date is just a front to draw out the white Kämpfer, Natsuru is unable to comprehend Sangou is being truthful when she confirms it is a real date.

Asking Natsuru to take the lead, Sangou instructs the meek boy to call her by her first name when he keeps on addressing her as the student council president.

Visiting a sea life aquarium together, Natsuru falls back, startled by a large shark that swims right by the glass, causing him to bump into Sangou. Holding the boy by his shoulders, the sly student council president rests his head against her bosom while he clumsily tries to excuse himself.

Passing the aquarium store, Sangou instructs Natsuru to buy her a souvenir, as such is only proper behavior for him when out on a date with a girl.

Barely outside, Sangou tightly grabs hold of Natsuru’s arm, saying walking together is normal for two people on a date, confirming sternly he is to remain in his male form because if he were to transform into his female Kämpfer alter ego it just wouldn’t feel the same to her.

Hearing Natsuru’s stomach grumble, Sangou suggests they have lunch together since she prepared a boxed lunch especially for their date. Taken back by the student council president’s impressive home cooked dishes, Natsuru is surprised how good it all tastes, much to Sangou’s joy.

Offering to feed Natsuru a bite, Sangou stays focused on her goal and isn’t deterred by the boy’s meek protests and she soon forces him down to the ground. Looming over him, Sangou orders him to eat up and the student council president smiles warmly when Natsuru admits it’s delicious.

Satisfied after having had such a copious meal, Natsuru almost naturally puts his arm around Sangou when the girl asks him to, his feeble protests when trying to decline for naught when the student council president forcefully pulls his arm on her shoulder.

Stuttering hesitantly they will be perceived as lovers by sitting that way, Sangou stuns Natsuru by saying that’s indeed her intent, following up by asking the boy if he’d rather be sitting here that way with Sakura.

Asking Natsuru why he loves Sakura, Sangou isn’t satisfied with his half hearted answers but when the boy replies there doesn’t necessarily have to be some logical reason to love someone, the student council president admits that is true.

Pondering about Natsusu’s crush, Sangou’s thoughts dwell on what happened between Sakura and Natsuru while they were together in the futon before.

Becoming more solemn, Sangou goes on to speak of her suspicious behind the motivations of Moderators and how Sakura may be involved in some way. Excusing herself for bringing up such a serious topic while they’re supposed to have fun, Sangou notices Natsuru actually fell asleep, her expression a mix of disappointment and endearment at his sleeping face.

Dreaming of being back in class and telling Higashida how well his love life is going, Natsuru suddenly awakens when he kisses an unidentified girlfriend in his dream.
Seeing Sangou loom over him with her eyes closed, Natsuru veers up, wondering what the sly student council president was up to while he was asleep.

Parting ways where they met that morning, Sangou is shocked when Natsuru is suddenly drop-kicked by an infuriated Mikoto.
Throwing a fit because her childhood friend went on a date with Sangou, Natsuru desperately tries to explain it was all a ruse to lure out the white Kämpfer. But when the student council president affirms it was a date and she took as nice memory home from it, implying she kissed Natsuru, Mikoto goes ballistic, she punches Natsuru and runs of crying.

Barely home to recuperate, Natsuru is in a pinch when Akane barges in, demanding an explanation about his date with Sangou.
Arguing with Natsuru, a frustrated Akane asks if there’s anyone else he thinks warmly of besides Sakura but when the boy replies someone like Akane could have a spot in his heart, the bespectacled girl is taken aback.

Transforming into her Kämpfer persona from sheer excitement, the rambunctious girl empties her gun in a bliss induced frenzy and grabs hold of Natsuru, ordering him to go out on a date with her as well, suggesting they go to the pool since summer break is coming up.

Before falling asleep that night, Natsuru wonders what is up with all the girls fussing over going out together, totally oblivious of their true feelings for him.

In all it was an alright episode, though I felt the animation quality took a dip, some scenes were visibly below the level of previous episodes.

While the more typical harem comedy scenes from this episode were doable, found that male Natsuru’s incredible airheadedness and remaining so oblivious to Sangou and the other girls’ feelings and demands was just plain painful.
So much one would ask whatever they see in his male persona for it even stands in the contrast with the female Kämpfer alter ego.

Guess they weren’t able to write it out any other way without having the romantic plot pace going too fast compared to the series length and other plot evolution. Still a shame though.

What I especially didn’t appreciate and must protest against is the total lack of female Natsuru this week! Wanted to see this type of scenes with Natsuru trapped in his female Kämpfer alter ego!

Looks like next week that wish may come true when all the girls will head to the pool together. Seems like their fun bikini clad pool time will be disrupted by the arrival of more white bracelet Kämpfers though!

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  1. qwerty permalink
    November 29, 2009 12:34 am

    typical harem boy. dumb as fuck

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