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Shin Koihime†Musou 8

November 25, 2009

Granted an audience before Enjutsu, Ryuubi’s plea to have the cheeky lord return the sword that was originally hers does not go smoothly, for Enjutsu is quickly aggravated after reading the letter her cousin Enshou wrote on Ryuubi’s behalf.

Bluntly refusing Ryuubi’s request at first, Enjutsu attentively listens to her attendant Choukun’s muted whispers after Ryuubi exclaims she’ll do anything to get her sword back.


Smiling when Ryuubi confirms she’ll do whatever it takes, Enjutsu promises to return the sword only if Ryuubi and her friends manage to defeat the monster that has taken hold of a mansion in the mountains near the outskirts of town.

Lamenting what seems to be an impossible task, Ryuubi’s mood brightens when Kan’u and Chouhi assure her there’s nothing to worry for they will aid her in defeating the monster. Hearing the girls’ boastful claims, Chou’un sneers they sound quite confident for people who previously ran in terror when they faced a monster.

Surprised at this shameful revelation about Kan’u and Chouhi, both Koumei and Ryuubi see the girls once again affirm they will not falter this time

Wandering up the mountain in the dark of night with only a single torch to illuminate their path, the girls soon come before the mansion. Knees shaking, Ryuubi and her friends look around in panic when an eerie voice resounds and orders them to leave.

When a hairy monster with large teeth suddenly bursts through the mansion’s doors, Kan’u and Chouhi scream out in terror and grab hold of Chou’un.


Squeezed between the frantic girls who hang onto her where she’d usually rather be touched more delicately, Chou’un is about to cry out in ecstasy when Kan’u and Chouhi release their hold. Seeing the girls have fainted, Chou’un berates them for having such horrible timing in loosing consciousness. With two of their best fighters out cold, the girls have no other choice to retreat for now.

Back at Enjutsu’s stronghold, Ryuubi receives praise from Chou’on for keeping her cool in face of the monster while Kan’u and Chouhi are scolded for their cowardly behavior. Pondering about the incident, Koumei has an idea.

Pleading with Enjutsu to allow them to use the sword to slay the monster, Koumei tricks Enjutsu into lending them the sword in trade for a cup she falsely advertises and she even has the lord reiterate her promise they shall be allowed to keep the sword once they defeat the monster.

Surprised their ruse worked, Kan’u and Ryuubi ponder how to defeat the monster but are soon shocked to hear Koumei explain the monster is probably not a real creature, but a fabrication and the smart girl has a ploy to best it.

Facing the monster at the mansion once more, the girls put on a convincing act of presenting it with an offering of gold and coins to be appeased and leave the area.
As soon as the monster once again bursts through the door, Kan’u and her companions fake passing out from sheer terror.


With the girls seemingly unconscious, soon several children appear from within the mansion, the monster revealed to be a large articulated mask on a wheeled cart like those used in festivals. Reaching for the satchel filled with gold, the kids soon find themselves captured by Kan’u and her companions, who spring their trap.

Interrogating the youths, Kan’u and her friends see another girl appear, surrounded by younger children. Explaining everything, the girl reveals how they’re all orphans with no place left to go, their only shelter this abandoned mansion so they constructed the fake monster to scare off Enjutu’s minions.

Not wanting to see these poor children jousted from the single shelter they have, Kan’u is relieved to hear Koumei may have a plan to not only keep Ryuubi’s sword but also prevent the children from loosing their only home.

Having stayed the night at the mansion with the others, Ryuubi wakes up early to see one of the children head out and pray near a makeshift gravestone they erected to remember their beloved departed parents.
Offering comforting words to the distraught child, Ryuubi picks some fresh flowers and puts them at the gravestone.

Returning to Enjutsu’s palace, Koumei announces they have defeated the monster but advises the lord she best seal away her ideas to use the mansion as a resort, for Enjutsu may not be free of being haunted if she were to continue on her plans.
Allowing Ryuubi to keep the sword, Enjutsu pays no heed to Koumei’s warnings.

Realizing they’ll have to frighten Enjutsu into dropping her plans, Kan’u and the other girls wait until dark and then head to the cheeky lord’s bedroom, disguised as ghosts they hope to scare the living daylights out of Enjutsu.


Before arriving at Enjutsu’s bedroom, Kan’u and her party hear a blood chilling scream. Barging in, the girls see an absolutely terrorized Enjutsu sprawled on the floor, swearing she won’t go near the mansion.

The next day, the girls head off, traveling back home now that Ryuubi has recuperated her treasured sword.
Pondering what may have frightened Enjutsu as such that night, Ryuubi spots a ghostly figure watching them leave, it is the spirit of the deceased mother whose gravestone Ryuubi had earlier adorned with flowers and who crossed over to terrorize Enjutsu so she’d abandon her plans.

It was a decent episode that marked the ending of the quest to reclaim Ryuubi’s lost sword. With the girls heading home and next week looking like it will be an intermediate story much like the previous episode that featured Ryofu and Chinkyuu, do wonder what the remaining plot for the season will be about?

Though guess it will revolve around the magic book that’s currently in possession of the Chou sisters.
Am kind of curious how that will play out, but as is typical for a light-hearted series like “Shin Koihime†Musou“ it will probably result in a happy-go-lucky type ending without too much drama.

Do look forward to see Bachou join the cast again soon, she’s a fun character and wonder if we’ll see her cousin Batai appear in the series.
We haven’t seen Sonshoukou, Sonsaku and their gang this season yet either, have we? They do appear in the opening and ending sequence so guess they might feature in an upcoming episode.

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  1. RZX permalink
    November 26, 2009 7:19 pm

    Sometime I hope to show that Hongo Kazuto only lack the male protagonist so that the anime is complete

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