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Queen’s Blade 2nd season 10

November 26, 2009

Brushing aside Melfa’s concerns that she’ll suffer a stomach ache from drinking so much milk, Nanael chugs down another glass, lamenting how she will never be allowed to return to heaven now that Melona has stolen her vial of holy milk.

Shouting at the waitress to bring her another round, Nanael goes berserk when the clumsy waitress trips and drops the glasses all over her.


The waitress turning out to be none other than Nyx, the terrified girl explains how she saw a fearsome woman in the woods that had two protrusions on her head. Mistaking that vague description for Melona, Nanael and Melfa set off into the bamboo forest, in search of the shapeshifter.

Coming to a clearing where all the bamboo stalks have been cut down, Nanael is surprised to see Tomoe there, the miko looking uncharacteristically rough, even as to warning the angel she and Melfa will most likely die if they get any closer.

Being tended to by Elina, Clodette tells her youngest sister how she had a dream they were all be back together spending their days peacefully in the gardens at the Vance castle.

Suggesting they all stick together once the tournament is over, Elina is shocked when Clodette orders her to return to the castle to take her place by their father’s side.
Initially refusing, Elina is distraught when Clodette says the girl needs to grow up fast because she herself has no right to remain at the Count’s side and Reina probably has no intention to return either.

Diligently training her swordsmanship skills, Reina is surprised when Elina pays her a visit, her younger sister tightly grabbing onto her, cheeky as ever. Cheering her sister on for the coming battles, Elina acts playful like usual but as she sets off to return home to the Vance castle, both sisters understand it is no doubt a long farewell.


Elina has barely left when Reina is startled by the sudden appearance of Nanael, who reveals she has something interesting to tell the wandering warrior, but Reina is not about to be fooled by the aloof angel’s antics.
Trying to drag Reina to the bamboo forest where Tomoe is meditating, Nanael promises Reina an easy victory if she were to strike at the miko now, but the wandering warrior is not interested in using such tactics.

Having observed the silly spectacle from afar, Ymir takes the wandering warrior and cheeky angel back to her smithy where they discuss how Melona snatched away Nanael’s holy milk after the shapeshifter discovered queen Aldra’s seems to be rather afraid of it.

Wondering how this is related to Nanael having dragged her into the bamboo forest to launch a sneak attack on Tomoe, Reina is worried when she hears the angel say that the miko would easily be defeated because she is all alone. Saying she will not stoop that low, Reina sees the queen’s minion appear to taker to her next tournament match.

Appearing before a long stairway that leads up a mountain, filled with fallen maple leaves of a deep red color, Reina is startled to see the top opens up into a large courtyard that is eerily empty save for the many red leaves that cover the ground.
Seeing a lone figure with long white hair sit in the courtyard, Reina is shocked when she realizes their battleground Hinamoto and the white haired miko is none other than Tomoe.


Clashing blades the instant they draw their respective swords, Reina is surprised by Tomoe’s impressive strength and speed, while the miko’s cold demeanor and dark desire to slay her opponent is unsettling.

The batltle raging on, people gather to watch the broadcast while Ymir tries to advertise the many swords she forged in image of Reina’s sword, hoping to make a fortune selling the look alike blades.

Observing the battle, queen Aldra rejoices when she sees how Tomoe’s heart has become dark, the miko’s resolve to become strong having engulfed her with grief over her fallen comrades and destroyed home, which will surely make her an unbeatable foe for Reina.

Filled with rage, the white haired miko launches attack after attack against Reina, who’s being pushed back under the relentless strikes. Using conjured tornadoes and gusts of wind to drive lehal sword slashes, Tomoe shocks Reina to the core when the miko reveals she will remain true to Shizuka’s will, forever carrying with her the feelings of the beloved friend she herself killed.

Saying she has thrown away her wavering heart and will only move towards her goal to vanquish her enemies, Tomoe uses her most powerful attacks against Reina who barely certain death at the white haired miko’s hands by using her own dragontail strike.

Even though she’s wounded and knocked down, Reina gets up, revealing she will not give up and won’t be defeated. Seeing Reina’s blade glow brightly with an unknown power, the demon inside queen Aldra seems to panic.

Launching their final attacks, both warriors go at each other with everything they’ve got, Reina’s dragontail strike defeating Tomoe. Running towards the injured miko, the wandering warrior is relieved to see Tomoe’s hair regain its normal color as the girl comes to.


Thanks to Reina having won the battle, Yimir makes a fortune selling all the swords she had made.
The battle over, Tomoe finds herself transported to queen Aldra’s palace, what will happen to the miko?

An excellent episode! The battle between Tomoe and Reina was what I hoped it would be, intense, full of action with clashing blades and competing mystic powers.
The whole visual style of the courtyard scenery set in the dark with only red leaves flying about reminded me of the excellent visual tapestry woven in movies like “Hero” or “House of Flying Daggers”, really beautiful scenes!

A shame it felt like a brief battle due to all the interruptions through scene cuts that showed us Ymir’s shenanigans as well as the others watching the broadcast.
More interesting was the reaction the demon inside queen Aldra had upon seeing Reina awaken the power in her sword, seems like that power along with Nanael’s holy milk might be key to vanquishing the demon.

Was wondering how they’d tackle having a believable victor in the Tomoe versus Reina battle, both girls being fan favorites and always having been put forth as the lead characters, certainly so in terms of ethical and emotional purity.

Reina’s resolve proving to be stronger than Tomoe’s might seem less convincing, certainly when taking in count Tomoe went through far more than Reina to strengthen her will to win, still the whole flow of the battle was well executed it felt like a natural outcome.

Next week we’ll see if the queen is able to petrify poor Tomoe and we will probably be treated to another epic battle, Reina facing Listy!

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  1. IDB permalink
    November 26, 2009 11:36 pm

    Too bad house of the Flying Daggers sucked. Why would you bring up such an awful movie to describe a great episode.

  2. November 27, 2009 1:35 am

    My sources is still dragging slow so I haven’t seen this yet, but the result is well within my expectation. Still wondering if they would bring Airi back…

  3. Devastator001 permalink
    November 27, 2009 3:21 am

    Non-Psycho Nyx is cute ^_^. Also white-haired Tomoe eerily looks like Shizuka @_@. But good episode over-all 😀 now we’re in the final stretch 😀

  4. Nameless permalink
    November 27, 2009 7:06 am

    I haven’t even watched this one yet. I’m still waiting on the subs for 9, but I wanted to see if anything with Airi would happen. THE WAIT THICKENS.

    Still, given the circumstances, it seems likely that she’ll come back somehow: 1. The departure wasn’t made a big deal out of (there wasn’t an ending like Shizuka’s). 2. She doesn’t have an ending like Melona or Menace. It would really be strange to show one after she’s gone (though the other two were petrified). 3. It’s just not right to kill her off after she has shown her good side. IT’S JUST NOT. 4. It would be wrong to disappoint her fairly large fanbase (as far as QB characters go, or maybe that’s just me). 5. She said it was better than being petrified…


  5. November 27, 2009 5:03 pm

    I love “House of Flying Daggers”, it’s a terrific movie. Well, not everyone can have the same taste and preference, can they? ^^
    Well with only two episodes to go I’m wondering if they indeed will, next week Rena will face Listy so not sure if she’ll be able to do anything in time for Tomoe who finds herself facing queen Aldra.
    Indeed, can’t wait to see the final battles and how it will all turn out. I predict Nanael’s holy milk will set free all the petrified people and Reina’s power we saw in the glow of her sword will defeat the demon in Aldra.
    Yeah, I too hope to see Airi return for the finale, together with Echidna, Allean, Nowa, Irma,…

  6. November 28, 2009 1:50 am

    Tomoe got robbed. She was clearly the better fighter, but as expected Reina received some random power-up and won by fluke :(.

  7. Nameless permalink
    November 28, 2009 8:23 am

    Lol you know what, I think Wolfheinrich made a good theory about the subbers being angry about Airi going away.

  8. Rukia permalink
    December 1, 2009 5:13 pm

    Damn, no Airi yet?

    I think the kid she helped escape will ultimately assist in Aldra’s defeats. So it’s really like she helped win the battle indirectly.

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