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Kämpfer 9

November 27, 2009

Gleefully anticipating her date with Natsuru, an overly enthusiastic Akane falls off her own bed, leading Seppuku Kuro Usagi’s to wonder what is wrong with the bespectacled girl.

Commenting Akane’s being quite bold to have asked Natsuru out on a date, the bespectacled girl admits to the stuffed animal that she just doesn’t want to loose to Sangou or Sakura. Claiming the date may not play out the way Akane desires it to due to Natsuru being oblivious to her feelings, Seppuku Kuro Usagi gets a good thrashing from the feisty girl.


Going out to a resort with an amusement park, Akane tells Natsuru they have fun to their hearts content and even catch the fireworks that evening since they’re staying over at the adjacent hotel.

Saying it’s going to be her first time spending the night with a boy, Akane feels embarrassed but her expression soon turns to surprise when she hears someone asking if she would trade places. Seeing Sangou and Mikoto followed them, Akane is shocked while Natsuru is dejected, fearing it’ll be another tiring day being tossed about by the girls.

However, Natsuru’s expression quickly brightens when he sees Sakura has accompanied Sangou and Mikoto, though as expected, Sakura is only interested in meeting the female Natsuru and pays no attention to Natsuru in his male persona.

Observing the many pools in the resort, Natsuru is taken in when Mikoto, Akane and Sangou appear, all sporting lovely bikinis. But when the girls think the boy is lewdly ogling their shapely bodies and voluptuous bosoms, they soon realize Natsuru only has eyes for Sakura’s bikini clad body.

Complimenting Sakura on her two piece swimsuit, Natsuru is depressed when Sakura offhandedly thanks him and immediately goes about asking when the female Natsuru will arrive.


To make matters worse for Natsuru, Sakura denies his request to teach her how to swim and instead relies on Sangou’s aid. Seeing his spirit crushed, Akane steps in and takes Natsuru along to play in the pool but the girl can’t help but feeling jealous when Natsuru casts longing glances at Sakura.

Pushed into the water from high up on the dive tower by cheeky Mikoto, Akane heads out of the water to recuperate from the ordeal. Sitting with Natsuru on a lounge chair, the two are joined by a Mikoto full of mischief that swiftly starts to tease poor Akane again.

Alas for Natsuru he soon becomes the unwilling subject of the girls’ combined teasing when Sangou and Akane both squeeze themselves against Natsuru in a competition to vie for his attention.

Whispering to Natsuru it is time to go change into his Kämpfer persona, Sangou and Natsuru catch Sakura casting an uncharacteristically mischievous glance at three girls who walk past, the whole scene looking even more suspicious when the girls nod back at Sakura.

Returning in her female Kämpfer form, Natsuru is embarrassed to walk around in a revealing bikini, even more so when her shapely body becomes the object of everyone’s attention, including Sakura and Akane who dreamily stare at her.

Asking Natsuru to teach her how to swim, Sakura shows no mercy in brushing off how insignificant the male Natsuru is to her when the blue haired Kämpfer suggests she gets him to teach her, much to Natsuru’s despair.


Teaching Sakura how to swim, Natsuru is quickly overwhelmed when the bold girl uses the opportunity to tightly grab hold of her. When a raging jealous Akane starts an all out feud with Sakura, Natsuru is pulled out of the watery war zone by Sangou, who sends the blue haired girl off on an errand.

Wandering on her own in a corridor, Natsuru is suddenly cornered by three Kämpfers wearing white bracelets.
Introducing themselves as Hitomi Minakawa, an Zauber user, Sayaka Nakao, a Schwert Kämpfer and Ryouka Yamakawa, a shy Gewehr Kämpfer, the three girls tell Natsuru they have no intention of becoming comrades, but that they’re simply following the Moderator’s will by appearing before the blue haired Kämpfer.

Driven off by a gunshot ricocheting right between Natsuru’s legs, the white Kämpfers witness Akane’s grand entrance degrade into a yelling contest with Natsuru who berates the foul mouthed girl for having shot her between the legs at a spot that would have resulted in a painful injury had Natsuru been in male form.

Gazing in disbelief at the two girls having a verbal brawl as if oblivious to the presence of enemies, the white Kämpfers are as much driven back by Natsuru and Akane’s high decibel shouting than by Sangou’s timely appearance.

Using a blinding light flare created by Hitomi’s Zauber powers as a diversion, the white Kämpfers retreat.


Exhausted, Natsuru crashes down in his hotel room, offhandedly sighing he’ll be off to sleep soon which leads Akane to sprawl herself on the bed saying she’ll abide his wild desires even though she doesn’t feel ready for it yet.
Receiving a call from Mikoto to come and join the other girls, an oblivious Natsuru heads out leaving a crushed Akane behind.

Having a good time sharing laughs and stories together with the girls, Natsuru once again becomes the target of envy, lust and frustration when a daring Sangou not only makes an allusion of giving the boy an indirect kiss when handing him a beverage cup she first put her lips to, but the student council president soon enrages Mikoto and stuns Akane when she reveals she has kissed Natsuru before.

Hearing Sangou out, Sakura listens with interest how her friend not only kissed Natsuru when out on a date but also long before at the school festival.
Mikoto’s rage and Akane’s shock only grow when Sangou boldly dives in and deep kisses Natsuru, much to Sakura’s amusement.

In all the commotion, no one sees Sakura’s face darken to an uncharacteristic evil expression or Natsuru’s empty gaze as he obediently accompanies Sakura when she heads out, the boy looking as if under some sort of hypnotic spell.

A terrific “Kämpfer” episode, perhaps the best one so far.

Something is definitely odd about Sakura, those evil plotting looks, is she’s being controlled by the Moderators, or perhaps in league with the white bracelet Kämpfers to get to Natsuru?
My suspicion is that Sakura herself may very well be the Moderator, the one pulling all the strings in a game she created for her own entertainment and joy.


Though am wondering about that last scene in their hotel room, with Sakura so uncharacteristically taking an interest in the male Natsuru and luring him away right under Sangou’s nose.
Seems a bit too forced since Sangou looked like she wasn’t suspicious of Sakura at all, while she was onto the white bracelet Kämpfers pretty early on before. Maybe Sangou’s letting it follow its course in order to attain certainty on Sakura’s allegiance? Perhaps the student council president plans to have it look as she stands by idly to later catch Sakura red handed?

Adored Akane and Sangou again, Akane was so cute when her mind ran amok with perverted thoughts and Sangou was quite forward and daring, she’s seriously staking her claim on Natsuru.
Natsuru was not only quite the irresistible beauty while clad in that sensual bikini, she was quite the hoot as well, while in contrast male Natsuru just isn’t that funny by being so oblivious.

Loved the three new white bracelet Kämpfers! Wasn’t too impressed by the first white Kämpfer that appeared two episodes ago but the three new Kämpfers we saw I adored with this first introduction.
Especially liked the spunky green haired Kämpfer named Hitomi Minakawa, she is voiced by Junko Minagawa who you may remember as Akira Ferrari from “Aria” or Ayaka Yukihiro from “Negima!”, really like her sweet voice.
Also liked the shy Gewehr user Ryouka Yamakawa, voiced by Kotomi Yamakawa, who also did the voice work for Ako Izumi in “Negima!”, she was just the cutest with her shy attitude that mimics Akane’s normal persona.

No doubt having caused many to perish by explosive bloodnose, the three new Kämpfers looked stunning in bikini, “Kämpfer” really is filled with busty buxom maidens.

The humor was terrific, the fanservice outstanding, the action flashy and the plot seems to be thickening. Can’t wait to see what will happen next week!
Will Sakura turn out to be the series nemesis?

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  1. solopy567 permalink
    November 30, 2009 10:43 pm

    This is getting very very very very interesting.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Sakura is the mastermind behind everything, and we are gonna have Natsuru in major angst when he finds that out.

    It’s twists like this that get me hooked. I just can’t wait for next time.

  2. November 30, 2009 10:54 pm

    Indeed, I was enjoying “Kämpfer” as is but the prospect of the ideal girl the man character is in love with being the bad guy, the nemesis, it’s refreshing enough for this type of series so I kind of hope they follow through on it.

  3. Mentar permalink
    December 1, 2009 11:55 am

    I don’t quite see how you can write that Shizuku wasn’t suspicious of Sakura at all. Prior to the clash with the Whites she left Mikoto behind with her – explicitly not as a “bodyguard”, but rather as an observer. Also, when Sakura got up and led Natsuru away, Shizuku DID look at them with a visible (?) in her eyes – but what should she have done? Insisting that they don’t go, or force-accompany them? I think it’s clear that she picked up that something unusual was happening.

    No, I’d say it’s clear that Shizuku DOES suspect Sakura. And I’m also sure that she’ll be the first one to go search for him when they don’t show up again soonish.

    Other than that, nice entry as always 😉

  4. December 1, 2009 3:47 pm

    Oh that’s not what I meant at all. Just that the last scene felt a bit forced. While Shizuku has been suspicious of Sakura for a while and keeping an eye, throughout the entire episode she was a step ahead or had everything planned out well, she spotted the white Kämpfers, Sakura looking at them in interaction, planned on having Natsuru be the bait,… etc.
    For her to then let Sakura take Natsuru away like that while Sakura never showed any real interest in the guy before did feel odd. Definitely does look like she’s letting Sakura take Natsuru away to try and catch Sakura red handed as being the Moderator.

  5. solopy567 permalink
    December 2, 2009 12:57 am

    That actually shows the entire “deception” meaning behind the show. Natsuru is deceiving everyone by posing as a girl, Sakura is deceiving everyone by acting dumb and cute, and Shizuku is deceiving everyone by acting indifferent.

    This entire show is just based around that so far, as that deception trick is being repeated, you can tell the developers built the series around that.

    Arrrgghhh….. English class making me analyze everything….

  6. December 2, 2009 11:46 am

    That’s an interesting angle to look at it!
    Although I think Natsuru is actually deceiving himself by trying to hold onto some kind of crush for Sakura that has long faded since he doesn’t want to acknowledge the other girls love him. And Natsuru doesn’t want to admit that being a Kämpfer gives his true desire form, namely he wants to be a girl so he can get closer to Sakura and the others since he was never able to do that as a boy.

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