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More Kämpfer illustrations

November 28, 2009

If the previous “Kämpfer” episode featuring the lovely Kämpfer maidens showcasing their shapely bodies in enticing summer bikini wear were to your liking then you will surely enjoy these rather daring “Kämpfer” promotional illustrations spotted online.

Originally featured in issue 4 of the “NyanType” magazine, we’re shown a cute bloomer clad Sakura over-zealously hugging a blushing Natsuru.


One can only fathom what antics must go on in the locker room at Seitetsu Gakuin High. Shimapan for Natsuru? Surely that we can only approve~

The above image can still be seen as more benign compared to below illustration that not only showcases Mikoto but also gifts us with Sangou, Akane and Sakura all clad in nothing but frilly colorful aprons.

Am not entirely convinced by how Sangou was drawn, she looks a bit off, think they could have done a better job there. Though nice to see an illustration that puts Mikoto front and center.


Both images show a lively and happy Sakura which rather clashes with the image of her evil glare and scheming from the past episode. There definitely is more to her than meets the eye.
What is Sakura up to, who is she really? Can’t wait to find out in the coming episodes.

Found these images at Moe Imouto.

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  1. December 2, 2009 2:55 am

    Great pictures ^^! yes i cant wait to see more of it sakura starting to become somewhat interesting O_o

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