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Shin Koihime†Musou 9

December 1, 2009

Happily humming a song as they walk along, Ryuubi proudly raises her treasured sword high above her head when Kan’u inquires about her excellent mood, explaining she’s ecstatic to finally have it back.

Advising Ryuubi to not do something so dangerous, Koumei quickly points to the dark storm cloud covered skies.


When Chouhi and the others mock Koumei for being childish because she seems frightened of a mere thunderstorm, the wise girl explains that holding a metal object up high is certain to attract lighting to come strike down, pointing to a tree whose trunk was split in half by lighting.

Soon arriving at a village, the girls look forward to spending the night comfortably at an inn, with a warm bath and good food. Approaching the entrance gate, they see the village looks derelict and besieged, the river in front of it nearly dried out.

Confronted by two young guards, Kan’u is quickly irritated when Chou’un’s advertising her as the famed black haired beauty who fights off bandits is brushed away by the hostile guards who claim that Kan’u surely isn’t beautiful enough to be that famous warrior.

Having called for reinforcements, the guards are relieved to see Riten and Ukin appear. Mistaking Kan’u and her friends for mere bandits, Riten uses her cannon to boldly fire a net at them, but the twin tailed girl and her bespectacled friend are shocked when their opponents quickly slice the net apart.

Meeting with Gakushin who apologizes for the rash actions of her subordinates, Kan’u and her friends learn the three girls also came across this village not too long ago and discovered it had been pillaged by bandits.


Since Gakushin, Riten and Ukin were all looking to join Sousou’s army, the three girls decided they just couldn’t let the villagers that were still alive remain there without any hope of survival so they stayed to protect the town.

Hearing Gakushin’s story, Ryuubi valiantly exclaims they too will help the villagers, Chouhi quickly adding they’ll easily crush the bandits.
Observing a map of the area, Koumei forms a plan after seeing the river in front of the village, which is all but dried up now, is fed by a lake up in the mountains.

Getting acquainted better before they all head to sleep, Koumei admires Riten’s skill in having constructed a spring operated hand cannon while Ukin and Ryuubi have a lively chat about their mutual admiration or the Chou sisters.

Seeing Ryuubi tossing and turning in her futon later that night, Kan’u listens to the girl talk about her worries over her sword, and how traveling with Kan’u has opened her eyes to the world and those in need.

Heading to the lake, Koumei has Riten build a dam to hold the water in, hoping the ongoing rain will fill the lake, which will allow them to flood the riverbed by opening the dam.
Plotting to use a surprise attack to draw out the bandits towards the village and have them run onto the dry riverbed, Koumei has the village bustling with activity as everyone prepares to execute the small girl’s cunning plan.

Nervous about the whole ordeal since she doesn’t like fighting, Ukin’s spirit lifts up after Ryuubi’s words give her renewed courage.


After days of constant rain the lake has filled and the girls set their plan into motion that same night.

Making a lighting raid on the bandit camp, Kan’u, Chouhi, Chou’un, Gakushin and Ukin swiftly retreat back to the village, followed by hordes of raging bandits. Destroying the bridge once they have crossed the river, Kan’u and her fellow warriors see the bandits run onto the riverbed below to try and climb back up.

Desperately fighting off the onrushing bandits, Kan’u and her friends fear that their plan will fail for the river is not getting flooded even after Ryuubi signals to Riten far off in the mountains to open the dam.
Fearing something may have happened to Riten, Ryuubi rushes off to the lake where she finds Riten in despair, for a huge rock toppled over from the rain, right onto the dam.

Not willing to give up, Ryuubi remembers Koumei’s lesson and she runs onto the rock, firmly planting her sword down into the solid stone. Seeing lighting crash down nearby, Riten pulls Ryuubi to safety right before a lighting bolt strikes the sword.

Luckily, Ryuubi’s gamble pays off, the rock is shattered by the lighting and the water soon rushes down the river, washing away the hordes of bandits who are swept away by the water’s unstoppable onslaught.
Nearly getting trapped in the wild water flow too, Gakushin and Ukin are pulled to safety by Kan’u and the others.

Even though they have won, Kan’u can’t help but feel sad for Ryuubi who lost her treasured sword.
Heading up to the lake, Kan’u sees a desperate Ryuubi searching through the muddy riverbed in search of the blade, her clothes covered in dirt. Lamenting the loss of her sword, Ryuuni is comforted by Kan’u inspiring words of how she’s gained much more by sacrificing the sword to protect something much more precious, her friends and the lives of the villagers.


Cheering up Ryuubi by telling her she’d do anything to help, Kan’u is startled when the girl asks her to form a bond of sisterhood, becoming Kan’u’s younger sister.
Hearing this, Chouhi vehemently objects for she herself is already Kan’u’s younger sister, so the feisty girl suggests instead that Ryuubi become Kan’u’s older sister, an idea that Ryuubi adores but leaves Kan’u in despair.

This was a nice, entertaining “Shin Koihime†Musou“ episode, a perfect example of how the series’ stand-alone episodes should be, a compact story filled with fun, laughs, action and a few scenes about the overarching journey.

Liked the introduction of Gakushin, Riten and Ukin and what we saw of them in this episode.

Though cute as they may be, one can’t help but wonder at some of the character designs like that of hugely endowed bikini clad Riten or that of bespectacled Ukin.
Still, I do love how colorful all the characters and their elaborate or crazy outfits are, it adds such a bright, lively tone to the series.

Appreciated the fact that regardless of it being a more episodic story this week, there was an epilogue in it for the plot to recover Ryuubi’s sword. Successfully having gotten back the sword last week, there was little sense for the girl to remain with Kan’u’s traveling party, so they conveniently resolved this by having Ryuubi sacrifice the sword and pledge an oath of sisterhood with Kan’u.

Curious to see next week’s episode which will see the plot continue around the Chou sisters and their magical book.

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