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Queen’s Blade 2nd season 11

December 3, 2009

Brought before Aldra after having lost her match against Reina, Tomoe is shocked to see all the petrified people on display in the queen’s palace as if they were trophies.

Confronting Aldra, Tomoe interrogates the queen about her role in Hinamoto’s downfall. Replying dryly, Aldra says it was all for the sake of finding her younger sister, who she has been searching for years now.


Unable to believe Aldra would cause so much death and destruction just to find her missing sister, Tomoe hears the queen retort that her sister meant everything to her.

Aldra goes on to explain she lived only to protect her treasured sister and when her sister suddenly disappeared, all that mattered was finding her because Aldra believes her sister is still alive, out there somewhere.

Using her demonic power to ensnare Tomoe like she did with Listy, Aldra is surprised when the miko breaks free thanks to Shizuka’s spirit that pulls Tomoe out of the brainwashing spell.

Watching queen Aldra’s palace from afar, the angel Nanael flies back to heaven.

The next day, Ymir makes fortune selling swords she forged in the image of Reina’s blade which has garnered quite a bit of fame after the wandering warrior defeated Tomoe.
Looking back at the store, Ymir smiles warmly when she sees Rana comforted by Reina, who promises the young boy that she will save his mother and father.

Having taken a relaxing bath, Reina ponders about her upcoming battle against Listy. Holding up the coin Listy once gave her, Reina is suddenly pulled from reminiscing about their previous travels together when the queen’s minion arrives to take her to the match.


Their battleground a shallow lake covered by an ominous black dome above, the fight between Reina and Listy fiercely erupts, both warriors exchanging blow after blow, alas Reina soon gets knocked back by Listy’s heavy mace.
Wiping blood off her face, Reina says the Listy she once knew didn’t have such cold, lifeless eyes like those of the person she faces today.

Absentmindedly watching the match, Aldra remembers the day her sister disappeared. Walking through the hellish lands, her sister had collapsed from dehydration, prompting Aldra to run ahead desperately in search of water. Returning to the place her she had let her sister rest, Aldra dropped the previous water she had gathered when she saw her beloved sister is nowhere to be found.

Lamenting in despair her life has lost all meaning without her sister being there, the crying girl was visited by a demon, the very same demon that bound itself to her, luring her with the promise that as two beings that are alone and desperate, they should shape the future together.

Clashing blades with Listy, a momentary distraction causes Reina to be knocked down. Looking at the coin she received from Listy, Reina can’t believe what has happened to the person she once knew and the wandering warrior remains motionless when Listy launches another attack.

Watching the broadcast, Clodette, Elina and the others fear Reina will be struck down.


Showing the coin to Listy, Reina sees the brainwashed warrior hesitate an uses this opening to launch her dragontail strike. Parts of her armor broken off after Reina’s devastating strike, Listy struggles to get up and finally seems to recognize Reina when the wandering warrior runs up to her.

Unwilling to let the match end like this, the demon inside Aldra takes control of Listy, manipulating her into choking the very life out of Reina.
With the demon in full control of Listy, whose desperate attempts to fight off the mind control are in vain, it looks like Reina is really done for, but unexpected help arrives.

Ensnaring Aldra with her own shapeshifting body, Melona is intent on pouring the holy milk she stole from Nanael on the queen, knowing the demon is terrified of its effects.

Breaking free from the choke hold thanks to the demon’s hold on Listy having weakened, Reina takes up her sword and launches her most powerful dragontail attack, obliterating Listy’s armor and mace.

Witnessing Reina’s victory, Elina, Clodette, Ymir and the others are ecstatic.


Rushing to Listy’s side, Reina is relieved to see her friend has not only survived but has now truly been freed of the demon’s brainwashing spell.

Alas things are not going as well for Melona, whose ploy to pour the holy milk on Aldra is thwarted when the queen uses her own shadow attack to perforate the shapeshifter’s body, forcing Melona to release her hold on the vial.

Summoning forth demons from hell, Aldra regains the upper hand as the foul creatures eat away at Melona’s shapeshifting body piece by piece.
Reduced to a mere miniature form, Melona shows she still had an ace up her sleeve when the holy milk is suddenly poured onto Aldra, for the shapeshifter had split up the remainder of her body, sending a part to sneak in and recover the vial.

The demon inside Aldra convulsing in agony, Melona desperately tries to slither away when the queen crushes the vial and attacks the shapeshifter’s remaining form.

Visiting her sister, Reina confesses she’s feeling rather nervous about the final match against Aldra and she takes Clodette’s comforting words with her when the queen’s minion appears to take her to the all-deciding battle.


Another solid episode and like how they handled not only the battle between Reina and Listy, but also Listy’s internal struggle against the demon’s hold on her, liked how it was not overly melodramatic but still had some essence of violence, raw emotion and despair in it.

Most interesting was the full revelation of what drives Aldra, the reason behind all her scheming and the origin of the demon within her.
Looks like that demon may be the cause of everything, even the disappearance of Aldra’s sister. Do like how the scene cuts of Reina and Listy’s battle were interspersed with such plot scenes and the face off between Melona and Aldra.

Airi fans will rejoice to see Airi feature in this week’s ending animation, taking Menace’s place. Sure it’s no grand return yet, but any appearance is better than none, no?

Next week the grand finale! Actually quite curious to see how everything will play out, as this second season of “Queen’s Blade” surprised me by turning out unexpectedly better than anticipated.

Seems clear that the ultimate foe is the demon inside queen Aldra, will Reina defeat it and set Aldra free so she too can be redeemed?
Will all the other warriors appear to lend a hand in that final battle?

We will see!

6 Comments leave one →
  1. Nameless permalink
    December 4, 2009 4:29 am

    WOOHOO, Airi’s ending! Hope is justified.

    And apparently the subs for ep 9 were skipped, because ep 10 has subs…

  2. December 4, 2009 10:26 am

    So far I’ve only watched the raws, granted some dialogue is still vague but am able to catch the gist of things to know what’s going on.

  3. December 4, 2009 8:54 pm

    The subbing group had picked up the pace and I was able to watch it last night. I been saying that while QB is not an epic trilogy like Lord Of the Ring of animation, but it’s certainly adequate in the story/plot department. I have no strong complain of the past 11 episodes thus far, except when they took Airi away 😦 . Melona surprised me this round, I found myself cheering for her from the bottom of my heart, even though I have indicated in the past that I disliked her. That is just the kind of show QB S2 has turned into.

    Airi specific theme ending is certainly nice for an Airi fan like me, definitely going to rewatch that sequence again.

  4. Devastator001 permalink
    December 5, 2009 11:16 am

    Ooh Now they’re already setting the stage for Rebellion ^_^ but gonna be a while before Rebellion gets it’s own anime as chars are still too few 😀

  5. December 5, 2009 11:21 am

    Yes, they achieved to make the viewer root for Melona in her struggle against Aldra.
    Glad to see Airi get her ending animation too, and to boot it’s by far the best of the three sequences featuring the best animation and characterization.
    You think they will end up making a third season and animate the ‘Rebellion’ story/books in it?

  6. Devastator001 permalink
    December 5, 2009 12:15 pm

    Well for Rebellion, Anneloette is waaaay more interesting than Reina 😀 (esp her super-powered dark haired berserk form, still lots of mysteries behind her origins although my bet is she’s Aldra’s missing sister).

    Also for ep. 12 aone episode fight doesn’t feel right for a final confrontation vs Aldra and Reina. 😀

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