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Kämpfer 10

December 4, 2009

As the night sky is set ablaze with the sparkling light of colorful fireworks, Kaede lures Natsuru outside, the boy clearly in some sort of hypnotic trance.

Opening her eyes, Akane mistakes Shizuku for Natsuru and tries to kiss the student council president who looms over her. Realizing her mistake once she fully awakens, the bespectacled girl blushes and apologizes profusely.


When Shizuku teasingly tells Akane she doesn’t mind continuing on that kiss, the bespectacled girl’s mind goes on a rampage to ultimately decide she will kiss Shizuku if only because the student council president’s lips previously met Natsuru’s, offering her the perfect chance at an indirect kiss.

Reaching up to kiss Shizuku, Akane is surprised her lips feel like cloth until she shockingly realizes that she locked lips with Seppuku Kuro Usagi, who is held up in front of her by the mischief loving Mikoto.

Since neither Natsuru or Sakura have returned yet, the girls are worried something may have happened, especially since they had encountered the white Kämpfers earlier that day, so they set out to find their friends.

Absentmindedly staring in front of him, Natsuru wonders what he is doing outside, looking at Kaede who is sitting next to him, the meek boy is distraught by her uncharacteristically bold behavior and ominous glare. Slithering towards her prey like a merciless predator, Kaede grabs Natsuru’s hand asking if he is afraid of her, seeing him tremble in terror.

Meeting near some food stalls, Akane, Shizuku and Mikoto’s individual search of the festival grounds all came up empty.


Aggravated at the situation, Mikoto soon laments how even as Natsuru’s childhood friend she never had a fighting chance against Shizuku, who can surely woo any man with her beauty and academic skills.
Retorting she has never been interested in men who are infatuated with her, Shizuku says she’s been trying in vain to appeal to Natsuru without surreptitiously using of her psychical appearance or other means.

Whimpering she’s the one up against unfair odds having to compete against a childhood friend and a beauty, Akane’s expression suddenly changes to a content smile when she remembers Natsuru’s previous words.
Interrogating the bespectacled girl, Mikoto and Shizuku are shocked when she reveals that Natsuru said before that besides Kaede, she is his type.

At odds with each other, the girls split up again.

Asking Natsuru how he feels about Shizuku, Kaede is disappointed in Natsuru’s weak retorts that she possibly couldn’t love him since she is far out of his league. Indoctrinating the defenseless boy, Kaede whispers he is to fall in love with Shizuku and make her his, for else someone as intelligent as Shizuku is surely to get in their way and possibly foil their schemes.

Caressing Natsuru’s face, Kaede snickers he really is like a girl in some ways. Promising to reward him if he makes Shizuku his, Kaede’s eyes eerily glow as she brainwashes Natsuru whose own eyes look devoid of any willpower.

Pushing Natsuru violently aside, Kaede vanishes into the shadows as Mikoto leaps onto the scene, bringing her katana down on Natsuru.


Transformed into her Kämpfer form, Natsuru is at a loss, unable to remember how she got outside or what has happened.
Preparing to interrogate Natsuru about what she did with Kaede who is nowhere to be found, Mikoto is interrupted by Akane who’s all too happy to violently extract the information they seek from the blue haired Kämpfer herself.

Dumbstruck at her own comrades sudden aggressive behavior, Natsuru is even more confused when even Shizuku raises her weapons at her.

Getting back to their rooms, the four run into Kaede, who apologizes for having missed watching the fireworks together since she lost her way about the hotel. When asked if she wasn’t outside watching the fireworks with Natsuru, Kaede denies, alleviating any suspicion on Natsuru.

Heading into their room to get some of their affairs, Akane confronts Natsuru about his behavior. Lamenting how he only has eyes for Sakura, how Mikoto is his childhood friend and Shizuku has kissed him, the bespectacled girl boldly reaches up to Natsuru asking him to kiss her as well.
Interrupted by the disemboweled stuffed animals who demand they turn on the television, Akane crawls into her bed sobbing.

Overhearing Shizuku call Natsuru to head to the womens’ baths, a determined Akane drags the reluctant blue Kämpfer to the baths.


Blushing beet red, unable to look at anyone in the steam filled baths, Natsuru tries to sneak off to the side but is quickly grabbed by Sakura who holds onto the blue haired Kämpfer like a bear.
Prancing before Natsuru, both Mikoto and Akane invite the embarrassed Kämpfer to not avert her gaze but freely look at them since they are all girls anyway.

Her last line of defense is broken when Mikoto snatches her towel away, Natsuru desperately tries to fight off Mikoto’s hold as Akane and Kaede soon go from simply admiring the blue haired Kämpfer’s body to each grabbing one of her breasts.

Finally able to escape, Natsuru’s peace is quickly interrupted by Shizuku who again interrogates her on what happened when the Kämpfer was out alone with Kaede. Hesitantly retorting she doesn’t remember much at all, Natsuru goes into a catatonic state after whispering that Kaede was just staring at her.

Seeing Kaede approach, Shizuku excuses herself and exists the baths, swiftly pursued by a brainwashed Natsuru who obediently follows Kaede’s command.


Surprised that Natsuru would visit her room, Shizuku is shocked when the boy is uncharacteristically aggressive, pushing her down on the bed and muttering he will make her his.

While she is glad Natsuru is taking such an interest in her, Shizuku seems to realize something is amiss from the boy’s empty gaze and the student council president is able to break some of the control Kaede has on Natsuru after kissing him.

Able to make the boy reveal he had been ordered by Kaede into doing this, Shizuku knocks Natsuru unconscious, saying she will only give him her body on her own terms, although she really desired to be with him too.

Sitting in a dark room, Kaede observes how useless men are and how this forces her to change their plans accordingly. The four white Kämpfers Hitomi, Sayaka, Ryouka and Rika sprawled out on the bed in front of her, Kaede listens to their promise they shall obediently do everything she commands.

The next day, Natsuru and the girls gather in the hotel lobby for another day filled with fun.

Heading out, Shizuku is startled when Kaede suddenly grabs onto her shoulder and eerily whispers she should let go of her foolish pride. Slapping her friend’s hand away, Shizuku is dumbfounded to see Kaede stand several meters behind her, oblivious as to anything even having happened.


Well it seems clear now that Kaede is the Moderator, not only has she seemingly enslaved the white Kämpfers to do her bidding, she knows female Kämpfer Natsuru and male Natsuru are one and the same person, plus she’s also out to manipulate the other Kämpfers.

Though it looks like she’s just using Natsuru to get to Shizuku whom the Moderator may consider the most dangerous adversary since the student council president made clear from the first episode on that she’s out to discover the truth behind everything.

Is Kaede aware that she’s the Moderator or is she simply being controlled by the Moderator who uses her as a puppet? Or does the Moderator simply assume Kaede’s physical appearance?
Quite curious how that will play out.

Though really love how “Kämpfer” has evolved, while it was a great comedy oriented series up to a few episodes ago, they’ve really put the plot and schemes into a higher gear lately, a positive evolution although I do hope the final episode may be some sort of epilogue after the main nemesis has been defeated so they can focus on the humor again, as I’d love to see the series end on a note of laughter and joy.

Was rather surprised by the boldness of the bath scenes and the bed scene between Shizuku and Natsuru.
While the whole bath incident was fairly standard ecchi fare driving on a tried and true formula, do like how the bed scene between Shizuku and Natsuru was rather raw, meant to drive along the story and characters instead of being merely fanservice in itself.

Speaking of fanservice, the appearance of the white Kämpfers this episode was quite enticing, those girls do look lovely, especially Hitomi and Ryouka. Hope to see more of them soon.

Did spot an embarrassing continuity flaw, first we’re shown the scene in Shizuku’s room where Mikoto holds up Seppuku Kuro Usagi to Akane who subsequently throws the stuffed animal in the trash can.
A few scenes later we cut back to Natsuru and Akane’s room where Seppuku Kuro Usagi is still hung up to dry with the other disemboweled stuffed animals.

Next week we’ll see the girls face off against Kaede, but has Kaede brainwashed Natsuru into fighting her own comrades?

5 Comments leave one →
  1. December 5, 2009 5:29 pm

    the bath scene was good.

  2. Kiwisu permalink
    December 5, 2009 8:57 pm

    Hahaha, Oh Kaede.:) Loving the evilness.

  3. katy lee permalink
    December 6, 2009 6:31 am


    love the lesboness

  4. asdf permalink
    December 6, 2009 10:12 am

    be prepared to be disappointed by the plot.

  5. December 6, 2009 11:35 am

    Do like that they’re making Kaede from the too perfect girl into the evil schemer, they might be able to pull of something more original if they continue on it in the right direction.
    Well it’s a mainstream average anime based on light novels/manga that are still running, so am quite prepared the ending might be rather disappointing.
    As it is, Kämpfer is a pure comedy entertainment series for me, so I’m not expecting any epic anime like say “Cowboy Bebop”.
    Have actually read that the light novel author announced he would finish the series in the two upcoming novels.

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