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Shin Koihime†Musou 10

December 8, 2009

Performing again before a packed hall, the Chou sisters previously discovered their magically enhanced microphones can hypnotically imbue commands onto their unsuspecting audience.

Putting this to the test Chihou states how she really wants a certain cosmetics item. Barely back in their suite, the Chou sisters are besieged by fans who each give them the item Chihou had wished for.


Unable to resist the lure of such a power, the three girls begin to use it at every performance. Watching the Chou sisters from afar, Ukistu decides to continue observing them a bit longer.

Eating lunch with her friends, Kan’u is embarrassed when Ryuubi tries to feed her on the pretense that they are sworn sisters now. Trying to brush it off as Chouhi’s idea, Kan’u soon has her hands full when Chouhi throws a jealous fit, wanting Kan’u to feed her the same way Ryuubi was trying to do with Kan’u.

Making a jab about the girls’ quarrel, Chou’un notices Koumei looking rather absentminded. Unbeknown to Chou’un who quickly falls asleep that night, Koumei dozes off to dream of her family, soon tears trickle down from the young girl’s cheek onto her pillow.

Noticing Koumei’s downcast expression the next day, Chou’un asks if she’s feeling anxious now that they are heading towards Suikyou’s place where Koumei will be reunited with her teacher after all this time.

Walking into the dense fog that surrounds Suikyou’s residence, Kan’u warns Chou’un not to get separated from them like last time. Although Chou’un assures Kan’u she will not get lost, no sooner has the fog cleared that the girls notice Chou’un is nowhere to be seen.


As Kan’u, Chouhi and Koumei whisper to each other this will surely mean a resurgence of Chou’un’s ‘butterfly mask’ impersonation, a worried Ryuubi is unsure what to think when her friends retort that Chou’un will probably pop up again later.

Arriving at Suikyou’s residence, Kan’u and her party are surprised to see a young girl open the gate and dash off as soon as she lays eyes on them. Alerting Suikyou there’s armed people at the entrance, Houtou shyly stays back when Suikyou warmly welcomes Koumei and her friends.

Thanking Kan’u for having taken care of Koumei along her journey, Suikyou hears Kan’u respond that Koumei has been of invaluable help to them.

Noticing the shy girl, Koumei learns that Houtou was brought to Suikyou much like Koumei once was, so she can consider the shy twin-tailed girl to her younger sister of sorts.
Delighted at the idea of having a young sister, Koumei rushes over but finds Houtou is very shy and reserved.

Helping Suikyou prepare supper, Koumei feels delighted to be back, much to Houtou’s chagrin for the shy girl is unable to cope with someone she sees as a newcomer but that somehow is more at home there and experienced than she herself is.

When Ryuubi later observes that Suikyou and Koumei really do look like mother and daughter, Houtou jealously frets during the entire meal.


Coming back from having taken her bath to find Kan’u in the same pinch as before, with Ryuubi trying to feed her and Chouhi butting in out of jealousy, Koumei is unsure what to think when Houtou refuses to share a room with her.

Overhearing Houtou pleading with Suikyou the next day to go out into the mountains together to luck herbs like they had promised, Koumei proposes to accompany Houtou instead.

Koumei’s joy at being back and having a surrogate sister are dampened when Houtou distances herself, clearly uncomfortable around her.
Seeing Houtou wasn’t able to gather many herbs, Koumei offers to give her some of the herbs she had gathered. Accidentally knocking over Koumei’s basket, spilling the contents all over the ground, Houtou runs away in tears, shouting she hates Koumei.

Running onto a derelict bridge, Houtou crashes through a broken board and hangs on for dear life. Fighting her fear of heights, Koumei steps onto the bridge, slowly making her way to Houtou and pulls the girl back up to safety.

Apologizing to Koumei, Houtou explains that her joy of seeing someone so familiar with Suikyou, the teacher she loves as if it were her mother was also mixed with jealousy and uncertainty, feelings she couldn’t understand.

Comforting the frail girl, Koumei assures Houtou that she isn’t mad, but is instead glad to have gained such a cute younger sister.


Having reconciled, Koumei and Houtou have a heartfelt goodbye the next day when Koumei once again departs with Kan’u and her friends.

Barging into the concert hall with his troops, a local lord tries to extort the Chou sisters into paying him more tribute in return for his permission to perform.

Outraged as they had all the necessary permits, Chihou soon uses her magical stone’s powers to entice the audience into revolting when she sees her sister Renhou near molested by the evil lord. The audience storming onstage to attack the soldiers, all hell breaks loose.

Nice episode again this week, not particularly excellent, but entertaining enough, it provided a cute story centered around Koumei and Houtou while also having some scenes for the plot surrounding the Chou sisters’ magical book, which seems to being to cause them quite a bit of trouble.

Liked the heartwarming story between Koumei and Houtou but somehow feel it could have been executed a bit better, the pacing seemed a bit off.
Actually wanted to see more crazy antics of Kan’u being the embarrassed target of Ryuubi’s attention and Chouhi’s jealous fits.

Next week we’ll not only see Bachou and Kouchou again but Bachou’s cousin Batai will make her first appearance!

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  1. December 10, 2009 2:08 am

    As much yuri as this has, I could never get into any anime that features female casts for an adaptation of Romance of the Three Kingdoms.
    The first image is really quite yurilicious though.

  2. December 10, 2009 9:32 am

    That’s never really bothered me at all, though some episodes and scenes do tend to show the eroge origin by being over the top and all and where the humor is off the mark.
    But episodes like this one full of yuri humor and fun scenes make it nice entertaining watch to me.

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