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Queen’s Blade 2nd season 12 final

December 10, 2009

Sent to bring Nanael before the head of the angels, Hachiel is puzzled when she finds the cheeky angel assuming one embarrassing pose after another. Although Nanael explains she learned them from Melfa, Hachiel vehemently brushes aside the invitation to join in.

Having heard Nanael’s report about Aldra, the head angel reveals that the demon inside the queen is no doubt the fallen angel Delmore, who seized power through Aldra. Descending back to earth with Hachiel, Nanael meets up with Melfa at the church.


Held in the grand arena, the final tournament has brought near the entire population of Gainos out to watch the spectacle, the battle also keenly followed by not only Clodette and Tomoe, but Reina’s other friends Allean, Nowa, Echidna and many more watch the broadcast.

Overseeing this final battle, Hachiel signals the start of the match and Reina determinedly charges towards Aldra. Even though she’s become a formidable fighter, Reina is shocked by Aldra’s sheer power as the queen’s first slashes shatter the wandering warrior’s shield and armor.

Outside of the arena, Ymir sees Rana off as the young boy sneaks into the queen’s palace, intent on using the opportunity of the being queen is tied up in the match to rescue his parents from her petrification spell.

Realizing Aldra is not to be underestimated, Reina uses her dragontail attack to break through the energy wave emitted by Aldra’s blade and gets in close, clashing swords with the queen.

Sensing the blade was made from the very sword that destroyed its body, the demon inside Aldra waivers. Luring Aldra to believe she might loose the match and hence never find her missing sister, the demon spurs hera on and the queen is able to knock Reina out with a lethal kick to the neck.


Although knocked unconscious, Reina soon comes to, and much to Clodette and Tomoe’s surprise, she uses their respective signature lightning strike and leg kick attacks against Aldra.

Feeling the tide of the battle turn against her, Aldra calls forth her demonic minions but even they are swiftly dispatched by Reina.

Wandering among the petrified pillars in Aldra’s throne room, Rana finds Airi’s scythe there and picks up the ghostly maid’s weapon.

Discovered by one of the queen’s guards, Rana hears Airi’s voice through the scythe, spurring him on to throw the weapon with all his might. Flying through the air, the scythe pins the guard against a pillar, enabling Airi to manifest from within it and take corporal form again by sucking out the guard her life force.

Wholeheartedly thanking Rana, Airi sees the young boy staring blankly at his mother’s petrified form, the pillar she is in barely cracked with the holy milk that Rana was able to gather from Melona’s pillar.

Having heard the commotion from outside the palace, Nanael lends a hand by giving Rana her vial of holy milk which the boy gladly uses to free Cattleya and Owen.

Seeing the family at long last re-united, Airi and Nanael follow them on their way out, along the way they pick up Melona, who was still hiding among the pillars in her miniature chibi form and free Menace from the petrification spell.


Having arrived at the Vance castle, Elina is surprised to hear her father say she too can live her life free as she desires. Thanking him, Elina responds that she had already decided for herself that she wants to protect him.

Using her demonic right eye, Aldra petrifies Reina. Hearing the crowds accusing whispers that she isn’t human at all but a freak monster, Aldra becomes infuriated and soon uses blasts her demonic gaze against the entire spectating crowd, petrifying everyone inside the arena.

Shocked at Aldra’s brutal attack on innocent people, Tomoe and Clodette are ready to jump in, but Listy holds them back, saying they should believe in Reina.

Her words soon ring true, for all the girls’ weapons soon glow with a soothing light, ringing alive with Reina’s energy. Calling out to Reina, Listy sees the petrified pillar shatter as Nanael and Melona pour holy milk onto it from the skies above.

Using her other trump cards, Aldra is shocked when her hypnotic attack has no effect on Reina, the wandering warrior guarded from the light’s brainwashing allure by Shizuka’s spirit, like Tomoe was before.

Striking at the queen, Reina shatters the hypnotic stone and presses on her attack even when the queen uses her secret cleaver blades. Shouting she won’t loose, Reina launches her ultimate dragontail strike and defeats Aldra.

Unconscious, Aldra faces the demon inside her, realizing it has been using her all those years and how it was no doubt even behind the disappearance of her sister. Taking corporal form, Delmore rises as a gargantuan dark shape, Aldra’s lifeless body slowly being absorbed into its abdomen.


Joining forces to fight the demon, Nanael and Melona pour holy milk over it, Clodette and Cattleya strike while Tomoe frees Aldra and Reina delivers the final strike with her sword.
The demon finally destroyed, the petrified people are all set free and Aldra ‘s body grows into its normal adult form, the demon havaing fed of her life force and body for all those years.

As the ending credits roll by, we’re shown still painting images of most of the characters in the aftermath of the tournament.

We see Listy taking care of the orphans, a smiling Allean as she leaves Nowa to care for the forest, Tomoe is back in Hinamoto where she fights to protect its young heir, Clodette looking over Gainos from the queen’s castle balcony, Nanael is lazing about in heaven.
Her family reunited, Cattleya waves goodbye to Ymir, and the now adult Aldra is shown to be in the care of Melfa at Gainos’ church. The parting image is Reina overlooking a cliff as the sun sets.

To end with a humorous note, we see Airi, Melona and Menace in Gainos, discussing what they’re going to do now as they can hardly return to the swamp witch.


Had stated it for a while now, but “Queen’s Blade” -luckily and surprisingly- got better as this second season went on and the final episode came to a satisfactory conclusion although the end was not unexpected.

In fact the way things played out were rather standard as seen in similar plots, but this is by no means a fault. The true evil was defeated, everything was more or less tied in together, everyone was saved and able to continue on with their respective lives.

Liked the ending credit still painting images, they were nicely done, wonder if they’ll ever be published as artworks in a collectors book or guide, as I would love to see them in high resolution scans.
Some may feel the epilogue was a bit short, but with the main theme music playing and the atmosphere each image had, it felt as a fitting closure.

While largely marketed for and geared towards explicit fanservice, to this day still do believe that “Queen’s Blade” could have been a better fantasy action series with enough eye candy had it been made as a less explicit and more serious show.
Guess that’s just wishful thinking though and it would be presumptuous of me to think such simple statements or ideas could really suffice to turn around a series and make it better in a flash.

As it is, I did enjoy “Queen’s Blade” even though the explicit fanservice wasn’t much to my liking.

Will we see another season that might delve into the “Queen’s Blade: Rebellion” books? Not too sure, there’s nothing indicated in the episode yet, but as long as the franchise is popular enough, who knows?

But I’d love to see more of Allean, Echidna and Airi.

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  1. Devastator001 permalink
    December 10, 2009 11:29 pm

    Well with Clodette overseeing Gainos, the stage is set for Rebellion. 😀 Also when Ymir was upgrading Reina’s sword there was already stuff hinting towards Rebellion too :D. Although I’d guess it will be a few seasons before we get a Rebellion Anime as the current lineup of characters for Rebellion is still rather small :p

  2. December 11, 2009 8:36 am

    Love it! Airi Airi Airi LOVE! Nuff said! Super great stuff for Airi fan like myself!

    Reina using Clodette’s thunder technique and Tomoe’s kick attack is surprising indeed, kind of like Kenshiro using his enemies’ technique also, although I don’t quite sense Reina’s determination on battle as strongly as they claimed her to be.

    Airi making her comeback was strongly welcomed! I have an idea that would happen as soon as Rana climbing up the tower himself (because that’s where Airi disappeared!).

    The story ended right where everyone would expect, honestly, although it is still unclear to me who has become the next queen, surely not Reina? If they were to follow Rebellion’s story line, may be Clodette?

    I have said so many times in the past, if I wanted to see oppai and what not, I will just go look at show specifically for them. The fan service here didn’t bother me at all, as I am much more interested in the story and the character interactions. With as many characters as Queen’s Blade has, I say they did a fairly decent job at covering all the basis for everyone.

    I really like how they played Cattleya knew how much Airi had done for Rana in place of her, cause I really wanted the effort shown by Airi to be recognized by others, well Tomoe already observed that but I wanted Cattleya to know that as well and I am glad they played the story in that direction.

    At the end though, although somewhat surprising to me, is that Airi was going to look for Rana? Hmm, I don’t particularly mind that outcome, but isn’t that a bit forceful?

  3. December 11, 2009 1:49 pm

    Well I like how they made a definite ending for the series and story arcs, but with all that’s happened, they can still animate Rebellion or another story if they choose to do so.
    Yeah, somehow even with training under Echidna and all, the change in Reina’s power and determination came too sudden, she did lack the motivation or reasons such as Tomoe had. They could have written the character plot for Reina better there.
    From the ending images, looks like Clodette is reigning the country while Reina is again off to wander the lands.
    When I saw that last scene with Airi it felt heartwarming but I also had this thought that somehow Airi became a bit of a shotacon… ^^;;

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