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Shin Koihime†Musou 11

December 16, 2009

Having used their magic to hypnotize their massive audience into revolting, all in a frantic move to save themselves from being extorted and abused by a local lord, the Chou sisters look over the ravage left behind by the riots.

Getting into a heated discussion on what their next move should be, Chihou and Renhou vehemently argue with each other, certainly after Chichou is blamed for being the one responsible for all the ruckus they caused by using the book’s power.


Plotting first to escape, Tenhou states they can’t just flee now and abandon all of their fans since they dragged them into this fight. In a bold move, Chihou suggests they should just keep on singing to gather even more fans, until their followers reach such a large number that the rulers will not dare touch them.

While Kan’u and her party have been traveling, Batai has joined her cousin Bachou for additional martial arts training, though the cheeky girl is more into pulling pranks and causing mischief.

Sneaking into Bachou’s room while she’s still fast asleep, Batai is rather irked at seeing her cousin’s ample bosom when her own pales in comparison. First having poked Bachou’s bosom, Batai uses a brush that Riri was carrying to paint on her cousin’s face.

Getting up not much later, Bachou is puzzled when Kouchuu just bursts out in laughter and tells the sleepy faced girl to wash up her face. Shocked when she sees her reflection in the water, Bachou gives Batai an earful about the silly prank.

Setting off into the woods for a hard day’s training, Bachou has Batai run through an endless series of physical exercises. Even though the young girl is soon dead tired, Bachou drags her along for more training, from throwing Batai in a wildwater stream to doing hand stands near a volcano.


For their final exercise before lunch, Bachou has Batai try to stop one of Kouchuu’s arrows midair with a wooden branch, much like trying to strike a hit in baseball.
Able to overcome this challenge, a famished Batai enjoys her lunch, but gets rebellious when Bachou wants to drag her off to an afternoon of more harsh training.

Trying to sneak her way out, Batai successfully provokes Bachou into a challenge, the cheeky girl able to convince her cousin to drink a large jar of water and hold off relieving herself until dinnertime.
Walking right into the trap, the easily tricked warrior takes on the challenge and gulps down the water.

Heading to her room to rest, Bachou is soon besieged by an urge to visit the toilet and any attempts to occupy her thoughts elsewhere prove in vain. Hoping to remedy the situation by working up a sweat, Bachou becomes desperate when her need to go rises and she ultimately rushes to the nearby toilets.
Discovering her cousin Batai lying in wait there to catch her failing the challenge, Bachou heads off into the woods, hoping to relieve herself in secret there.

Pursued by Batai, Bachou runs away, eventually shaking off her persistent cousin, but as she no longer hold it in, she jumps into the river, knowing this will camouflage her embarassing predicament.
Noticing several fish swimming past before she surfaces, Bachou heads back to shore, feeling greatly relieved.


Walking back to the house completely drenched, Bachou pays little heed to Batai’s comments but instead rejoices when she sees Chouhi, Kan’u and her friends approach in the distance.
Running towards them, Bachou happily embraces Chouhi, whose joy quickly turns into wonder at Bachou being soaked.

Rejoicing to be back with their cherished friends, everyone enjoys dinner together, save for Bachou whose hunger vanishes when she sees Kouchuu prepared grilled fish with fish she caught in the same river Bachou had relieved herself in earlier.

Discussing a request from Sousou for Kan’u and her militia to join Sousou’s army in an expedition against the Chou sisters who are rumored to have started a revolt, Chouhi objects to Koumei’s claims for she has a hard time believing the Chou sisters could have any ill intent.
Saying there’s little use for them mull over things now, Ryuubi is able to soothe the heated emotions.

Once again leaving Bachou and Kouchuu in care of their homestead, Kan’u and her friends meet up with Sousou at her army camp.
Seeing Enjutsu has also joined up with Sousou, Kan’u hears Sousou’s aids explain the situation and their proposed strategy to face the Chou sisters, who haven’t engaged in battle yet but instead just been giving concerts every day.


Another nice “Shin Koihime†Musou”, with plenty of entertaining laughs it continues on to last weeks’ style, presenting several key scenes involving the central plot about the Chou sisters and their magical book as well as a short side story involving Kan’u or her friends that ties in to that mail story.

This week we saw Bachou’s cousin Batai make her first appearance, thanks to that we also got to see Bachou and Kouchuu appear again, though do feel it’s a shame that Kan’u and her party already moved on, once again leaving Bachou and Kouchuu behind.

Wonder if Chou’un will pop up again in the next episode for she wasn’t present in this week’s episode at all after having disappeared last week when the girls traveled through the mists surrounding Koumei’s home. Though there were little chances for her ‘Butterfly mask’ persona to appear anyway.

As last week is supposed to be the final episode of this season, wonder if Sonasuku, Sonken, Shonshoukou and their party will even appear in this season at all? Regarding characters like Moukaku, Mike, Tora and Shamu, doesn’t look like we’ll see them either, even though they do all feature in the ending animation.

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