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Kämpfer 12 extra

December 18, 2009
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‘T was the night before Christmas… a little girl pleads with her mother to read a bedtime story about Santa. Opening a book, the mother tells the story about a group of disemboweled stuffed animals that took place a long, long time ago.

Waking up one day, Natsuru is shocked to discover she’s now in the stuffed animal body of her Messenger Harakiri Tora, while Harakiri Tora is now in Natsuru’s original body, save that still has kept her telltale ears and tail.


Vehemently demanding to be transformed back into her own body, Natsuru rages with fury when Harakiri Tora takes advantage of the situation to don a daring outfit and head out to go have some fun, casually tossing the now stuffed animal Natsuru in the bin.

Enjoying the new-found freedom of a human body, Harakiri Tora quickly runs into her friends Seppuku Kuro Usagi, Kanden Yamaneko and Chissoku Norainu, who have respectively taken over the physical bodies of Akane, Shizuku and Mikoto.

Relishing in simple things like being able to feel their own heartbeat or hear their stomachs growl, the four Messengers turned humans head into a restaurant to share a nabe meal together, enjoying the different tastes they are now able to experience.

Burning herself on the hot stove, Harakiri Tora hears Chissoku Norainu say that people cool off by touching each others ears, which leads to Kanden Yamaneko licking Chissoku Norainu’s ears when she burns her tongue on the hot food.

Barging into Natsuuru’s house, Mikoto, Akane and Shizuku too are trapped in the stuffed animal bodies of their Messengers, and the girls are quick to blame Natsuru for the entire ordeal.

Having filled their stomachs, the Messengers are ready to head off and enjoy more sightseeing, but they are intercepted by the restaurant’s patrons, none other than Natsuru’s class chairman and her two minions.


Demanding an exorbitant fee for the consumed meals, the class chairman and her minions ensnare their unsuspecting prey upon hearing the Messengers seem to have no money on them.

Forced to repay their debt with their own bodies, Harakiri Tora, Seppuku Kuro Usagi, Kanden Yamaneko and Chissoku Norainu are forced to perform on stage in front of a huge audience of enthusiastic stuffed animals.

Cheered on by the crowd, the Messengers are swept away by the atmosphere and enthusiastically show off some cosplay, Seppuku Kuro Usagi dons a bunny girl suit, Chissoku Norainu is a flight attendant, Kanden Yamaneko is Lum from “Urusei Yatsura”, and Harakiri Tora poses in a mini skirted nurse outfit.

Letting their enthusiasm get the best of them, the Messengers even cast off their outfits. But before the crowd can get an eyeful of Messengers’ bodies, Kaede appears and covers them, saying they should denude themselves like that in public.

Having overheard the ruckes as she was passing by, Kaede reveals she feels something familiar, even nostalgic at seeing the four girls and asks them to spend the rest of the day with her.

Taking the Messengers to the ‘Entrails Animals’ amusement park, Kaede has a wonderful time with the four girls as the enjoy the many rather peculiar rides the derelict park has to offer.


After posing for a photo together, all five head into a new attraction hosted by Higashida, where after playing games like Twister the four Messengers compete in a wall climbing race to first reach and kiss one of Kaede’s body parts, much to Kaede’s enjoyment.

Suddenly running off, Kaede heads to a nearby church where she begs god for forgiveness at her sinful love for the four Messengers.
Disguised as nuns, the class chairman and her two minions trick Kaede into believing she must repent by serving them, and they quickly work the poor girl as if she were a slave.

Barging in, Harakiri Tora, Seppuku Kuro Usagi, Kanden Yamaneko and Chissoku Norainu all are intent on rescuing Kaede from her predicament for they remember how she cared for them when they were still stuffed animals.
Tripping as she lunges at her opponents, Harakiri Tora hits the ground hard and is amazed at feeling pain, a sensation her comrades too discover as they start slapping each other in glee.

Even though she doesn’t want to see this precious day end, Kaede is touched when the four Messengers say how much they love her. Lifting her head, Kaede sees the four now clad in Santa suits, flying through the sky on a sled.

Closing the storybook, the mother -who suspiciously looks like female Natsuru- smiles at her husband -who suspiciously looks like male Natsuru- as their daughter is now fast asleep.

For an extra episode that can be seen as a stand-alone story without any link to the normal “Kämpfer” timeline, it was an hilarious and completely silly non holds barred humor event. Had quite a few laughs watching the Messengers’ silly antics having taken over the physical bodies of their Kämpfer counterparts.


Kaede was portrayed as she was in the very first episode of the series, a gentle, caring girl that has that definite aura of kindness and innocence, quite the contrast compared to the previous episode.
Perhaps this was done to redeem her character towards the audience after they made her into the nemesis in the normal timeline? Who knows…

Did also notice that while Seppuku Kuro Usagi and Kanden Yamaneko are much like Akane and Shizuku, Harakiri Tora and Chissoku Norainu are quite different characters than Natsuru or Mikoto, it was interesting to see these two physical character designs portrayed not only with different voices, but different characters as well.

Am glad to see the series go with such an episode as the ample laughs wash away any disappointment left after the final episode of the normal plot that we saw last week.
While some scenes were downright silly, most of the humor, even if plain and standard provided an entertaining watch which is welcome distraction after a hard day’s work.

That being said, the commercial break eyecatch images were rather daring but gorgeous this week, do hope these images form the entire series run are one day released as high resolution digital images or perhaps collected in a “Kämpfer” visual book or guide.

In all “Kämpfer” was a solid anime, while it featured standard elements, the good animation and excellent voice acting made it a terrific series, alas the fairly decent love comedy plot from the first half and intriguing action from the latter half is undermined by an episode that closes off the main plot in a ridiculous fashion, which can leave a bad aftertaste.

Still, really enjoyed this show and that’s what matters.

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  1. December 22, 2009 9:16 pm

    Nice review,i feel the same way about sakura this episode was to show everyone ohh shes not really evil..But all and all the series wasn’t to bad ;D good animation/artwork/voices. Now to wait if a season2 is made or they leave it at this guess theres always the manga.

  2. December 22, 2009 9:57 pm

    Yeah it was a good series, but the ending sequence of the main plot just leaves a bad aftertaste I haven’t quite gotten rid off yet.

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