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Shin Koihime†Musou 12 final

December 22, 2009

Captured by Sousou’s generals, Kada is brought before the warlord who still resents the traveling doctor for embarrassing her before.

Allowed to speak only after Kan’u vouches for him, Kada explains the revolt led by the Chou sisters is undoubtedly due to the three sisters having used the magical powers from the book of darkness to hypnotize their followers.


When Kada reveals the only way to stop the Chou sisters is to seal away the magical book, Juniku presents her plan to eliminate the Chou sisters and their followers.

Shocked, Ryuubi intervenes saying they should focus on sealing away the book for the Chou sisters and their followers shouldn’t be held responsible. Sternly rebuking Ryuubi, Juniku seems convinced a military effort will be necessary to quell the revolt.

Proposing a bold plan, Kada suggests the girls form their own singing trio to counteract the Chou sisters. Picking up the idea, Koumei, Juniku and Teiiku work out the strategy, surmising their own singing trio will be able to distract the Chou sisters’ followers long enough to allow their forces to infiltrate the enemy camp and seal away the book.

While Kada heads out to retrieve magical stones and seals like those used by the Chou sisters, Sousou’s whole army is soon bustling with activity.

Enjutsu, Choukun and Kakuka having been selected to be their side’s songstresses, the three girls soon start singing practice while Sousou writes several songs. Ryuubi and Ukin develop the costumes and choreography, Riten creates a huge stage chariot with the aid of Chouhi and Gakushin.

Meanwhile Kan’u reconnoiters the makeshift camp of the Chou sisters’ faction with Kakouton and Kakouen.


Kakouton is rather depressed since she originally wanted to join the singing trio but her unsubtle attempts to advertise herself as a candidate were thwarted by Teikku who volunteered Kakuka due to her excellent singing skills, which Teiiku witnessed many times when the bespectacled girl was singing in front of the mirror.

Bringing back magical stones and seals, Kada warns everyone that the time of the spells cast on the stones and seals is limited, so they won’t have long to sway the Chou sisters’ followers.

Entering the Chou sisters’ camp in their stage chariot which is much like the horse of Troy, Kan’u and her party soon start their daring plan, Enjutsu, Choukun and Kakuka performing on stage while Ryuubi, Ukin and Gakushin hand out waving sticks to the gathering audience.

Hearing the ruckus, the Chou sisters are confused when they see a rivaling group of songstresses has appeared, Chihou quickly tries to command their audience but is shocked when the spell seems unable to hypnotize them this time.

Not willing to admit defeat this easily, Chihou spurs her sisters Renhou and Tenhou on to sing and once again capture the hearts of their audience.
Enjutsu, Choukun and Kakuka respond in kind, starting an all out singing contest to win the audience’s favor, alas for the three girls, the spell on their stones soon runs out.


Exploiting this chance, an uncharacteristically evil looking Chihou calls forth the power of the book of darkness, commanding the audience to attack their rivals.

Ready to defend their friends who retreat into the stage wagon, Kan’u and Chouhi are shocked when Ryuubi stays in front and bravely starts singing the Chou sisters’ first song as the hordes of raging fans approach.
Seeing Ryuubi’s chanting soothes the rabid audience, the other girls all join in and their voices capture everyone’s heart.

Overtaken by the evil aura of the book of darkness, Chihou rages on, but her elder sister Tenhou is able to break her free from the book’s evil grasp by reminding her of their childhood dream.

Declaring their revolt over, the Chou sisters surrender and present the book of darkness to Kada. Ready to seal the book, Kada is interrupted by Ukitsu who snatches the book away before disappearing into thin air.

Having achieved victory, Juniku advises Sousou to punish the Chou sisters but Ryuubi and Kakuka are able to convince the warlord to spare the sisters and allow them to return to the stage.

Everything having ended well, we see all the girls go on happily with their lives.


Under the night skies lit by the crescent moon, the Chou sisters lament how they are back to square one when suddenly none other than butterfly mask appears!
Making a grand entrance, Chou’on tries to recruit the Chou sisters but her efforts are in vain as the three girls brush her off.

Liked the ending to this season of “Shin Koihime†Musou”, it was not only great seeing most of the characters appear but the plot was resolved in a fashion true to the series’ nature, predictable but very much lighthearted and fun.

I say ‘this season’ since a new season “Shin Koihime†Musou” has been announced, tentatively scheduled to air in April 2010, it is titled “Shin Koihime†Musou ~Otome Tairan~ ”. Looks like it will feature the many characters that haven’t appeared in this season yet, like Sonasuku, Sonken,… and many more.

While it had a regrettable dip shortly after the start with some rather silly episodes, enjoyed this “Shin Koihime†Musou” series as much as I did the original “Koihime†Musou”. It was a fun, lighthearted show which differs from its eroge roots by omitting the male harem lead character and focuses all on showing the many girls’ antics, now and then spiced with some ecchi scenes but all still quite benign if compared to a show the likes of “Queen’s Blade”.

With energetic pop tracks as opening and ending themes as well as insert songs, standard animation that focuses on character close ups and a few token ecchi scenes, both the soundtrack and animation are all average but nonetheless good.

To put it simply, “Shin Koihime†Musou” was a bright moment of mindless fun each week while watching cute girls’ silly antics.

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