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Shin Koihime†Musou Otome Tairan 2

April 10, 2010

In the palace, Kaku is thinking about her past with Kayuu, but she’s quickly pulled out of her reverie by Choujo, who doesn’t hesitate to berate the bespectacled tactician.

Off on their quest to gather the necessary ingredients for the cure to the poison Kasshin has been afflicted with, Kan’u and her friends split up in three groups.


Observing Bachou has matured quite a lot this past year and has grown into a sister figure with such concern for her cousin Batai, Chou’un soon slyly advertises herself as being a wonderful adult lady head to toe in comparison.
Gleefully singing as they’re heading for Shibaki’s place, Chouhi brushes aside Koumei’s query about the large backpack she’s carrying, saying it stood ready outside her room marked as a boxed lunch, so she took it along.

Suspecting something fishy is going on, Koumei and the others discover that Batai is actually hiding inside. Ordering Batai to return to the village, Koumei is forced to rescind when both Ryuubi and Chouhi suggest to take her along.

Though Chouhi was forced to take Batai’s defense as Bachou’s clever cousin extorted the gullible girl by threatening to expose that Chouhi broke Koumei’s calligraphy set. Chouhi eventually confesses having accidentally knocked the calligraphy material over, much to Koumei’s rage since it was an heirloom from her teacher Shibaki.


Finally arriving, Koumei has a touching reunion with Houtou and Shibaki. Much to Ryuubi and the others’ delight, Shibaki accepts their plea for some of the rare medicinal ingredient they need to complete the medicine for Kasshin.

Alas, heading into the storeroom, Shibaki is puzzled when she realizes none of the medicine is left. Unbeknown to her, Houtou had opened the pouch containing the medicinal powder while cleaning and then accidentally sneezed, sending it flying everywhere.

Concerned everyone will be angry at her if the truth might get out, Houtou says nothing and acts uncharacteristically distant at dinner and when bathing with an enthusiastic Koumei who’s glad to see her friend again.

Trying to escape that night, Houtou is caught by Chouhi and she soon confesses that she wanted to gather new medicine since she feels responsible. Crying that she was afraid Koumei would get angry, Houtou goes from shock to joy when Koumei does say she is angry but only because Houtou didn’t tell her the truth, for she would never hold having such a silly accident against her treasured friend.

Deciding to look for the rare ingredient themselves, Ryuubi, Koumei, Batai and Chouhi head on to what will no doubt be a perilous journey.


On their own quest, Bachou and Chou’un press on their march as the sun sets, Bachou trying to understand why Chou’un is so upset about her not having been considerate enough when they had ramen earlier.

Actually traveling by herself, Kan’u reminisces how she traveled alone for many years and after having met Chouhi, Ryuubi and the others she now feels somewhat lonely being on this journey alone.

After a fun first episode, this one had less comedy and felt more like a transitional episode already, showing the different groups each on their own part of the quest. Did have plenty of, most with Bachou and Chou’un’s antics, a shame they weren’t featured a lot, their pairing has a lot of potential for comedic value.

Next episode we’ll finally see Ryomou and her faction, will be nice to see them as after all they didn’t really appear in “Shin Koihime†Musou”. The preview hints at what might be a cuter story involving Sonken and the bespectacled Ryomou!

Am trying to write more concise reviews as to not get caught up into too much detail, else writing these posts takes up a little too much time.

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  1. Devastator001 permalink
    April 14, 2010 8:01 am

    Seems like they’ll be releasing a 6 part OAV of Queen’s Blade starting August @_@. From the looks of it it seems to cover what happens after the tourney (Aldra’s grown up and seems like something possessed Nanael)

    The trailer certainly piqued my curiosity ^_^ (Alleyne and Nowa vs Nyx gotta see that!)

  2. April 15, 2010 7:41 pm

    I still have yet to catch up on any of the Shin Koihime and the first series for that matter… need time..

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