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K-ON!! 2

April 14, 2010

About to head over to the music room, Mio asks Mugi why she’s doing the class chores even though hit’s not her turn. Pointing to the one tasked with the chores today, Mugi shows Yui blissfully sleeping at her desk.

Any attempt to wake the aloof girl remain futile save for when everyone shouts in sync that there is cake to eat, which manages to briefly rouse her from her slumber.


Asking the light music club girls to return the costumes they had lent from the theater club, Sawako soon instructs them to clean up the music room’s storage placard after seeing the things haphazardly stuffed inside.

Spotting an old guitar the girls uncovered from the storeroom, Sawako reveals it is actually hers, a gift from one of her father’s friends, but she actually hasn’t played with it for years. Excited to hear Sawako was in the light music club during her high school years, Azusa’s enthusiasm dwindles when she’s shown an old photo of Sawako in her punk rock girl appearance.

Reluctant to take the musty guitar back home, Sawako asks the girls to sell it and use the profit for the club’s funding. Heading to the shopping district, the girls first stop at the home center store to buy a shelf rack for the storeroom.

Enthusiastic for she has never shopped at a home center before, Mugi is delighted and seems to take it in as a wondrous experience. True to their character, Yui and Ritsu quickly start to goof around as well, much to Mio and Azusa’s exasperation.


Spotting Azusa gaze at the aquariums in the pet section of the store, Yui pounces her beloved underclassman but soon shifts her attention to the sea turtle in the aquarium. Mesmerized by the turtle, Yui finds it adorable, perplexing Azusa who fails to comprehend Yui’s taste in all things cute.

Having Sawako’s old guitar appraised, the girls are speechless when the store offers to buy it for a hefty 500,000 Yen. Perplexed, Ritsu asks the clerk if they’re giving a higher price due to Mugi being the store owner’s daughter but the clerk begins a lengthy explanation which basically culminates in the fact this particular guitar is quite valuable.

Rejecting Ritsu’s ploy to split the money among themselves, Azusa and Mio’s opposition melts away like snow under the sun by mere sight of all those money bills.

With the new shelf having been delivered, the storeroom is now perfectly orderly, though there’s still a stack of bags filled with Yui’s belongings she’s yet to take home. Scolding Yui, Azusa hears the oddball girl lament that Ui will scold her even harsher if she brings home any more junk.

Approving of the now tidy music room, Sawako asks the girls how the guitar sale went, prompting Ritsu and the others to panic. Blurting out they only got 10,000 Yen for it, Ritsu finds herself hopelessly cornered when Sawako asks for the receipt. Holding the receipt with trembling hands, Ritsu tries to eat it in a frantic attempt to escape Sawako’s wrath but quickly spits the paper out when Sawako shows her most threatening expression.


Surprised it sold for so much, Sawako tells the girls she’ll buy them something with that money, but it must be something they all agree on. Wondering what they should ask for, the four original band members soon agree they should do something for Azusa for they fear the twin tailed guitar player feels lonely without any new members to look after.

Following Yui’s lead, they get Azsua an aquarium but her lackluster response reveals she merely thought the turtle looked odd while it was Yui who actually liked it. Hearing it’s a present for her, Azusa nonetheless seems happy about her friends’ gesture.

Another great “K-ON!!” episode, loved seeing all the different girls their antics and liked we saw the rest of their class as well at the start of the episode.

Hope Sawako continues to appear in this fashion in future episodes as well, with her rocker babe nature a definite part of her character but mostly a supportive mentor to the girls. Didn’t like how at the end of the first “K-ON!” season Sawako was more of a caricature used for comic relief, now at least she’s presented better which as a Sawako fan, I can only applaud!

Yui’s fetish of wanting to be slapped on the cheek by that wand of cash was actually quite hilarious though a bit out of character as one wouldn’t strike her as being the type who holds that much importance to money.

Can’t wait for next week’s episode!

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  1. April 15, 2010 4:13 am

    Another empty yet entertaining episode. It’s so like Mugi to have a full serving set. Mio’s as easily embarrassed as always. I kinda wanted to see Sawa-chan-sensei shred with her guitar, though Ritsu eating that paper was perfect too. Yui’s “buhi buhi” was cute.

  2. Akai-Kurenai permalink
    April 19, 2010 11:28 am

    “…one wouldn’t strike [Yui] as being the type who holds that much importance to money.”

    On the contrary, I think that the slapping on the face was perfectly in character. It exemplifies her random and simple nature – people who want money usually want it to buy other things. If Yui really did think money was important, she probably would imagine buying something like the other girls…though the “something” she would want to buy would probably be cake or ice cream :P.

    But I do agree that Sawako was awesome. I laughed when I read that scene in the manga, and I laughed when I saw it animated.

  3. April 19, 2010 12:10 pm

    I wouldn’t classify “K-ON!” as being ’empty’, don’t let yourself be dragged into using a popular term just because a lot of people suddenly use it to refer to the series. While they say don’t believe the hype, don’t believe the hate either. ^_~
    Hadn’t though of it that way at all, an interesting point you make. Actually puts her character more in perspective, clever thinking! ^^

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