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Shin Koihime†Musou Otome Tairan 4

April 25, 2010

Happily eating dumplings as they march along through the forest on their journey, Batai’s culinary ecstasy is rudely crushed when out of the bushes someone comes crashing into her, causing her cherished food to spill.

With a shriek of terror, Batai goes in pursuit as Gien, the girl who bumped into her, flees into the forest. Catching up, Batai attacks Gien but is ultimately driven back by the black haired girl, only Chouhi’s timely arrival saves Batai from Gien’s blade.


Under pressure against Chouhi’s powerful strikes, Gien hesitates when she spots Ryuubi. Halting the fight with her booming voice, Gengan appears and soon introduces herself to Koumei and the others as the local landlord, apologizing profusely for Gien’s behavior.

Treating Koumei and the girls to some food, Gengan strikes the girls as being quite an unusual character, the way she speaks of Gien though shows she cares, especially since Gien is prone to get into fights over the silliest things.

Taking Koumei, Ryuubi and their friends along to her mansion, Gengan shocks the girls when she brings them to what looks to be a genuine torture chamber where Gien is soon tied up to receive fitting punishment for the trouble she caused.

Fearing the worst, Ryuubi and Koumei know not what to think when Gengan proceeds to near tickle the girl to death using the fluffy end of an ear pick. While Gien’s helpless shrieks make Ryuubi and Koumei blush beet red, an enthusiastic Batai joins Gengan.


Accepting Gengan’s hospitality, the girls stay over at her mansion. Enjoying a hot relaxing bath after all that traveling, Ryuubi is reluctant to accept Gien’s offer to scrub her back and even less sure what to think of the girl’s smitten expression.

Carefully suggesting her back is fine now, Ryuubi soon blushes beet red when an overzealous Gien gleefully switches to washing her chest. The experience proving too much for Ryuubi to cope with, the pink haired girl is knocked out and taken to her bed to recuperate.

Again apologizing for the trouble Gien caused, Gengan explains to Koumei that Ryuubi bears a striking resemblance to Gien’s deceased sister, explaining her affection for Ryuubi.

Hearing a commotion outside, Gengan sees that Gien already got into a fight with Batai first thing in the morning, and she summons the feisty girl to her quarters. Having had enough of Gien getting into such meaningless feuds, Gengan writes her name on a piece of paper, ties one end to Gien’s sword and the other to its scabbard. Declaring that if Gien should now carelessly pull her sword again without due cause, she will be cast out.


Having heard a rumor about Gien not being allowed to draw her sword, a bunch of thugs seek out the warrior to pick a fight, knowing she’s unable to draw her blade in retaliation. Spotting the commotion from afar, Ryuubi rushes in to protect Gien from the thugs, but the mild mannered girl’s pleas are lost on them.

Realizing Gien’s care for Ryuubi, the thugs do not hesitate to assault the pink haired girl. Even even though Ryuubi initially yells for Gien to not draw her blade, the proud warrior cannot bear to see Ryuubi suffer and draws her sword, even breaking its blade in the ensuing battle.

Casting Gien out for her disobedience, Gengan surprises the girl by saying she actually pulled her sword for good this time, to protect the innocent so she is now to be free. Seeing Ryuubi and her friends off the next day, Gengan notices Gien’s downcast gaze and encourages her to go and join Ryuubi.

Belated due to a busy week and the arrival of Dollfie Yoko, did enjoy watching this episode today. It was in line with last week in how it showed some martial action as well as an implied yuri pairing and its ensuing humor.

Hope “Shin Koihime†Musou ~Otome Tairan~” keeps to this episode format as the mix of typical “Shin Koihime†Musou” silly antics with entertaining martial action scenes and yuri shenanigans makes for an entertaining watch.

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