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Shin Koihime†Musou Otome Tairan 5

May 2, 2010

Arriving in Enjutsu’s territory, Kan’u notices people have flocked back to the city and it is much more lively than before. Bumping into Shoukou, Kan’u wonders if the cheeky girl ran away again and berates her.

Mistaking Kan’u for a fiend threatening Shoukou, Shuutai draws her sword to attacks, luckily Shoukou soon stops the battle from erupting at its fullest. Apologizing for her assumption about Kan’u, Shuutai’s attention quickly shifts to a kitten wandering in the streets.


Although Rikuson explains their mission, Kan’u is shocked when Shoukou reveals that even after two weeks, Enjutsu is yet to grant them an audience.

Meanwhile Enjutsu doesn’t seem so haughty at all when she’s forced to deal with her cousin Enshou, who’s curious about the play Enjutsu plans to hold. Inviting Enshou to star in the play, Choukun cons Enjutsu’s cousin into the role of Sousou, knowing full well the grudge Enshou bears against Sousou.

Giving a spot on impression of a bullying theater director, Enjutsu is irritated when Shoukou barges into the theater during rehearsals. Trying to diffuse the situation, Kan’u’s interest is piqued when Enjutsu elaborates how she’s looking for a better performer to play the black haired beauty.

Asking the girls if they know the tale of the black haired beauty, a formidable maiden reputed to have defeated scores of bandits throughout the land, Enjutsu ponders out loud who would be suited to play that role.

Knowing she is the black haired beauty the tale spawned from, Kan’u clears her throat while stroking her hair. Alas for the proud maiden, Enjutsu is oblivious to her hints and actually singles out Shuutai to play the part, much to Kan’u’s despair.


Trying to persuade Enjutsu to not trouble Shuutai, Kan’u too falls victim to the cheeky girls shenanigans for Enjutsu enlists Kan’u, Rikuson and Shoukou to portray the Chou sisters, Chihou, Renhou and Tenhou. Protesting against this ridiculous request, Shoukou eventually concedes when Enjutsu promises she’ll grant Shoukou an audience if they participate in the play.

Getting ready backstage, Enshou’s ample chest is being bound to resemble the less endowed Sousou, so tightly in fact that soon the haughty girl loses consciousness and near passes on before her aides are able to bring her back.

Donning their costumes to portray the Chou sisters, Shoukou isn’t happy about having to stuff her lacking chest to resemble the immense bosom of Tenhou. Checking if the girls are ready, Choukun evades Kan’u’s queries about the play branding the Chou sisters as horrible fiends with the lame excuse their name was altered.

Not entirely unexpected, the play shows a very liberal retelling of the events involving the Chou sisters and emphasizes on a final battle against the singing sisters which off course Enjutsu herself brilliantly won near single handed.


Returning to their dressing room, Shoukou is shocked to see it has been ransacked and her official documents were stolen, for this would compromise their audience with Enjutsu.
Eavesdropping on the girls, Choukun sees an opportunity to use these documents gone missing against Shoukou, but her plan goes awry when Rikuson pulls out the documents during the audience with Enjutsu, their theft having been staged.

Confessing she had Shuutai fake the robbery, Rikuson later gets an earful from Shoukou, who’s none too pleased with her tactician’s explanation that to trick an enemy, one must first trick their allies and the cheeky brat goes on to punish Rikuson by attacking her ample bosom.

We got to see more of Kan’u again this episode, felt awkward to see her appear so little in the previous ones. Not that much real martial action or compelling events this time, more a relaxing episode with a comedic driven plot with Enjutsu’s play.

The scene where Shoukou glomped Rikuson was hilarious, especially the look on the bespectacled girl’s face was priceless. While none too original, did enjoy the typical miscasting for this time it involved characters playing other characters from the same series.

Looks like next episode we’ll be back with Koumei’s group who have to fend off an unknown horde of attackers.

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