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Shin Koihime†Musou Otome Tairan 6

May 8, 2010

Although Gien has joined Ryuubi’s traveling party, the rivalry between her and Batai which originally started over spilled dumplings, erupts once again when Bachou’s cheeky cousin snatches the last food right under Gien’s nose.

Offering her dumplings to Gien, Ryuubi’s kindness and even more so the sight of her soft lips specked with sauce soon have Gien blush beet red. Unbeknown to the girls, from the restaurant kitchen, another warrior is watching them, infuriated when she recognizes Gien.


Stopping by a famous store known for its superb menma, Chou’un forgets herself in a lengthy and overly serious speech about all the merits of these renowned bamboo shoots when Bachou asks what is so special about them.

Crossing a rapid river by way only of holding onto a rope just above water level, Chouhi, Koumei and Batai make it safely across but fear for their two comrades’ lives when a large boulder rumbles down from the nearby waterfall. Before the boulder can crush defenseless Ryuubi, Gien smashes it to pieces.

Drying their soaked clothes and warming up to an improvised fire, Ryuubi’s small talk shows her innocent character but Gien suspects something is amiss. When the fiery warrior senses someone watching them, she runs out to a nearby clearing and peers intently at the treetops, where their foe remains hidden from sight.

Continuing on along a mountain path, a slight tremor makes the girls look up to see a rock plummet down towards them. Pushing Ryuubi out of the way, Gien saves both of them from being crushed to death, her keen eyes soon spot a shadow on the cliff above from where the rock fell down.

Unable to walk from having sprained her ankle in the ordeal, Ryuubi comforts Gien who feels responsible for her injury. Carrying Ryuubi on her back, Chouhi blurts out how Ryuubi not only has an ample, squishy bosom like Kan’u, but soft squishy belly and thighs as well, much to poor Ryuubi’s chagrin.


Stopping at the first place they encounter, Koumei is able to care for Ryuubi’s injured ankle while Gien and Batai perform chores to return the hospitality. Chopping wood the two fiesty girls soon get into an argument again, luckily Chouhi interferes and calls the rowdy girls to order.

Hearing there’s a hot spring higher up along the mountain trail, the girls soon hike along to go enjoy a hot bath in the open air springs, which does wonders for Ryuubi’s ankle. Wondering why Gien refused to join them, Batai suddenly rushes back.

Having remained behind alone, Gien waits until the foes that have been stalking them reveal themselves under the pale moonlight. Led by the younger sister of a women Gien seems to have brought to her death, the girls prepare to attack the lone warrior until Batai shows up.

Shouting Gien will not have to fight alone for she is already one of her comrades, Batai stands back to back with Gien, even when she hears the story of how Gien injured the thug leader’s older sister, not long after which she died. Defeating the thugs, Gien and Batai watch the vengeful girl’s comrades flee and Gien tells the girl to live on and grow stronger.


The next morning, it seems the usual verbal banter between Gien and Batai continues, but Chouhi notices that the they now call each other by their mana names, for the two have come to a new understanding.

Thoughts on this episode~

Another entertaining episode in line with the previous ones though the plot didn’t play out as I had originally imagined it from the preview. While rather standard fare, the way Gien and Batai reconcile was done well enough.

Other than that this episode didn’t especially cover that much, though of course I did enjoy the scenes where Gien gets all embarrassed in front of Ryuubi. With the girls having been to an onsen, a terrific opportunity was lost for some more classic ecchi humor scenes showing Gien’s reaction to Ryuubi bathing, as in the episode where they first met.

Looking forward to next week which will once again shift attention to Kan’u! Although Chou’un and Bachou make a cameo appearance every week, wonder if they’ll get a full episode anytime soon?

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