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K-ON!! 6

May 13, 2010

Having fallen asleep while practicing guitar late at night, Yui isn’t keen on the rain that greets her by morning, incessantly pouring down from ominous dark clouds. Worried her precious guitar might get wet, Yui bravely protects it from the downpour.

While her guitar stays dry, the aloof girl gets herself soaked to the bone on the way to school. Surprised to see their friend enter the classroom in such a state, Tsumugi helps Yui dry her hair but the girl’s clothes are drenched.


Seeing how the musician cares for her guitar, Himeko jokingly observes Yui seems to love it like a boyfriend. Letting her soaked uniform dry out in the music room, Yui has little choice but to wear one of the club’s many costumes.

Starting homeroom, Sawako is shocked to see Yui sitting there in a maid uniform and orders her to change, casting a piercingly lethal glance at Ritsu when the drummer is about to blurt out it’s an outfit made by Sawako anyway.

When Nodoka brings a gym jersey borrowed from another class for Yui to change into, Yui’s protests she wanted to wear something different for once are for naught against Sawako’s order to change.

Once her clothes are finally dry, Yui changes back into uniform, having gotten help from Ritsu who fixed a loose button on her shirt as well as Tsumugi who ironed the pleads on her skirt. Keeping the gym trunks on underneath, Yui gets scolded by Sawako when the teacher spots the girls in the hallway.

Wondering why Sawako is being so strict, Yui jokingly makes it sound as if Sawako is near molesting her when the teacher pulls at the gym sweatpants having ordered Yui to take them off. Seeing Yui is back in uniform, her classmates seem disappointed, much to Nodoka’s dismay.


Impressed with Yui’s care for her guitar, Azusa enthusiastically showcases a rain cover she got for her guitar case, as well as other guitar related gadgets. Inspecting Yui’s guitar for mold, Azusa advises her upperclassman to change the strings but isn’t sure what to think when Yui lovingly starts talking to her instrument as she proceeds.

Joking that Azusa seems to be jealous, Yui is amused by the twin-tailed girl’s feisty reaction, even Ritsu and Mio pick up on the love triangle idea.

Again facing non stop rain the next day, Yui gets her guitar safely to school by wrapping the case in plastic. Observing their instruments will sound off if the neck might bend due to moisture, Azusa helps Yui tune her guitar.

As the rain doesn’t stop and the weather forecast promising little else but more of it the next day, Mio opts to leave her bass in the music room that night. Ultimately leaving her guitar as well, Yui is unable to sleep at all from worry something might happen to her cherished instrument.

Lovingly hugging her guitar at school the next day, Yui exasperates her teacher Sawako while providing her class with priceless entertainment. Witnessing Yui’s happy reunion, Mio can no longer bear it and rushes to the music room between classes to recover her treasured bass, offering her fellow club members a priceless scene as they peek in from the door.


Thoughts on this episode~

Loved this episode, while it starts a bit more long winded, it had everything I’ve come to adore about “K-ON!” as a slice of life series for it featured all the different characters and their hilarious antics. Still think Yui and Ritsu their behavior was exaggerated during the Kyoto trip episode, here it’s back to normal levels with Yui being her silly self and luckily silly without being overly annoying.

Looks like Yui is also the class clown, her classmates are always looking forward to the girl’s next stunt. Can’t get enough of Kyoto Animation spending the necessary care in featuring the けいおん classmates with such consistency. This week we not only saw Tachibana Himeko again, but she and another girl even had a few lines.

Although the central theme of Yui’s care for her guitar by itself might raise an eyebrow or two it was just a means to an end not only to showcase the girls’ antics and different interaction, but it also illustrates how through learning the guitar, Yui has changed and matured, formed new friendships, while her own bubbly core personality remains the same.

Of course, how could one not adore this episode’s scenes showcasing Mio’s cutest side as well as always irresistible Azusa? Especially when they nicknamed Mio’s bass guitar as ‘Elisabeth’ and Azusa quietly names her own guitar ‘Muttan’, acting all embarrassed when she realizes Mui overheard.

“K-ON!!” remains solid as weekly slice-of-life comedy full of laughs that is a joy to watch.

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  1. May 16, 2010 5:51 am

    Haha yui really loves gitah =)
    lol Muttan is a good name XD

    anyway good episode, but really this needs more music =/

    oh… elizabeth ^^

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