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Shin Koihime†Musou Otome Tairan 7

May 15, 2010

Having accompanied Shoukou back to Go territory, Kan’u is welcomed by Sonken. Jealous of Kan’u’s warm reception, Shoukou is not pleased, though the feisty brat soon changes her attitude when Sonken praises her for accomplishing her mission.

Hoping for an audience with Sonsaku, Kan’u is kept at bay by Sonken when the girl realizes her older sister is having an ugly fight with her adviser Shuuyu. Eavesdropping at the door, Shoukou drags Kan’u closer and the black haired warrior can’t help but overhear the silly feud.


Appearing before Sonsaku, Kan’u can’t help but notice the bad atmosphere lingering between the queen and her adviser, much to Sonken’s shame for she later apologizes to Kan’u for her sister’s behavior.

Revealing the purpose of her visit, Kan’u is grateful for Sonken’s help, who has immediately dispatched Ryomou to scour through the kingdom’s vast archives and storage.

Lamenting to Kougai that she didn’t get praised by either Sonsaku or Shuuyu because the two were too busy arguing, Shoukou listens to Kougai’s suggestion to devise a ploy to have the two reconcile.

Joining Sonsaku in the baths, Kougai hears the queen out about her worries regarding the quarrel with Shuuyu. Barging into Shuuyu’s quarters later that evening, Kougai lures the queen’s adviser into a night of heavy drinking, eventually loosening Shuuyu’s lips about the feud with Sonsasku.

Having uncovered the reason for the fight, Kougai has an idea on how to get the two girls to reconcile.


Walking through the gardens with Shuutai, Kan’u is unsure what to think when the girl goes completely nuts over a cat leisurely lounging in the sun. Ecstatic to pet the feline, Shuutai soon lures Kan’u into gleefully joining her.

Nursing a bad hangover from the copious amount of alcohol she consumed the night before, Shuuyu rushes to Kougai’s room when she hears the elder adviser’s health has taken a turn for the worse. Putting on a performance with Shouko’s help, Kougai tricks Shuuyu into believing she’s terminally ill and wishes for the bespectacled girl to fetch her favorite drink from storage.

Rushing into the storage building, Shuuyu is surprised to find Sonsasku there, looking for the same jar. Startled as they hear the doors slam shut behind them, the girls soon hear Kougai reveal she tricked them there so they would talk things through and reconcile.

Wondering how long they’ll remain locked up, Sonsaku suggests they drink up Kougai’s precious sake, to which Shuuyu objects. Realizing she hadn’t apologized yet to Shuuyu, Sonsaku asks her friend for forgiveness but soon gets defiant, berating Shuuyu for having gotten so angry over some mere sake.

Seeing Shuuyu become embarrassed when she talks how that sake was precious to her, Sonsaku earnestly apologizes and the two soon not only reconcile but rekindle the flames of their mutual affection. As night falls muffled cries of pleasure can be heard coming from the storage building.


The next morning, when Sonken leads Kan’u into the storage building the girls are left speechless when they discover Sonsaku and Shuuyu there, lying in quite a compromising position. Waking up due to the commotion, Shuuyu soon blushes beet red herself when she realizes she and Sonsaku have been caught red handed.

Thoughts on this episode~

Looks like Kan’u might already have completed her quest, and that without much of any challenge to overcome for the most she really faced was to have to perform in Enjutsu’s play. While the episodes featuring her were entertaining enough, plot-wise it seems her presence was more an excuse to show other characters’ their shenanigans.
Wonder if Kan’u will face any obstacles on her journey back?

Of course, could not help but to be pleasantly surprised at the definite explicit yuri direction “Shin Koihime†Musou ~Otome Tairan~” took with the plot showcasing Sonsaku and Shuuyu’s steamy nighttime occupations.

Do appreciate that strategical censoring through obvious sunlight rays and use of suggestive viewing angles kept the visuals benign, which fits the ecchi yet innocent mood far better than what would else be an explicit fest of debauchery like “Queen’s Blade”.

Did snicker at seeing the other girls’ reactions when they caught sight of Sonsaku and Shuuyu, especially Ryomou’s blushing face which suggests she wouldn’t mind being caught in the same position with her beloved Sonken.

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  1. Devastator001 permalink
    May 18, 2010 1:41 am

    Interesting @_@

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