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K-ON!! 7

May 20, 2010

Walking through the school hallways, Mio can’t shake the impression she’s being watched. Alas for the shy bass player, her fellow light music club members are of little help as only Azusa takes her seriously.

Entering the music room, Nodoka exposes two first year students who were peeking inside. Revealing themselves as members of Mio’s fan club, they had been following Mio to catch a glimpse of the sticker that clumsily got stuck to her long hair, much to the bass player’s embarrassment.


Wondering what this fan club business is all about, Azusa listens to Ritsu retell the story of Sokabe Megumi and the Akiyama Mio fan club.

Before Azusa joined, shortly before the then third year students would graduate, Mio thought she might be stalked by someone watching her from the shadows. Unsure what to do, Mio solicited the student council’s aid and brought her woes before Nodoka.

Meeting Sokabe Megumi, the student council president, Mio was impressed how she took the matter to heart and prompted Nodoka to action. As the conversation progressed, Megumi’s vast knowledge of Mio and her activities at the light music club began to appear rather suspicious.

Trying to make a swift escape, Megumi dropped a card on the floor which was turned out to be her personal Akiyama Mio fan club membership card. Trying to alleviate the sudden tension, Mio joked that Megumi might be the culprit and to her shock the student council president erupted in tears. Megumi admitted she had been watching Mio as the thought of no longer seeing the girl after graduation was weighing on her.

Although embarrassed by the ordeal, Mio realized Megumi meant well and thought of doing something nice for the student council president. Getting Nodoka to lure Megumi to the auditorium, Mio and her fellow light music club members gave the student council president her own private mini concert which overjoyed Megumi.


Having inherited the fan club presidency from Megumi, albeit unwillingly, Nodoka pleads with Mio and the others for their help in organizing a tea party for the fan club members. To Mio’s despair, Yui, Ritsu and Tsumugi are enthusiastic about the idea.

Providing a comedic and energetic hosting duo, Ritsu and Yui kick off the tea party and soon introduce Mio who only hesitantly enters, embarrassed to be the center of attention. Watching from the sidelines, Azusa is impressed by the large turnout while Nodoka is surprised to even spot her classmate Sasaki.

Being her usual shy self, Mio is so nervous she accidentally bites her own tongue after uttering but a single phrase. Moving on to having Mio cut a huge cake like the ones used at weddings, Yui even drags in Azusa to help Mio, much to both girls’ exasperation.

Closing the curtains and setting up candles, the relaxed atmosphere is a mere ruse by Ritsu to bombard Mio with questions about ghost and other horror stories, terrifying the poor girl, much to the audience delight.

Defeated, Mio seems downcast but when she sees the photo slide-show showing her from kindergarten up to joining the light music club, she smiles at the fond memories. Her spirits lifted, Mio reads the fan club members a poem she wrote, alas for the poor bass player, her unique style of expression is lost on the girls.


The light music club girls then close off the tea party by performing their latest song, ‘Pure pure heart’.
Hearing Nodoka express her regret that Megumi couldn’t attend when she sees Mio pose with all the fan club members, Azusa snaps a photo with her cell phone and has Nodoka send it to Megumi, who rejoices in seeing the fan club had such a wonderful continuation.

Thoughts on this episode~

A lovely, entertaining episode. Liked seeing the tale about Mio’s fan club and the unique former student council president Megumi consequently also getting her story told.

While used for comedic value and no doubt more of an angler by Kyoto Animation to bait fans of the yuri genre, couldn’t help but enjoy the scenes where Ritsu’s narration exaggerates a shoujo-ai atmosphere between Mio and Megumi.

Although she did also feature prominently in the Kyoto school trip episode, did appreciate Mio’s scenes more in this episode, which seeing her popularity they of course hammed it up for all its worth. Then again, who would mind as the shy to a fault bass player is adorable in such situations.

Nonetheless enjoyed the many scenes with Nodoka quite a bit more. Not appearing all that much in previous episodes, loved seeing her get so much screen time this week as not only her character design is very cute, the voice acting by Chika Fujitou is wonderful with her striking soothing voice.
Hope we get to see as much of Nodoka in upcoming episodes as well!

5 Comments leave one →
  1. Young Richard permalink
    May 21, 2010 12:35 am

    I really liked this one as well. I need to find myself a Mio backscratcher. 🙂

  2. May 21, 2010 8:42 am

    lol i definetly didnt expect that XD to be Mio fanclub leader haha

    i loved the new song , ^^ thats more like it, music!!
    great episode =)

  3. Raploh permalink
    May 21, 2010 4:55 pm

    Sokabe Megumi tie colour is wrong.
    It’s suppose to be green.
    She is seen in 1st season ep6 after the concert clapping together with Nodoka. And she was wearing a green tie…

  4. May 22, 2010 9:26 pm

    @Young Richard
    The trinkets and gadgets they had were hilarious. xD
    Another catchy tune, can’t wait for the single to be out. ^^
    It is? Honestly hadn’t noticed at all. If so, I’m sure they’ll fix it for the DVD/BluRay.

  5. May 29, 2010 4:16 am

    I loved this episode. A lot of yuri undertones and a lot of Mio!
    And I loved that part with the former president too.

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