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Shin Koihime†Musou Otome Tairan 8

May 22, 2010

Leisurely sleeping in her tropical jungle palace, Moukaku suddenly bites into the tail of her pet elephant Paya Paya. Making a ruckus, the minute elephant’s incessant whining enrages Moukaku who yells at him to get out.

Berated by her underlings Mike, Tora and Shamu when they hear Paya Paya ran off, Moukaku regrets her behavior and sets out to find the elephant.


Finally arriving in the Nanban region, Koumei and her party are worn out by the long journey and blistering heat. Exhausted, the girls soon jump right in the water when they find a creek to bathe in.

Heat is also an issue for Chou’un and Bachou, who are fighting to stay warm while taking shelter from a snow blizzard high up in the mountains. Alas for poor Bachou, she soon needs to snap Chou’un out of a delusional reverie induced by exposure to the extreme weather.

Wondering what a Nanban elephant looks like, Gien tells the others how she heard tales depicting it as a monstrous creature. An image that doesn’t seem to be accurate when Paya Paya suddenly leaps from the bushes straight into Chouhi’s arms, fleeing from a ferocious tiger that seems intent on turning it into a quick meal.

Facing the tiger, the girls fear they’re done for but Chouhi manages to contort her face into the most psychotically frightening glare possible which scares the predator away.

Running into Moukaku, Chouhi hangs on to the elephant with all her might when Moukaku tries to pull it free from her grip. Realizing she’s hurting the poor elephant by pulling so hard, Moukaku lets go, which prompts Koumei to hand her the animal back.


Hearing the reason for the girls’ journey to Nanban, Moukaku refuses to let them have their way with Paya Paya and jests they could only get their hands on it if they can catch her, which she deems impossible.

Confidence that seems ill placed as Moukaku is repeatedly caught, even though Koumei and her party use the most simplistic traps even a child wouldn’t fall for. Although, when Ryuubi lures Moukaku and her cohorts by flaunting her bouncy bosom, Gien’s resolve to resist fails and she too gets caught.

Infuriated, Moukaku performs an evil magic ritual on Paya Paya, infusing it with a demonic spirit that transforms the tiny elephant into a gigantic beast. Forced to flee from the fiendish creature themselves, Moukaku and her underlings plead for Koumei’s help.

Waging a desperate battle against the creature, the girls seem doomed until Moukaku remembers that cutting the beast’s tail will return it to normal. With Gien and Batai distracting the enormous elephant, Chouhi charges towards its rear but sees it has two tails. Spotting a bite mark one of the tails, Chouhi remembers Moukaku had bitten Paya Paya before and she cuts the other tail, returning the elephant back to normal.


Grateful for Koumei and her friends’ help, Moukaku agrees in letting them have the Nanban elephant’s greatest treasure, but only if she, Mike, Tora and Shamu can travel back together with Koumei’s party.

Thoughts on this episode~

Chouhi’s psychotic glare was priceless, took me right back to some of the most striking scenes of “Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni”. 嘘だよ!

Besides a few moments of fun and laughs such as Gien getting caught too due to the allure of her beloved Ryuubi’s bosom, didn’t feel this episode was as good as the previous ones by a certain margin.

Guess that’s mostly because the over the top factor of Moukaku and her equally tiger eared, fur wearing loli underlings’ silly antics, it was a bit too much for me to really enjoy. Instead of just plain silly fun it felt childish, a sensation which the chibi pink elephant only made worse. Although it fits into the earlier started plot they needed an element of the elephant for the antidote for Kashin, am not sure why such a ridiculous pet was included.

Looks like next episode all the girls will be back at the village, wonder how things will play out after that.

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  1. Ash permalink
    May 23, 2010 9:40 pm

    lol Chouhi’s face reminded me of Higurashi too!

    also thanks for this, the english sub isnt out yet so i didnt understand what was going on but now i get it 🙂

  2. May 24, 2010 9:49 am

    There was an uncanny resemblance to those terrifyingly memorable Higurashi scenes, wasn’t it?
    It can be tricky to understand, my Japanese skills aren’t that good yet either, sometimes have to listen to phrases again or times I just get the basics.

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