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Shin Koihime†Musou Otome Tairan 9

May 30, 2010

The skies above the palace are covered in dark, ominous clouds, Kaku’s heart feels heavy as she’s forced to do Choujou’s bidding.

Retreating for the day, Kaku walks in on Chouryou and Chinkyuu having a heated argument, all three seem at the end of their rope. With Chouryou drinking her worries away, Chinkyuu berates her for she believes Ryofu is surely suffering even more.


Desperate, Kaku thinks back to Kayuu’s demise, the bespectacled strategist once more feels powerless to save the life of someone she holds dear with Toukaku’s current predicament of being at Choujou’s mercy.

Finally arriving at the village, Chouhi is thrilled to be back home and reunited with Kan’u and Bachou. Boasting she was fine without Kan’u during their long voyage, Chouhi soon cries tears of joy as she buries herself against Kan’u’s chest.

Yelling at Batai for having left without permission, Bachou’s tough act soon changes into a heartfelt embrace. Welcoming the others, Kouchuu sees that Ryuubi and Koumei have brought along new comrades.

Introducing their new friends, Koumei first presents Moukaku, who soon reveals her true purpose of having traveled along and shamelessly admires Kouchuu’s ample bosom.

Wanting to appear serious, Gien’s introduction swiftly raises eyebrows when she inadvertently admits to have came along lured by Ryuubi’s ample chest. Trying to defend herself, Gien’s hopelessly cornered when Batai asks if she might be targeting Ryuubi’s nether regions instead, much to Ryuubi’s discomfort and Gien’s despair.


With all three ingredients for the antidote gathered, Koumei sets out to prepare the concoction but not before Chou’un boasts how they were saved by the mysterious Butterfly Mask, boisterous stories which only gullible Ryuubi believes.

Having heard the antidote is near completion, an almost entirely turned cat chibi-sized Kashin enters. Making quite the scene, chibi Kashin doesn’t impress Moukaku until Koumei promises them that once she drank the medicine, Kashin will revert back to her busty self.

With the antidote ready, everyone is struck by its putrid scent but Kashin gulps it down nonetheless, instantly reverting back to her old self…. save for the cat ears.

Unable to resist the allure of Kashin’s shapely curves, Moukaku, Mike, Tora and Shamu all charge her, smothering her to no end, a spectacle the others are unsure what to think of.

Watching the setting sun, Choujou and Ukitsu discuss their plans and use of the Taihei Youjutsu book, though one can wonder if they are truly partners in crime or if one is using the other to their own benefit.


Everything has been set in motion, the different lords, Enshou, Sousou and Sonsaku all seem poised to react. With Kan’u and her friends all heading out together with Kashin marching on towards the palace, what will happen when all these factions meet?

Thoughts on this episode~

With Kashin back to her old self -save for the cat ears- that plot has been concluded and signals the real plot can begin in earnest, where Choujou, backed by Ukitsu’s powers, tries to gain control by setting up all the different factions. No doubt, it will all end well with Kan’u and her friends defeating Choujou together, also fully expect Kada to finally seal the cursed book as well.

Do hope that the remaining episodes offer us quite a bit of entertaining action and even better, tons of good laughs, for humor is the reason I watch “Shin Koihime†Musou ~Otome Tairan~” in the first place. A weekly dose of ecchi jokes and good fun watching those girls silly antics.

This episode marks we’re nearing the end of this season, which in a sense is a shame as I would like to see more of this huge cast’s silly adventures, especially more of those yuri humorous scenes of which there are too few after having seen the episodes featuring the pairings from the Go kingdom. Wonder if they’ll play more into the Gien x Ryuubi pairing?

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