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Shin Koihime†Musou Otome Tairan 10

June 5, 2010

Aware of Ryofu’s torment of being forced into servitude to Choujou while Toukaku is held hostage, Chinkyuu’s hopes of cheer Ryofu up with some nikuman fail, much to her chagrin.

Sousou, Sonsaku, Kousonsan and Kan’u’s factions have gathered to discuss the situation and decide on a strategy. Their meeting is interrupted when surprisingly Chinkyuu arrives, begging to be heard.


Explaining her cherished comrades Ryofu, Kaku and Chouryou are forced to do Choujou’s bidding for Toukaku’s very life is at stake, the desperate girl soon bursts into tears, pleading the gathered lords to save Toukaku and her comrades from the clutches of scheming Choujou.

Unwilling to believe such a bold story, Sousou and her advisers are stunned when Chouhi raises her voice, berating them for surely everyone should realize Chinkyuu’s tears are no lie but are tears shed out of worry for your loved ones.

Chouhi’s words echoing through their minds, everyone chooses to believe Chinkyuu and they try to formulate a plan to save Toukaku and avoid unnecessary bloodshed.

Suggesting they listen to someone with inside knowledge of the palace grounds, Koumei introduces Kashin. Noticing the famed general is sporting cat ears, Sousou, Sonsaku, Kakuka and the many others cannot hold back their laughter.

Revealing a hidden underground passage into the palace, Kashin’s information allows Sonken to send Shuutai along to infiltrate the palace.


Meanwhile, Koumei’s ploy to create the a diversion comes to fruition. Heading to the fortress commanded by Ryofu, Chinkyuu tricks everyone into believing the real Toukaku is outside with her thanks to Riten’s puppetry invention. Saying there’s no meaning to her being there if the hostage Toukaku is a fake, Ryofu walks away with Chinkyuu.

Alerted by his minions that the Toukaku they hold captive is an impostor, Choujou rushes to the hidden prisons deep within the palace. Checking check on Toukaku, Choujou realizes she’s the real one and that their forces were tricked, allowing Ryofu to escape their grip.

Unbeknown to Choujou, Shuutai broke into the palace and followed the wretched schemer, uncovering the location of the hidden prison cells. Sneaking up on Kaku, Shuutai enlists the tactician’s aid to escape with Toukaku.

Freeing Toukaku from her cell, Shuutai rushes the small girl outside Kaku, who’s waiting with a horse carriage. Making a desperate run towards freedom, Kaku speeds the cart through the palace city streets, with Shuutai taking care of their pursuers.

Alas soon the closed city gates loom before the girls. Just in time a hooded woman appears and opens the gates, escaping along with them. Revealing herself to be none other than Kayuu, whom Kaku assumed had perished, the general now reunites with her and Toukaku in their dash to freedom.


Enraged at Toukaku’s escape, Choujou throws a tantrum and wonders how Ukitsu can remain calm as their plans fall apart. Coldly observing Choujou’s role has come to an end and everything is well within his own plans, Ukitsu uses his magic powers to have Choujou drink a potion that turns the fiend into a mouse.

Thoughts on this episode~

Full of action, this was a very entertaining episode that kicks off the final stages of this season’s plot. Surprisingly, Choujou who was initially portrayed as the villain, turns out to be a mere pawn in Ukitsu’s grand scheme and is already out of the picture, betrayed by Ukitsu. Poetic justice, no doubt?

So Ukitsu is the real nemesis, not entirely unexpected and the next episode(s) will most likely see the girls defeat him once and for all, undoubtedly with Kada’s timely appearance to finally seal the Taihei Youjutsu book.

Loved seeing most of the characters all together, though with so many of them in one episode it does mean some will barely have any screen-time at all. One of the few comic scenes, had lots of good laughs with everyone having fun at Kashin’s expense.
Shuutai’s infatuation with the general’s cat ears was equally funny, though Shuutai certainly did seem mesmerized when she stared up into Kaku’s unclad bottom.

Wonder if next week will already be the finale and episode 12 be some sort of omake or epilogue episode?

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  1. Ash permalink
    June 8, 2010 4:13 am

    this anime needs more episodes 😦

    also the shin koihime musou OVA is coming out sometime in early July so look forward to that.

    i wonder if Batai is still in the lunch box (assuming she is there but from the last episode its almost positive she is) because she hasnt come out yet in this episode lol

    thanks for the summary 😀

  2. June 8, 2010 12:47 pm

    Hopefully this OVA will be up to par with the series, the last OVA wasn’t that good alas…
    Yes, they didn’t show Batai at all, didn’t spot Bachou or Gien either. Maybe just too much for a single episode?

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