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Kotori-chan art

June 6, 2010

Although it is understandably rife with works of no interest to me next to those that do tickle my fancy, Pixiv seems to have a large base of talented artists who luckily often create imagery of those characters that appeal to me.

In fact one could say that like several online areas of such social gatherings, they will often jump on something new and interesting.


As such we did not have to wait long for artworks to appear like this illustration by フジキチ@のーだん (Pixiv) showcasing the latest addition to the cast of “Working!!”, the cute Kotori-chan!

Let it not be misunderstood that Kotori-chan is actually none other than a rather lovely trap version of Takanashi Souta.


Nice style in this image of 狼 (Pixiv) that also features a blushing Inami, presenting us the reason for Souta’s rather fitting cross-dressing alter ego.

Pleaded to help deceive Inami Mahiru’s father, Souta was forced into female attire and much to everyone’s shock, pulled it off perfectly!


Nice illustration by pun2☆ (Pixiv) showing an expression that mixes Kotori-chan’s cuteness with her deadpan, serious demeanor.

Although the rest of the “Working!!” cast might be shocked by Souta’s transformation into Kotori-chan, amateurs of seeing such cute traps and the ensuing humor no doubt greatly enjoyed this particular episode. I know I did!


Lovely artwork by ニリツ (Pixiv) that showcases a shy, blushing Kotori-chan, one of my favorite images.

Blushing no doubt simply because Souta would not be caught dead in such attire after having been traumatized during his childhood years when his father had him wear his sisters’ cute clothes.


This image from こめ子 (Pixiv) actually showcases Souta’s evolution through the years.

From being dressed up in girl outfits as a toddler, Souta became a teen who shoulders the heavy burden of catering his bossy sisters their every whim as well as working at Wagnaria, where his own odd character often seems eerily normal compared to the other oddball employees.
And now Souta is right back to being an irresistible trap!


Another rendition of Kotori-chan’s cute side by カンザキ (Pixiv).

Many of the decent Kotori-chan artworks on Pixiv can largely be divided into two categories, those with an embarrassed, blushing Kotori-chan and those where she’s rendered in her manly, straightforward self, such as in the scene where Kotori berates Inami’s father.


Compared to the two images above and below it, this particular work from かわごえ (Pixiv) is one of the illustrations that shows Kotori-chan when Souta’s more masculine character traits surface.

Of course plenty of female characters over many series can be assertive without looking manly because of it. Nonetheless love such works as this one.


Closing off with this image by 霧生 (Pixiv) which leaves me hoping that Kotori-chan will make another appearance in the “Working!!” anime series soon.

Alas fear seeing more of Souta’s lovely trap alter ego will no doubt be limited to imagery on sites like Pixiv, so hope the many artists there keep on creating excellent artworks of Kotori-chan.

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  1. mefloraine permalink
    June 6, 2010 8:16 pm

    Luckily, Pixiv loves traps. XD

  2. June 6, 2010 8:18 pm

    Don’t we all love traps in anime? They’re so irresistible! ^^

  3. June 7, 2010 5:13 am

    Haha like mefloraine said XD

    Well nothing beats Hideyoshi ^^

  4. June 9, 2010 5:39 pm

    This reminds me. I need to watch Working.
    Pixiv really is great and this shows why it’s so awesome. Lovely images. The last one is probably my favorite.

  5. June 9, 2010 9:44 pm

    True! Guess I’ll have to focus on Hideyoshi sometime soon! ^_~
    I’ve enjoyed “Working!” a lot so far, excellent comedy.


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