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Shin Koihime†Musou Otome Tairan 11

June 13, 2010

Having freed Toukaku from the clutches of Choujou, Kaku and Kayuu make good on their escape. Driving their horse carriage full speed over the plains, the bespectacled tactician is moved to tears from being reunited with the silver haired general.

Only the fortress commanded by Chouryou now stands in the way of the alliance formed by Sousou, Sonsaku, Kousonsan and Kan’u. Never shunning from a good fight, Chouryou challenges them to have their best warrior fight her one on one to decide the outcome of this stand-off.


While Sousou discusses who to send and while Bachou and Chouhi quarrel over who of them both gets to go, Kan’u decidedly steps forward, taking up Chouryou’s challenge.

Facing each other in a fierce battle, Kan’u and Chouryou’s blades clash time and again. Confessing she was looking for a strong opponent to fight against, Chouryou is shocked to hear Kan’u retort that such is a shallow emotion and she cannot compare to Chinkyuu, who came pleading for Ryofu with her very tears as token of truthfulness.

Aggravated, Chouryou attacks Kan’u with all her might and it seems the match ends in a draw, but Chouryou then admits her defeat, for Kan’u words have pierced her heart.

Prostrating herself in shame before Sousou and Sonsaku, Toukaku pleads them to hand out out punishment on her alone for she wishes to bear the full responsibility of what has happened. Realizing Choujou is actually the one to blame, Sousou and Sonsaku wish not to punish Toukaku but they also realize they cannot exactly let her be either.

Thanks to a clever ploy by Kakuka, the fake Toukaku doll is used to make it seem as if Toukaku was beheaded while Toukaku herself is to assume another identity, a ploy which Chou’un backs up.


Back in their camp, Moukaku relishes in smothering herself against Kouchuu’s ample bosom while Mike, Tora and Shamu protest her selfishness. Joining up with the gathered army, Gengan meets up with Gien and is relieved to see the girl’s personal growth, knowing it was the right choice to have her travel with Ryuubi.

Now that Enshou and Enjutsu have joined as well, Sousou, Sonsaku, Kousonsan and the others discuss possible tactics. Interrupted by Kada, the traveling doctor warns them of the danger Ukitsu now poses.

With Choujou being out of the way, the fiendish magician gained access to the terracotta army which he can revive to do his bidding thanks to the powers of the Taihei Youjutsu book.
Hearing an emergency report that one of the fortresses has been overrun, the girls know that Ukitsu is approaching, with a vast army of invincible soldiers at his disposal.

Thinking there’s no way for him to seal the Taihei Youjutsu book while Ukitsu commands it, Kada fears that stopping Ukitsu is impossible, for they cannot wound the dark magician with any weapon, save perhaps a legendary sword forged from the claw of a dragon whose egg was split by lightning.

When Kan’u, Chouhi, Koumei and Chou’un’s eyes suddenly fix on her, Ryuubi realizes the girls think she may just have such a sword, the blade she received from the villagers.


Thoughts on this episode~

Excellent martial combat action between Kan’u and Chouryou, it was a nicely animated fighting sequence which this season of “Shin Koihime†Musou ~Otome Tairan~” alas had too few of, each episode could have used such a good animated fighting sequence.
This could have been done even without having to resort to more dramatic events as the battle between Kan’u and Chouryou is decided without any bloodshed.

With Ukitsu using that terracotta army, expect the final episode will have as good as no bloodshed either, surely Kan’u and Ryuubi will be unharmed, expect at most Ukitsu might perish but I anticipate he might just as well be defeated without actually being killed.

Do look forward to this finale which promises to be full of action! Wonder if the final battle will span the entire episode or if we’ll get an epilogue showing all the girls’ lives as the move on?

Would sure love to have such an epilogue. As far as I’m concerned they can even spend an entire extra episode on it, including plenty of humor of showing us the girls’ usual antics. Well, we shall see!

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