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So-Ra-No-Wo-To 7.5 DVD/BD exclusive

June 27, 2010

As rain batters against the window, Kureha sits at her desk, writing with only the dim light of a single oil lamp to illuminate the room, fatigue and sheer trauma still visible in her eyes.

It all started the day before, when Yumina visited the fortress. Having brought tomatoes for the girls of the 1121st platoon, the church cleric is invited to join in for lunch, a flambe prepared by Kureha.


Noticing the Calvados, Yumina lectures the girls on the church’s laws about drinking alcohol, prompting Kureha to remind Felicia they should make sure neither Yumina or Kanata find out about their hidden distillery.

Alas, Kanata has just surprised Rio right in front of the door to the distillery. Curious about what Rio was up to, the young trumpet player isn’t swayed by Rio’s unconvincing excuses. When Yumina starts to lecture a nervous Rio about keeping secrets, Felicia knows she must act.

Distracting Kanata and Yumina by having them taste a new tea she brewed, Felicia happily serves everyone seconds when the girls enthusiastically ask more of the delicious beverage.

The blond captain suggests they hold a mock battle which will have Rio reveal the truth if Kanata’s team wins. Joining Kanata, Yumina relishes in wearing the army summer uniform while Noel seems to get way too much into the spirit of things.


Using makeshift water guns filled with the same red/orange dye used in Seize’s festival, the two teams soon gun for each other. Having retreated into the hangar, Yumina and Kanata keep an eye out while Noel sets up one of her inventions.

Revealing she’s enjoying this game a lot because she was never really able to play much or make any friends as a child due to her family always traveling, Yumina’s smiling face soon transforms into one with blushing cheeks when Kanata tightly grabs onto her. Pulling Yumina away from the entrance in the nick of time, Kanata sees Rio’s team launch a full scale assault.

Entering the hangar, Rio, Felicia and Kureha are nailed to the ground when they see Noel and her fearsome weapon, a Gatling water gun on a wheeled cart. Forced to retreat, Rio and her team are soon pinned down under the barrage of water jets.

Sacrificing herself to save her comrades, Felicia counterattacks but goes down under the repeated fire of the fearsome Gatling water gun. Infuriated at her comrade’s demise, Rio bites back her tears and soon has her revenge for the Gatling water gun’s supply runs dry.


Without ammunition, their team is left defenseless and Kanata sees not only Noel get hit but Yumina as well. Kneeling down next to Yumina, Kanata firmly clasps the girl’s hand in hers, promising to win the battle.

Going after her opponents, Kanata finds them in the distillery, where she faces off against Rio. Unsure what to think of these silly theatrics, Kureha is unable to sway the girls and witnesses their last stand.
Relaxing in the baths after the mock battle, Felicia admits to having spiked everyone’s tea with Calvados, hoping Yumina would be weak against liquor which proved true.

Alas it turns out all the girls are weak against alcohol save for Kureha who’s forced to witness the drinking bout that follows after an already inebriated Yumina finds more bottles of Calvados. Luckily for the girls of the 1121st platoon, Yumina remembers nothing of it all the next day while most of the other girls nurse a bad hangover.


Thoughts on this episode~

Featured exclusively on the fourth “So-Ra-No-Wo-To” DVD/BD volume, this extra episode is absolutely hilarious, laughed nearly non-stop and thoroughly enjoyed seeing the girls of the 1121st platoon again up to their usual antics.

After the more dramatic and serious finale of the series, getting such an extra episode with a more lighthearted tone that sits squarely in the more comedic territory this slice-of-life mostly ventured into makes for an excellent follow-up. This episode also shows how Kanata found out about the platoon’s liquor distillery.

Nonetheless this episode also contained plenty of character depth, so if one were to watch the series in chronological order of its plot events -this extra episode falls in between episodes 7 and 8- it will not feel out of place since it reveals quite a bit about Yumina, giving her a convincing background. This without forgoing to illustrate her cute and innocent side as well.

Found it quite a hoot to see the girls’ silly behavior while in a drunken stupor, save for poor Kureha who seems to hold her liquor well but subsequently became the unwilling victim to the other girls’ idle hands. Although these scenes showcased the girls’ exaggerated behavior due to being drunk, they likewise served as a implicit parody of the series itself.

A terrific extra episode that makes me hope more OVA’s will come someday!

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  1. June 30, 2010 10:44 pm

    Oh my!

    I must find this to download somewhere! NAOW!

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