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K-ON!! 16

July 21, 2010

Having sweets and tea as usual, Azusa seems hesitant to accept the extra remaining pastry. Noticing a heart shaped sticker stuck on Yui’s hair, Azusa and the others gather around to get it off, puzzling Azusa’s classmate Jun who enters the room as the scene unfolds.

Asked to write down the light music club’s usual schedule, Azusa feels cornered by Jun’s questions, unwilling to admit they most often just relax instead of practicing music. The twin tailed guitar player feels the pressured when Jun reveals the jazz club has started rehearsals for the school festival.


Realizing she can’t let herself be dragged into Yui and the others’ leisurely pace, Azusa decides to diligently practice again. Mulling over how to best deliver this message to her upperclassmen, Azusa enters the music room to find no one there save Tsumugi who’s comfortably sleeping in a sunny spot near the window.

Waking up, Tsumugi reveals she was trying to hide and surprise those who would enter. With the blond keyboard player’s ploy failed, Azusa can’t help but think her friend is acting childishly cute.

Realizing its the first time she’s spent so much time alone with Tsumugi, Azusa is nervous but ultimately bursts out laughing when Tsumugi has some cream stuck on her cheek and admits she occasionally sneaks some sweets.

Sidetracked by Tsumugi’s cuteness, Azusa renews her resolve the next day. Finding only Mio in the music room, Azusa hopes this time they will be able to get in some serious practice.

Shortly after Mio finishes putting new strings on her bass guitar Ritsu bursts in, pleading for help with her home economics task after which the girls decide to head to Ritsu’s house, shattering Azusa’s dreams of practicing.
Visiting Ritsu’s home, the girls enjoy dinner cooked by Ritsu in gratitude for Mio sewing the skirt the drummer was tasked to make.


Realizing she was side tracked once again, Azusa is determined to make a comeback. Seeing Yui is the only in the music room, Azusa prompts her to practice but gets pulled into helping clean their pet sea turtle’s water tank. Later assisting Yui in understanding the music sheet for a song Tsumugi wrote, Azusa laments their lack of practice.

Admitting she never gave it much though, Yui says it should be fine, since Azusa is Azusa and everyone is their own unique self after all. Feeling invigorated after realizing she loves their club as it is and treasures her upperclassman, who treasure her in turn, Azusa finds her dearest smile again.

Thoughts on this episode~

Another great episode that centered on the adorable Azusa and through focusing on her, not only delved into her character but explored that of her light music club friends as well, by showing how Azusa interacts with them.

This episode proves that “K-ON!!”, which runs twice as long as the original season, can not only deliver character driven episodes but present characters whom are whole persona and not mere flat moeblob caricatures.

A prime example remains Ritsu, who’s initially presented as the generic energetic girl. Yet she is far more than that archetype. While true to the baseline of her character type, she begs her more studious friend Mio for help to complete a home economics assignment, but instead of lounging about while Mio does that work, she prepares dinner for all her friends, showing she is reliable and caring.


Although Mio seems to be the serious one, she can loose track of herself when getting yoo enthusiastic, such as during the summer music festival. During those times, Ritsu is always there to keep her friend grounded.

Also liked how Yui showed her usual playful side with the sudden sticker mania, yet thanks to her applying a name tag sticker on the back of Azusa’s ぶ keychain, it was returned after being lost.

Guess you could say this episode was about showing us how people can be more than meets the eye, and even though Azusa may think she’s moving in a direction that’s not fit for her, her friends mean a lot to her, for her personal development as well for she has changed through these past two years.

Greatly enjoyed the scenes where Azusa interacted with Tsumugi, showcasing these two characters’ most endearing traits.

Of course couldn’t stop laughing at the final scene where Azusa asks Jun if she’ll wear cat ears with her maid outfit, acting as if it’s the most normal thing in the world, much to her classmates’ amazement. Ah, Azusa, how we can only love your enlightened mind!

4 Comments leave one →
  1. July 22, 2010 3:00 pm

    Azusa got brainwashed… poor thing lol
    XD …so are you going to wear cat ears. haha epic

  2. July 22, 2010 8:57 pm

    Was a hilarious scene, very well executed too in the way they seamlessly animated Azusa’s expression and her voice actress delivered the dialog, simply priceless.

  3. Young Richard permalink
    July 23, 2010 1:04 am

    Another typically nice K-On!! ep. I’m surprised we haven’t seen more of that girl who sits next to Yui though.

  4. July 23, 2010 4:31 pm

    @Young Richard
    Indeed, the lack of Tachibana Himeko screentime is regrettable. >_<

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