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K-ON!! 21

August 26, 2010

With the school yearbook photo shoot only a few days away, Yui stares at her reflection in the mirror while playing with her hair, all in search of a style fitting her taste. Not pleased with what she sees, she soon enlists Ui’s aid.

Arriving in school after having helped her sister, Ui sees Azusa let her hair loose, the guitar player soon admits having forgotten to tie it up for she lacks any motivation now that the school festival has ended.


Helping Azusa fix her hair, Ui says she feels like changing her own hairstyle and startles Azusa by mimicking Yui’s hairstyle, right down to the hairpins. Hugging the guitar player like her older sister usually does, Ui even surprises Jun with the uncanny resemblance.

Without her hairpins Yui feels awkward, alas Tsumugi’s attempt to help by tying her hair in a ponytail meets the guitar player’s vehement rejection. Mio and Ritsu join the fray, but a twin side bun look for Yui doesn’t do well either.

Most clubs seem deserted after school due to the third year students being busy studying. Wondering if she’ll find her upperclassmen gone, Azusa rushes into the music room. Relieved to see her fellow club members all there, the twin tailed girl nonetheless brushes it off when Yui and Ritsu tease her about being worried.

Revealing they decided to study for exams in the music room, Mio reassures Azusa though the mood turns solemn again when Sawako inquires after Yui and Ritsu’s future questionnaire and the recommendation papers Mio is supposed to turn in.


Sidetracked by Yui’s sudden hairstyle obsession due to the upcoming yearbook photos, the girls decide to have some styling and photo tryouts. Once they’re in front of the camera Ritsu surprisingly looks perfect, Mio nervously looks away, Tsumugi acts silly and Yui looks quite distinguished.

Unhappy with the result, Yui takes the rash decision to cut her bangs shorter, against the advice of her friends who watch on in horror as Yui suddenly sneezes and cuts off most of her bangs. Seeing Yui lament her last yearbook photo is now ruined, the girls do their best to cheer her up.

Nervous about the photo shoot now that she cut her bangs too short, Yui is encouraged by her friends who manage to cheer her up and get her through.
When Mio gets called to the teacher’s lounge for a talk with Sawako after the yearbook photos are done, the girls wonder what might be amiss.

Knowing her friend, Ritsu surmises Mio turned down the school’s recommendation and the shy bass player admits she hopes to attend the same university the others would go to. Not having considered that idea before, Yui and Ritsu soon turn in their questionnaires with Mio, all marking the same university.


Thoughts on this episode~

A nice episode that used more lighthearted and casual minor plots like the yearbook photos to not only show us the girls’ usual shenanigans but illustrate what a tightly knit group of friends they are.

Was glad to see they put in nice details of added character realism by having Azusa be absentminded and unenergetic. Showing that while the guitar player kept her composure when her upperclassmen broke down in tears after the school festival, she too feels burdened by the ominous approach of the dreaded graduation day, when the others will leave her behind.

The girls’ care in comforting Azusa later seamlessly extended into doing all they could for Yui when she clumsily cut her bangs too short. Silly Yui! Luckily she has such great friends to support her.

While nothing really major happened in this episode save for the girls deciding to aim for the same university, it was nonetheless a good episode and a prime example how “K-ON!!” excels as a slice-of-life series showing us these girls’ friendship and high school days.

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  1. August 26, 2010 9:08 pm

    I actually feel relieved they are trying to aim for the same university. I mean, not because I’m expecting a third season or anything, but just because I want them to be together (for ever and ever!)

    Why can’t poor Azusa turn out to be a gifted student who can skip a year and go to university with them? Lol

  2. August 26, 2010 9:45 pm

    Understand what you mean and feel the same way. While in “Aria” Akari and her friends became prima undines and spent less time together, they remained friends… yet it still feels like a bittersweet parting. Having the “K-ON!!” girls aim for the same university makes it a softer blow of seeing the story end… but indeed, what about Azusa?

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