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Porcellio scaber

August 31, 2010

Caught a small rough woodlouse (Porcellio scaber) in front of the macro lens. Though it might be a striped woodlouse (Philoscia muscorum), am not sure. First thought it was a millipede but comrade GabrielVH corrected me.

A quick little crawler that didn’t seem enthused about quietly sitting still while having its picture taken but rather tried to scurry away.


Next to above shot from the side, also managed captures from other angles, including one from the front.

Alas the lighting conditions were far from optimal, trying to combine sufficient depth of field through smaller aperture and still have a manageable shutter speed was challenging! Bumping up the ISO wasn’t all bliss since it led to lots of noise.

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  1. Zachris permalink
    August 31, 2010 8:53 pm

    I Honestly read saber. Thy are now dubbed “Porcellio Saber”. Live long and prosper!

  2. August 31, 2010 10:16 pm

    Oh you wanted this Saber?
    Wish that would have been the case. ^^

  3. September 1, 2010 5:02 am

    Awesome shot!

    …How do you link Flickr to your posts like that…?

  4. September 1, 2010 4:13 pm

    I love those amicable insects =)

  5. September 1, 2010 7:50 pm

    @Asian Ed
    The default “Add an image” tab “From Url” works fine for that. Or alternatively when you go to an image page in Flickr click the “Share This” drop down button and the “Grab the HTML/BBCode” section will have what you need too. ^^
    True! At least I didn’t need fear a sting or bite from this one.

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