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ActiveMover and Maze C78 doujin ‘Azmion’

September 4, 2010

Being a fan of “K-ON!!”, was immediately interested when I spotted the C78 doujin ‘Azmion’, a collaboration by artist Arikawa Satoru from the circle ActiveMover and Meito from the circle Maze.

Although it is a hentai doujin with plenty of explicit material, all of its pages are colored, which is more uncommon.


My favorite illustration from the book is no doubt the cover art which features a lovely rendition of Azusa by Arikawa Satoru, like how it plays with light and shadow.

There are a few illustrations by guests artists in it, and some Touhou works next to the “K-ON!” images.

The following illustrations are by Meito, who has quite a different art style from Arikawa Satoru, which creates a nice contrast in the book in terms of character drawing style. Nonetheless they do complement each other still.


Terrific rendition of Mio in her attire as seen in the animation sequence from the ending song “No, Thank you!”, which quickly became my favorite “K-ON!!” song. Meito’s art does have a more cutesy feel to it.

Not many artists publish full color hentai books, offhand can think of Ishikei from ‘Nise MIDI Doro no Kai’, but most other Comiket doujinshi are a mix of full color illustrations with black and white story pages or are simply all black and white.


Next to the doujin itself, they also released a color print adorned carry bag, stick posters, clear file and a hugging pillow cover that featured Mio on one side and Azusa on the other.

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