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Yoko, Shizuko and a Violet

September 12, 2010

Saw a battered, lone yellow Violet that had sprouted in the middle of a barren gravel driveway, wanted to capture it together with my Dollfie Dream girls as posing them with flowers is always fun.

Hence, plucked the small flower and set to snapping some photos of it with Shizuko, later joined by Yoko.

Yoko, Shizuko and a flower

Wasn’t too pleased with the lighting and white balance after the first captures, so started playing around with the Clear custom Picture Style from Canon and overexposing the shots with slower shutter speeds.

Save for some white balance correction and slight increases in black and vibrance setting using Adobe Lightroom, the effect seen was pretty much achieved on camera.

Shizuko and flower

Absolutely adore this shot of Shizuko holding the flower, not only due to capturing her lovely facial sculpt up close, but with the extreme contrast her white hooded sweater that creates bright, washed out areas shifting focus on Shizuko and the flower.

Considering I was using a tripod, stability during longer exposure times wasn’t an issue, so opted to mount my Canon 100mm macro lens to get sharp, crisp results.

Yoko and Shizuko

Like how this shot of Yoko and Shizuko posing together turned out.

Managed to emphasize the older and younger sister atmosphere by making Yoko look taller, an effect achieved by having Yoko wear platform boots and standing on a Volks stand while Shizuko was posed barefoot in front of it.

Shizuko looking insecure

This particular angle makes Shizuko look rather insecure, fragile. Do like how her customized DDH03 head does have enough versatility in seemingly portraying a different expression depending on the angle.

Yoko and Shizuko

A more challenging shot, not only because posing the Dollfies like that required some patience in finding a stable position for Shizuko, but with the Canon 100mm macro lens’ shallow depth of field, even at f/11, had to go up to f/18 to have both Yoko and Shizuko sufficiently in focus.

Shizuko and flower

For comparison, the below photo was taken with one of the default Picture Styles and auto white balance.

Convenient when using a tripod and fixed posed subjects like DD’s is that one can experiment with different settings without having to fear the exact same angle and pose cannot be replicated anymore.

DD Sisters

You can see more photos of this set in my Dollfie Dream photo collection on Flickr.

3 Comments leave one →
  1. September 12, 2010 8:17 pm

    More DD Shenanigan is always good! Though the more you play with DD Photography, you are going to realize head positioning in combination with camera positioning will definitely alter the mood of the photo in different ways. Sometimes it’s good to free hand for the flexibility of finding the proper frame, although the tripod will still be used mostly indoor for me since I do usb tethering.

  2. September 12, 2010 9:15 pm

    Wow, amazing pictures. I especially love the shots of Shizuko, her blue eyes really pop out, nice job! And the yellow of the violet really gives it a nice contrast, although for some reason it seems to complement her golden blond hair as well!

    I’ve been meaning to ask before, but would you mind exchanging links? 🙂

  3. September 12, 2010 9:50 pm

    Yeah, do like shooting freehand when possible to get more creative with angles, but here with the available lighting and long exposure time tripod was a must. Plus my limited background forced me to shoot these angles.
    The Clear custom Picture Style increases the contrast to make things really stand out, which with all that white can emphasize her blue eyes, near blond hair and the yellow flower. It’s a fun style to use at times to get popping images.
    Sure we can exchange blog links. ^^

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