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So-Ra-No-Wo-To 13 DVD/BD exclusive

October 19, 2010

A year has passed since Kanata joined the 1121st platoon and the recent peace between Roma and Helvetia holds thanks to Rio’s betrothal to the Roman prince.

When asked by Mishio what her dream is , Kanata replies it is to become good at playing the trumpet but the lively young girl corrects replies that is merely a goal and not a dream. Kanata starts to wonder about what her dream in life is.


Asking her friends, Kanata is surprised they all have dreams and wishes she too would have something to strive for. Rio assures the lively girl that playing the trumpet is plenty for her to work on right now.

Hearing Klaus’ bike approach, Kanata goes to meet the messenger who carries a formal letter to deliver to Rio. Taking the car into town in search of Rio, Kanata runs into Yumina and takes the cleric along, on a wild ride thanks to Kanata’s beginner driving skills.

Somehow arriving safely at the church, Kanata notices all the ema. Explaining people wrote wishes on the wooden plaques, hoping the gods would grant them, Yumina points out Seiya’s wish, which is to one day marry Kanata.

Surprised, Kanata mumbles she feels flattered but says she hasn’t even though about marriage yet. Revealing Mishio has a crush on Seiya, Yumina says the girl no doubt asked Kanata about her dreams hoping to uncover her love rival’s life goals.

Asking Yumina if she has a dream, Kanata is surprised when the sister reveals that she would want to be a tailor and make cute clothes.


Running into Maria at Naomi’s store, Kanata is shocked when Maria reveals she’s actually Naomi’s daughter, the shop keeper and her father having been married many years ago but later separated to each pursue their own dream.

Getting a tip on Rio’s whereabouts, Kanata finds her senior near some ruins, pondering on the meaning of the water casting festival and the fire maidens legend.

Rio shows Kanata the contents of the letter from Roma, a map of the world as they know it. Lamenting the ongoing wars that shave away the small population they have left, Rio reveals how she saw the incredible expanse of nomansland as it continues to devour the different countries.

When Kanata suggests Rio’s dream is to bring peace to the world, Rio explains her dream is something different and takes Kanata with her to ascend into the skies in the hot air balloon Noel has restored. Explaining her dream is to revive airplanes, Rio hopes to one day find the promised land at the end of the world where according to legend, life has come back to the earth.

Chosen to be the fire maiden in this year’s festival, Kanata says her dream is to follow Rio and she writes down that she wishes to stay with all her friends forever. Together, the five girls run to the future and their dreams.


Thoughts on this episode~

Not all that well discerned while watching the episode, pressing pause during the ema scene reveals rather interesting wishes such as “Piloter un Takemikazuchi” (Pilot a Takemikazuchi), “Je veux manger plein de steaks” (I want to eat lots of steak.), “Que je sois meilleure cuisiniére” (That I become a better cook), “Serrer la main à Mr Klaus” (Shake Klaus’ hand). A nice touch that reminded me of the the scene from episode 7 during the Obon-like festival.

Undoubtedly this is a “So-Ra-No-Wo-To” episode fans and viewers have been waiting for, one that adds more background and brings us lots of information on their world, its politics, countries, borders, etc….

Even though we now have a more whole view of the world as it is in “So-Ra-No-Wo-To”, plenty is still left unexplained and the theme of Rio’s dream to have mankind soar the skies again also opens the door to a potential sequel.

Yet, even if no sequel would ever come, thanks to this episode, the series ends on a more hopeful note, knowing the girls of the 1121st platoon will brave the future and fight to bring back life to the earth.

Also appreciated that “So-Ra-No-Wo-To” pulled all this off using an episode typical for the series’ style, with plenty of character exploration and depth beneath or intertwined with the girls’ silly antics.
Had near forgotten what a joy it was to see bubbly Kanata’s many expressions and lust for life. Yumina’s dream of being a couturier and Noel’s dream of becoming a cute wife were quite priceless to see as well.

A terrific episode to close the series off that only makes me want to see more of “So-Ra-No-Wo-To”!

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  1. October 19, 2010 8:12 pm

    This ep. sounds very interesting, especially if there’s lots of background information. Haven’t read your summary proper because I don’t want to be spoiled xD Gotta watch this as soon as possible

  2. October 19, 2010 8:36 pm

    Highly recommend it! It’s a lovely episode with all the usual shenanigans by the girls of the 1121st platoon but also gives a lot of info about those the world background that were left out in the series’ televised broadcast.

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