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More Sazanami Cherry

December 16, 2010

Recently lamented the fact hadn’t spotted chapter two or three of “さざなみチェリー” (Sazanami Cherry), the series by Kamiyoshi that is published in the trap centric magazine わあい.

Luckily my prayers seem to have been heard as shortly after was guided by a good soul to the treasure of this series’ latest chapters.


Being published in a magazine like わあい that doesn’t have a weekly or monthly release schedule frequency, “Sazanami Cherry” has no pages to waste so the story certainly moves along.

After being introduced to the main characters Ren and Kazuhiro in the first chapter where we saw Kazuhiro’s bold confession followed by Ren’s shocking revelation that she’s actually a boy, the second chapter shows us the two are now a couple.

Having asked Ren out on a date, Kazuhiro is in for some heart throbbing moments when Ren takes him along for some clothes shopping, including some typical shenanigans and slip-ups in the lingerie section!


Although their date itself goes well until the two run into Ren’s older sister, appreciated how the author added several key elements, such as how Ren’s parents have pretty much accepted their son is living as a girl.

The page showing Kazuhiro’s realization that Ren carries a deep uncertainty and a longing to be cute, girly which may never be fully satisfied, provided another moment of unexpected depth.

Where the second chapter ended on a positive, romantic note with Ren having spontaneously kissed Kazuhiro, the third chapter closes off in emotional suspense, Ren being in tears when his sister confronts him with harsh reality. What will happen next to Ren and Kazuhiro?


Am curious to see the next chapters! Not only because I do like the crisp drawing style and how Ren is rendered so irresistibly cute, but the story provides plenty of depth, alternating a touch of humor, light-hearted romance with more realistic drama.

Also like how the introspective character focus is not only on Ren but also about Kazuhiro, showing us both sides to such a trap relationship.


Where I find trap manga “Prunus Girl” enjoyable more for its playfulness, the chemistry and verbal banter between Aikawa and Maki, “Sazanami Cherry” is enjoyable mostly for its fluffy cuteness although Ren and Kazuhiro in “Sazanami Cherry” are a playful pairing too.

Though “Prunus Girl” still offers the luxury of being in denial about Aikawa and clinging to the opinion she’s really female, which isn’t possible for Ren. Whichever route it may take, hope that “Sazanami Cherry” stays as much fun to read.

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  1. Okazaki-san permalink
    December 16, 2010 8:36 pm

    I agree,this is one of the most interesting mangas I’ve been reading. Ren and Kazuhiro’s love for each other is really intruiging,since he accepted Ren instead of going into shock,etc. Hope this manga continues this flow well.

  2. December 17, 2010 7:43 pm

    Indeed, there’s trap stories that are mostly comedy oriented or where the whole trap element is focused on the trap himself being irresistible as a cute girl, the male origin being more or less not mentioned or shown. Here at least they do state and show Ren is male. While my interest in the story is its cuteness, I can appreciate it being more realistic and honest about it.

  3. bloodyrose permalink
    July 25, 2011 1:57 pm

    i think this is a good manga. it portrays that people can except others no matter how different, and if they do not judge, their feelings will not change. it also shows the hardships people go through who dress as the opposite gender. i think this manga is good either way. i give props to the author.


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